The Best Year (Yet): 2015

What is the best possible realization about approaching the end of a spectacular year?

Knowing that the next one is going to be even better.

I stringed together two incredible years in 2014 and 2015. A year ago at this time I had no idea how I would top 2014. But it soon became very evident when I knew in my heart that it was time to ask the best girl in the world to marry me. When she said yes it cemented 2015 as the best year in my life.

However, as I mentioned above, 2016 will surpass these past joyous 12 months when I marry Sidney in June.

Besides the obvious reason, 2015 was great in other ways too. I spent the full year in Myrtle Beach, learning more and more about this beautiful part of the country and the culture that comes with it. I grew more in my position at Coastal Carolina University where our social media program prospered. During the year, #CCUSocialMedia grew across the board, involved our student body like never before, and garnered national attention and honors. I got to be part of a few key milestones at our institution as we joined the Sun Belt Conference, installed teal turf, and eclipsed the 10,000 student enrollment mark.

Outside of work I grew much closer to my new family. I was welcomed so warmly by Sidney’s loved ones. I spent holidays with them, ate regular meals with them, celebrated birthdays with them, and accompanied them on a fun trip to Atlanta. With that said, I would say I grew closer to my own family as well. My mom and dad made a trip to see me in March. My brother made the cross country trek to see me in December. I went back to Spokane for two fabulous and memorable vacations in June and September. Trust me, when you don’t get to see your family as regularly as you once used to, you truly start to value them even more and make the most out of the time you do have with them.

If pressed to identify a few highlights from 2015 I would include the following: Talking to various groups from middle school students to our Board of Trustees about social media. Attending the 2015 NCAA Tournament with the CCU men’s basketball team in Omaha, Nebraska. Visiting new places such as Savannah, Charlotte, and Columbia. Returning to Spokane to volunteer at Hoopfest after a year hiatus. Traveling to Walla Walla, Washington, where I got to introduce Sidney to my extended family. Watching my niece grow in-person through six month intervals and on a daily basis through group messaging and Skype calls. Becoming more involved in my church (St. Andrew Parish).

I can’t thank everyone enough for contributing to such a great year for me. I am extremely lucky and blessed. I am sad to see 2015 go but so excited for 2016. I wish you all a fabulous year. Don’t Blink.

My Top Ten Blog Posts of 2015

It is time for the big blog post. With 2015 coming to an end, today I countdown my top ten posts of the year. In my 2014 edition, I had 253 entries to choose from. This year I have 252. How about that for posting consistency?

I am making a small change to this year’s top ten. Instead of going in chronological order like last year, I will list the posts countdown style. Yes, this year I will name my top post of 2015. Before we reveal the best of the best, I want to give a genuine thank you to all my readers. I sincerely appreciate your loyalty and support. Each year readership goes up and my motivation to write becomes greater and greater. Thank you.

As I did last year, I went through all my blog posts I wrote in 2015. From there I wrote my favorite 20 on a piece of paper and then selected finalists. Although my top favorite was never in question, it was competitive filling out the rest of the countdown. Enjoy.

10. Top Ten Mistakes Made By Social Media Professionals (November 17): I start my top ten list with another top ten list. In November, I wrote a blog post listing the ten mistakes that plague social media professionals the most. While I thought the content itself was good and helpful, this post stands out because I got a little creative/weird. I created and starred in a meme for each blunder, an endeavor that was both fun and time consuming.

This is one of the memes that illustrated a mistake that social media professionals make.

This is one of the memes that illustrated a mistake that social media professionals make.

9. Premium vs. Knockoff Showdown (June 7): Needing a blog post idea one Sunday, I went to the store and filled my cart with name brand snacks such as Cheetos, Pop Tarts, and Fruity Pebbles. I also threw in the generic counterpart of each product as well. I then took it all to Sidney’s house and gave her a blind taste test of the real deal and the knockoff. It was a fun experiment with a very definite result.

One of the collages I included in my blog post testing the differences between generic and premium items.

