Pick 2 Thursday Rundown

Oh my, let me catch my breath for one minute, it has been a crazy month!! But in this case, crazy is good. Let’s roll with the latest Thursday Rundown…

Painting Toes – Sloan was patient enough to let Sid paint her toe nails over the weekend. After her mommy finished the job, Sloan was very proud of her pink toes. She likes to show them off to everyone, including Sid and I, even though we are very aware that they are there. Sid says she doesn’t think Sloan is ready yet for her finger nails.

Sloan was thrilled to get her toes painted by her mommy.

Pick 2 – I bit on this hypothetical tweet from a local Myrtle Beach news station. If I had to choose two from the list, I would undoubtedly pick unlimited airline tickets for life (#4). How could I pass on the opportunity to see family whenever I wanted while at the same time traveling the world? Although I took a little more time deciding on my second choice, I settled on free groceries for five years. You better believe I would be making weekly trips to Costco while supplementing my shopping with trips to gourmet grocery stores for the finest meats and cheeses. I never considered #5 or #7. What would you choose?

Which two options would you choose?

Incense – This morning I was listening to my favorite Catholic podcast, Bishop and the Vicars, when the topic of incense came up. Bishop Daily told a story of a man who entered a Catholic church, noticed the aroma of incense, and remarked something along the lines of “Now this is what a church should smell like” (it reminded him of a church he attended growing up). From there, the vicars explained why incense is used in the Catholic church. Aside from its use being mentioned and encouraged in both Leviticus and Revelation, the role of incense during mass symbolizes prayers floating up to God. Additionally, incense is said to protect the altar and the church in general.

The use of incense is deeply rooted in scripture and is a very holy part of mass.

I’ll Take Popcorn, Thanks – Movie chain Cinemark is offering an alternative to popcorn. During this past month, moviegoers could fill their popcorn bag with Flaming Cheetos instead of the traditional theater go-to. But…why? I want butter, I want fluff, and I want tradition. A crunchy, spicy snack that will leave my hands red is not of interest to me when watching a summer blockbuster.


NYC – My wife is headed to New York City this weekend. Our niece turned 10 yesterday and one of her gifts was a girls’ trip to the Big Apple. Russell’s mom/Sid’s sister, Sid’s other sister, and Sid’s mom will all be going as well. Because of her age, Sloan will not be joining the other Mathis women on the trip. But that is fine, because that means I get to spend special time with her! It should be a terrific daddy/daughter weekend filled with fun. Here’s to a great time for my wife in NYC!


As we usher in June on Saturday, I hope it marks the beginning of a great month for everyone. It will be another busy one for the Resers. Don’t Blink.

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A Water-ful Memorial Day Weekend

It will go down as the best Memorial Day weekend I have enjoyed in Myrtle Beach. Sidney, Sloan, and I spent our end-of-May holiday in/around water. We had a heavy dose of sun as well. After a Friday that included yard work and a run to the grocery store to pick up sweet, savory, and cold refreshments for the long weekend, we got out our swim suits and prepared for the next three days.

On Friday evening, we loaded up on snacks for the long weekend. Sloan rode in a police car shopping cart and received several stickers from the grocery clerk.

On Saturday, we headed to Myrtle Waves, the largest water park in the state of South Carolina. We met Sid’s parents and her sister’s family and preceded to cool ourselves off from the 95+ degree weather. Sloan loved the kiddie water slides, the large wading pool, and the lazy river. Sid went on some of the “big kid” attractions and I managed to make a quick escape to the beer garden with my father-in-law. The experience was enough for us to consider purchasing season passes. Later in the night, our same Myrtle Waves group met up again to grill out. We had burgers and hot dogs and watched baseball.

Even before we walked out the door, Sloan was ready to hit the water park on Saturday morning!

Sunday we transitioned from fresh water to salt water. After church in the morning, we headed to the beach. We packed a cooler and had a nice time admiring the Atlantic Ocean. Sidney read a magazine while Sloan and I dug in the sand and splashed in the water. After we finished on the coast, we snuck into (shhh don’t tell anyone) a resort pool to play around a little bit and lose some of the sand off our bodies. Later, we relaxed at the house and Sid cooked her delicious Cajun alfredo pasta. We capped the evening off by putting Sloan to bed and watching one of Kevin Hart’s latest films, “Night School.”

On Sunday, the three of us spent the day just with ourselves. We had a nice time at the beach.

Monday was a blast. We met up with Sloan’s friends (and our friends) and hit up the neighborhood pool. We had a good group of parents who work at CCU and kids who attend Oxford Children’s Academy. The fun started in the morning and lasted until the early afternoon. The pool session was highlighted by engaging conversation, Mr. Softee ice cream, and super informal swim lessons. The weekend ended perfectly when the three of us went next door for a cookout with our neighbors and friends; Matt, Ellen, and Riley. We brought hamburgers and hot dogs to go with the chicken, steak, and side dishes that our hosts already had prepared. After we ate and had a discussion about spooky topics, we sat in the living room and played a virtual reality group game. Sun tanned and tired from an epic weekend around the water and in the sun, we returned home and went to bed around 9:30 p.m.

Sloan and her best friend Jacqueline at our neighborhood pool.

It was the best mix. Not only did we enjoy diverse water activities over the weekend, but who we spent it with was also filled with variety. Saturday we spent with Sid’s family, Sunday we enjoyed the day just with ourselves, and Sunday we hung with friends. It was an active and social Memorial Day weekend and I would not have had it any different. Don’t Blink,

Old Formula Thursday Rundown

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Eve to everyone! Before we celebrate the kickoff of summer, let me present to you my latest Thursday Rundown.

Another Funny, But Faulty, Comparison – A month ago, I shared a message on a marquee from a Myrtle Beach restaurant that tried to argue that beer qualifies as salad. Believe it or not, another local eatery is making a similar audacious (and hilarious) claim. The Sneaky Beagle, a restaurant I recently wrote about, posted the below image on social media of a sandwich board located at its front entrance. Could you imagine satisfying your daily servings of fruits and vegetables by drinking a pint of beer and a glass of wine?

Come on, you got to see the humor in this, right?

An Odd Combo – Sloan insisted going to daycare earlier this week with a couple of contrasting props. She wore the jumbo sized rosary we got her for Easter while wielding the foam tomahawk we brought back from Atlanta. The irony was not last on anyone that she had a symbol of peace and devotion around her neck and a weapon of war in her hand.

Sloan wearing a rosary while wielding a tomahawk.

New Coke – In season three of “Stranger Things,” which will be released in July, New Coke will be prominently featured. For those not well-versed in the Cola Wars, the new Coca-Cola formula was released in 1985, the same year that the latest season of “Stranger Things” is set in. New Coke was a disaster and didn’t last long before it was pulled from the shelves. Not that I know from experience – I wasn’t even born yet. Lucky for me, there is a small chance I might get to try it. In conjunction with “Stranger Things,” Coca-Cola will release a very small portion of the drink to the general public. Although the odds might be stacked against me, I would love to get my hands on a can and sample Coke’s most desperate move to Pepsi’s popularity in the mid-80s.

I would love to get my hands on one of these cans!

Cheesecake Choices – Our Cheesecake Factory experience in Atlanta didn’t merely end after we ate dinner on Friday night. Before we left town on Sunday, we stopped by the restaurant once again to order come cheesecake to go. We purchased three slices and used it as motivation to get home as quickly as possible so we could eat them. When Facetiming Sloan, she asked us randomly for “rainbow cake” so we got her a piece of celebration cheesecake (cheesecake mixed with traditional cake and topped with confetti candy and sprinkles). Sidney selected a slice of cookie dough cheesecake, something we tried over a year ago and really liked. And me? I went with white chocolate macadamia caramel cheesecake, something that I had not tried before. Although it was delicious, Sid’s cookie dough cheesecake was probably the best.

Sloan eating her celebration cheesecake on the left and my white chocolate cheesecake in the top right corner.

Stadium Food! – When at a professional sporting event, some people go crazy with ballpark souvenirs and some people spend all their money on beer. Other people, like Sidney and I, prefer to blow our money on stadium food. So, to keep piling on the calories after I talked about cheesecake, let me reveal the food we ate in SunTrust Park on Saturday. Upon entering the gates, we ate dinner. I ordered chicken strips and fries and Sidney opted for bacon chicken ranch fries. When we went to our seats, I bought a bag of peanuts to enjoy during the early innings. Later, Sid and I shared ice cream served in a mini Atlanta Braves helmet.

A look at my chicken strips and fries and Sid’s chicken bacon ranch fries.


Be safe this weekend, my friends. Thanks for your loyalty and we will catch back up next week, hopefully with a Memorial Day story or two. Don’t Blink.

Chicken Bog

Last night, Sidney made her famous chicken bog.

Chicken what?!

It became obvious once I posted an image of our dinner to social media that chicken bog is a very regionalized dish. The photo was enough for my social media audience to Google the dish AND ask for the recipe.

This was the Instagram post that had a lot of my followers curious.

I should have expected the questions. Before I came to Myrtle Beach, I had absolutely no idea what it was either. But within the first couple months of moving here, our office had a department lunch and our interim University Communication vice president, Martha Hunn, an Horry County native, made chicken bog. From that point on, I was hooked.

This is the big batch of Chicken Bog that Martha made for our department lunch five years ago.

Chicken bog is rice, chicken, and sausage cooked together in a big pot. The taste is delicious and the texture perfect. It is firmly on my short list of favorite foods. Interestingly, although few people outside of this region of the state know about it, chicken bog has a rich history. In fact, the “bog” legend goes back far enough that students at CCU did an in depth project on it. You won’t waste your time if you watch this video our department did on their efforts. Called “the most famous, unknown dish of South Carolina,” I feel fortunate that it became known to me.

Somehow, chicken bog also became known to Paula Deen. Sidney follows her recipe and it literally is the best thing ever. Filling and flavorful, it tastes even better the next day. And believe me, no matter how good it is, you will still have leftovers the next day – a pot makes a lot!

Chicken bog that I had at a local restaurant with some other Southern staples

There is no other dish I would recommend someone try for the first time than chicken bog. If you want to bring in a taste of northeastern South Carolina into your kitchen while endearing yourself to your spouse at the same time, make plans to cook some bog. Don’t Blink.

Beyond The Lines: SunTrust Park Review

When I watched the Atlanta Braves on television during the 2017 season, I excitedly tuned in to see the various camera angles of brand new SunTrust Park. As a guy who loves MLB stadiums, I become like a kid in a candy store when a new park opens. However, my usual enthusiasm for the debut of a baseball gem was more subdued with SunTrust Park. After a couple games of scouring every shot provided to me by Fox Sports, I tweeted out my thoughts.

Two years ago, I tweeted this about SunTrust Park.

From what I saw, the Atlanta Braves ballpark was just basic. No quirks, no landmarks, no identifiers. Oh well, I thought, its true personality must be hidden from television cameras. It must take an actual visit to SunTrust Park to see how it separates itself from other stadiums in Major League Baseball.

This assumption proved to be both right and wrong.

After catching a game in SunTrust Park this past weekend, I can report that it is pretty much exactly what I gleaned from watching games on TV: It is basic. Not that “basic” is a bad thing. SunTrust is a clean, organized facility with the best Wi-Fi network in professional sports (they say everyone in the stadium could post a selfie to social media simultaneously with no lag time). But it definitely doesn’t stand out from older parks, nor does it have any distinguishing features to give it its own unique personality. To some, it might be easy to look at the new park and compare it to Turner Field and ask did we really need a new stadium in the first place?

A photo of Sidney and I from our seats at SunTrust Park. It is nice inside, but not spectacular.

Here is the truth: Although SunTrust Park itself might be underwhelming, people will quickly realize that they could have just built a giant cardboard box and seen an improvement from the old gameday experience. You see, it isn’t about the inside of SunTrust Park, it is about what surrounds it.

We attended on Military Appreciation Night. Before we went up to our seats, we ate at one of the tables that at the top of sections open to all fans.

By far, out of the many MLB stadiums I have visited, the community district that surrounds SunTrust Park is the best of them all. The Atlanta Braves didn’t move to give fans a world class ballpark, they moved to give fans a comprehensive gameday experience in a safe area.

Some photos I took of The Battery. It is a diverse place that is a lot of fun!

The Battery is an area of bars, restaurants, and shops that anchors the ballpark. Spanning a few blocks, the area leads up to the outfield gates and includes plenty of green space and a music venue. Before and after games, The Battery’s streets are filled with fans, entertainers, and vendors.

Sidney and I enjoying The Battery.

Sidney and I had an absolute blast. We took an Uber right up to the edge of The Battery and then went exploring. We hung out on the rooftop of an entertainment venue/bar called Punch Bowl Social and watched as Braves and Brewers fans walked up and down the sun soaked streets. We listened to a band while carrying our beers wherever we wanted. We stood on a bridge that runs above The Battery and took in some pristine people watching. We enjoyed various juggling, dancing, and singing acts taking place right in front of us.

Sidney looking down at one of the dance acts from the upper level of The Battery.

An atmosphere that mixes a festival feel with sporting passion, we conceded that the situation outside of Turner Field couldn’t deliver an ounce of what we were experiencing outside of SunTrust Park. I can honestly say that the location change, in my mind, justified the need for a new ballpark.

The Battery is a postgame destination too.

Shifting quickly back to the stadium itself, please don’t think that SunTrust Park is a total dump –– it isn’t. Like I said, it is beyond adequate, it just won’t “wow” you. But the effort put forth to make the game enjoyable will. The promotions that take place between innings are fresh and engaging. The food is delicious (I had chicken tenders and fries). The video board is crystal clear and the sound system state of the art. But make no mistake about it, the draw of SunTrust Park is what goes on beyond the outfield wall. Don’t Blink.

A Sunny Atlanta Getaway

This past weekend was…refreshing? Trying to figure out the best word to describe the 50-hour getaway I recently went on with my wife is a little tricky, but I think the one I just used does it justice.

Sid and I both felt very fortunate that we could make our Atlanta trip happen. With Sloan in the caring hands of my in-laws, we were able to skip town and enjoy ourselves with complete peace of mind. We departed for our adventure with a couple items on the itinerary but with plenty of time open to improvise as well. This arrangement worked our perfectly.

It was tough leaving this little girl but we knew she was in great hands.

We dropped Sloan off with Sid’s parents on Friday afternoon and drove to Atlanta. We maneuvered in constant traffic the whole drive but enjoyed our time in the car together. We arrived in the city around 9:30 p.m. and wasted no time going to our first destination (hint: it was not the hotel).

We pulled up to the Cheesecake Factory with the good news that there was only a 15 minute wait. Giddy with excitement, we counted those minutes away as we sat in the waiting area gripping the pager. Once seated, we had our usual incredible meal. We went with our classics (spicy cashew chicken for me and Louisiana chicken pasta for Sid) and split a slice of Oreo cheesecake. Hauling leftovers with us, we checked in at our hotel and watched some late night TV.

We had another delicious meal at the Cheesecake Factory.

For the first time in just over 26 months, we stayed in bed until 10 a.m. on a Saturday. We then slowly got up, hopped in the car, and leisurely drove around the Cumberland area looking at what there was to offer. A small brunch spot called Oy in a tucked away strip mall caught our eye. The two of us enjoyed a nice sit down breakfast with no distractions.

We ate brunch at a cool little spot in Atlanta called Oy.

Afterwards we ventured to TopGolf Atlanta. Yes, it is true that we have a location in Myrtle Beach, but do we ever have the chance to visit it? That is a big N-0. Sidney enjoyed her first TopGolf experience as we had a blast smacking golf balls and sipping beers.

Sidney really enjoyed TopGolf.

Once our hour at TopGolf was up, we went to the Cumberland Mall so Sid could look at a couple different stores. After we were satisfied there we went back to the hotel to shower and put on our Braves gear. We then summoned an Uber and departed toward SunTrust Park.

Us waiting for our Uber.

Our driver dropped us off at what is called The Battery, an area filled with bars, restaurants, and entertainment options that leads into the stadium. Tomorrow I will go in depth about the entire Battery/SunTrust Park experience, but tonight is just about our weekend timeline. We strolled around The Battery for a little over an hour before heading to the main event.

Better photos tomorrow, but this is a photo I took of one of the main drags of The Battery. I took it while we were upstairs in a venue called Punch Bowl Social.

We couldn’t have asked for a better time inside SunTrust Park. As the Atlanta Braves defeated the Milwaukee Brewers in extra innings, Sid and I reclined in our seats and enjoyed every second we had to watch America’s Pastime on a gorgeous evening. We chowed down on stadium food, cheered hard for the Braves, and got a little too invested in the on-field promotions.

A look at the field from our seats.

After the game, we took a cab back to the hotel. Although it was late, we stayed up watching TV and drinking soda. The fun day had put us both in really good moods and we didn’t want it to end.

Sunday started with 7:30 a.m. mass at the Cathedral of Christ the King, the mother-church of the Atlanta Archdiocese. It was special to be in such a significant church with other early morning faithful. Msg. Francis McNamee preached on the necessity of adhering to the commandment that Jesus gave his disciples, love one another.

It was a holy experience to attend mass at the Cathedral of Christ the King.

Back at the hotel, we watched half of “Father of the Bride” before checking out. We made one last stop at Cheesecake Factory and ordered some slices to go. We then hit the road for Myrtle Beach. Although it might be sad for some to head home, we were overjoyed…we had Sloan waiting for us!

I feel it is important for the two of us to get away every now and then. This past weekend confirmed that thought even more. Thanks again to Mr. Sid and Brenda for looking after our little girl, we sure had fun! Don’t Blink.

Parents’ Weekend in Atlanta

I think I have forgotten how it feels. For the first time in a year and a half, Sid and I will not have a child under our roof when we go to sleep tonight. Even crazier, we won’t have one tomorrow night either.

It is with mixed emotions that Sidney and I hit the road this afternoon for a weekend getaway to Atlanta. When you are so attached to your little girl, it is tough to leave her behind. But, on the other hand, to be completely honest, I am so incredibly excited for a special weekend with Sid!

Our time away from Myrtle Beach will center around an Atlanta Braves game. Tomorrow night we will visit brand new SunTrust Park for some Major League Baseball. The Braves will host home run leader Christian Yelich and the Milwaukee Brewers in a primetime National League contest. But we are looking forward to more than just the ball game.

Sidney and I at old Turner Field in 2014.

Besides baseball, a visit to the Cheesecake Factory is in our future. We also look forward to exploring the Cumberland district of Atlanta, an area of the city we have never visited before. Some relaxation in the hotel is another small treat that we are looking forward to as well.

This trip will also celebrate the five years that Sid and I have been together. We have now spent the past SIX May 16s together and this collage shows a photo from each one.

So here we go! Time to have some fun with the wife. Thank you to my in-laws for taking care of Sloan, we are really thankful for this opportunity. Any prayers for safe travel would be much appreciated. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Don’t Blink.

Polarized Thursday Rundown

Good evening to one and all. Thanks for spending some of your time with Don’t Blink. Let’s get started with my latest Thursday Rundown.

Mother’s Day Gifts – Although she picked them out herself at the mall the day before I returned and actually bought them, perhaps Sid was a little surprised at her Mother’s Day gifts? Ha! Yeah right! She did really like them though. Describing herself as a “sunglasses snob,” I got her a new pair of shades (polarized and all). I also got her a bin (edit: Sid told me it is called a caboodle) designed for her cosmetic supplies. With a lot of fun and travel to come in the following weeks, both items will come in handy.

Sid with her new sunglasses and caboodle.

Nursing Back to Health – Last week, Sloan was out of daycare because of a nasty virus. Through those several days, she had some ups and downs as it looked like she was improving only to have symptoms reappear. This past Monday, we took her again to the doctor. Our pediatrician, Dr. Sangtian (HIGHLY recommend), ran several tests, including x-rays. Although the virus was still visible, he could also see the possible early development of pneumonia. He put Sloan on an antibiotic and she is doing MUCH better. As is the case with Sloan’s prolonged sicknesses, I become susceptible as well. After battling a cold followed by an upset stomach, I am starting to feel better too.

Sloan is on the mend!

I Would Drive 1M Miles – This week I read a news story about a North Carolina man who recently surpassed 1,000,000 miles with his 2000 Honda Accord. Well, saying he surpassed the milestone could get some resistance based on technicality––the odometer has room for just seven digits and still reads 999,999. But for those of us willing to look past space constraints, that’s quite the achievement! And to think I thought my car was nearing the end of its road as it inches closer to 200K miles.

The man in this photo has out over a million miles on his Honda Accord.

Walking Anniversary – Today is the one-year anniversary of Sloan walking for the first time. I swear over the past 365 days she has put more miles on those legs evading us than the guy has put on his Honda Accord. Ironically, Sloan was home sick a year ago as well when she took those first steps. I am thankful to this day that I was present for her milestone and that I captured it on video.

This was mere seconds before Sloan walked by herself.

Diet Coke Consumption – I can’t fathom how anyone could drink six Diet Cokes a day, let alone 12. But 28?! What must your mouth feel like when you wake up in the morning if you feel the need to drink 336 ounces of liquid in a day? The fact that it is soda makes the fact even crazier. How does John Daily still have any teeth?

This tweet by Darren Rovell, which is meant to poke fun and to state a fact, is really interesting. How could anyone drink that much soda?!


Another Thursday Rundown in the books! Thanks for reading and I will touch base with everyone tomorrow regarding out weekend plans. Don’t Blink.

Honoring National Chocolate Chip Day

Today is National Chocolate Chip Day, another bizarre and gimmicky “holiday” to “celebrate.” Despite its cheesiness and my supposed hostility toward days like this, I am appreciative that it gives me something to write about.

In tonight’s blog post I present to you five items I enjoy chocolate chips on the most.

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Big surprise, right? Although white chocolate macadamia cookies are my favorite, chocolate chip cookies are a close runner up. We all know the satisfying feeling of biting into a fresh cookie with the chocolate chips half melted. But chocolate chips in cookies are more versatile than just in liquid form. Chocolate freezes very well and I always liked eating the frozen chocolate chips in my mom’s famous ice cream cookie sandwiches.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes – Nothing is better than going to a hole in the wall diner and ordering a stack of chocolate chip pancakes. Topped with butter and whipped cream, you can’t have a more heavenly breakfast. The flavor of the gooey chocolate chips is always evident, even with maple syrup and buttermilk competing for an impression on your taste buds. You know you were served a good stack if after you finish your pancakes there is noticeable chocolate residue on your fork (at which point you lick it off).

These are some chocolate chip pancakes I had at Plantation Pancake House in Myrtle Beach.

Ants on a Log – Oh please, you put raisins on top of your celery as a kid? In our household, we didn’t adhere to the healthy recipe of ants on a log. After slathering peanut butter on the celery sticks, we topped it with chocolate chips. Whatever it took to get us to eat our veggies, right?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream – On the third anniversary of our revolutionary experiment, don’t think I forgot to add chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream to this list. Although I think chocolate chips alone in ice cream is a mistake, I support gobs of cookie dough packed with chocolate chips in my frozen desserts. On this date three years ago, I had Sidney blindly test five different brands of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream––everything from generic store brand to premium industry leader. When the test was completed, it wasn’t Ben & Jerry’s that won. Rather, it was a complete shocker.

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Sandwiches – For this last spot, I could have went with chocolate chip rice krispie treats or chocolate chip covered donuts. Instead, I wanted to go with something more unique that joined ants on a log as another childhood favorite. As a little boy during the summer, my mom actually granted me permission to plant chocolate chips on the inside of my peanut butter sandwich. We would then put it in the microwave for 20 seconds or so. Call it the start of my chocolate/peanut butter addiction, but it was something I did a lot back in the day. Although I haven’t had a chocolate chip peanut butter sandwich in decades, I remember them fondly.


The irony of the chocolate chip is that it is good––just as long as you don’t eat it by itself. Chocolate chips compliment sweet foods (or healthy foods for that matter) but they taste rather bitter when consumed alone. Happy National Chocolate Chip Day (can’t believe I am saying that), I hope you celebrate responsibly. Don’t Blink.

Don’t Blink’s Eighth Anniversary

Today marks the eighth anniversary that my blog has been on the world wide web––at least the Don’t Blink version hosted at www.brentreser.com. On this special date last year, I wrote about how my first blog post was quite awkward. Part of me wants to do something a little more significant (such as an all-time favorite post countdown) to mark my blogging anniversary this year, but I thought better of it. The truth is that an eight-year anniversary is no more of a milestone than a seven-year anniversary. So, for at least this year and next, I will mark the date with some basic commentary.

Today is the eighth anniversary of my blog. It was been a pleasure.

Authoring a blog brings with it many benefits, especially after you have established yourself as a consistent writer over a few years. If you write a wide-ranging blog like this one, you get plenty of free stuff, connections with people all over the world, and exposure on different websites/social media channels. People will also know you before you meet them, bring up your latest post as a conversation starter, and suggest ideas for future blog posts.

The ability to market yourself is also an advantage of maintaining a blog. By doing so, you can optimize search engines favorably for your name, showcase the talents you have, and push initiatives or beliefs that are important to you. As a blogger, you control what you publish…the creative freedom is awesome.

Of course a blog is work. Those with half-assed intentions need not apply. Any blogger who has respect for what he is doing will feel the pressure to post regularly, think creatively, and connect with readers. A calendar is constantly in the head of a blogger with topics and release dates. Finding the time to write is usually reserved for early mornings and late nights. No matter how good the intentions, not every post will be a home run.

But every now and then, you hit a grand slam. A post you wrIte resonates not just with your regular readers but far beyond. You might write a piece that effortlessly garners thousands and thousands of views, appears on a Facebook page with over a million followers, or entices a journalist to reach out to you. Those are cool moments.

Sloan has given me inspiration numerous times for blog posts.

But hitting the grand slam was never the reason why I started Don’t Blink eight years ago. I simply did it because I wanted a digital space to organize my experiences, thoughts, and an opinion every now and then. It wasn’t primarily intended for friends, internet trolls, or the person on the other side of the world.

It was for me.

So as I sign off on my 1,639th blog post, I do it mostly for myself. But wait––I am not that egotistical. I also do it as inspiration for anyone else who is considering authoring a blog. Nowadays, vlogs and podcasts might trump this medium in the coolness factor, but never underestimate the power or sustainability of the written word. Thank you to my readers for eight great years. Don’t Blink.