One of the collages I included in my blog post testing the differences between generic and premium items.

8. A Visit From Santa and His Elf (December 23): Although I wrote this just a week ago today, it is memorable and special enough to make the countdown. My brother was nice enough to let Sidney and I come to his workplace, the Northeast Youth Center, and visit the kids. However, we channeled our alter egos for this particular appearance. I dressed up as Santa and Sid dressed up as an elf. Once at the center we surprised the children and then read to them. The hugs we received after we passed out the candy canes will be something we always remember regardless of whether I wrote this post or not.

Sidney and I reading to the kids at the Northeast Youth Center.

Sidney and I reading to the kids at the Northeast Youth Center.

7. The Best Way to Prepare for Marriage (November 25): At the conclusion of our Pre-Cana classes that Sidney and I took to prepare for marriage, I wrote this blog post about how enriching the experience was. Having a great sponsor couple in Tim and Kathy McCormick was a huge blessing and left us very happy that we took this route to allow us to marry in the Catholic church in June. I think my enthusiasm is evident in the post.

Sidney and I with our sponsor couple, Tim and Kathy McCormick.

Sidney and I with our sponsor couple, Tim and Kathy McCormick.

6. The Fake Brent Reser (May 13): This particular blog post makes the countdown because it illustrated the power and dedication of my readers. In May, I was alerted by a friend that a fake profile of myself was circulating on Facebook. It used my name and likeness but contained loads of bogus information and corny status updates. I asked you to help me out and report the profile to Facebook. Thanks to my readers, within 24 hours the impostor social media account had been removed.

5. A Great NCAA Tournament Experience in Omaha (March 22): I had the honor of traveling with the Coastal Carolina men’s basketball team to the NCAA Tournament in March. As I have said on numerous occasions, attending the Big Dance in a working capacity is a major highlight for anyone with a career in intercollegiate athletics/higher education. I had a terrific experience as I enjoyed my time in Nebraska with many great people from the Chanticleer athletic department. Every moment (except for the loss to #1 Wisconsin) was great, but perhaps my best highlight was engaging in a Twitter dialogue with the rival school that generated lots of positive attention for CCU.

Me on the court moments before Coastal and Wisconsin tipped off.

Me on the court moments before Coastal and Wisconsin tipped off.

4. Twins or Not? (March 3): I still get made fun of for this one! I hired twins to produce a commercial for Don’t Blink. Well, rather I hired a person to produce a commercial for Don’t Blink. Billed as a video ad starring two twins, Sidney immediately called “fraud” when she watched it. She bluntly told me that it was the same girl playing both parts. I asked my readers to weigh in and they overwhelmingly supported Sid. I was duped!

I had my leg pulled.

I had my leg pulled.

3. Blog Takeover: Dating a Blogger (August 9): This year, after much convincing from my fiance, Don’t Blink debuted a new feature. Each month on a Sunday, Sidney writes a guest post for my blog. Although I have loved every post she has written, her initial one will always hold a spot in my heart. She explained the “peaks and pits” of dating a blogger. It was so funny and honest that it became an instant classic in Don’t Blink history. It was after the overwhelmingly positive reaction to this post that we decided to extend the “blog takeover” concept to a monthly basis.

2. The Triumph of Sean Carty and the Community (May 22): During the spring, I blogged several times about Sean Carty, the former head football coach at Mead High School. Starting with a post titled Feeling Bad for Coach Carty, I did what I could to keep my former high school football teammates and other community members updated on the road Sean took to fight back against the screw job inflicted upon him by a few bitter parents. When the truth came out and the motives of the small number of moms and dads were exposed, Coach Carty was reinstated as the head coach. This blog post captured the sweet feeling of vindication and what can happen when the community unites together. After the battle was won and the message sent, Carty would later gracefully resign to spend more time with his family.

Standing with Sean Carty a couple years ago in MIssoula.

Standing with Sean Carty a couple years ago in MIssoula.

1. The Proposal (June 24) – There was never a doubt. By a large margin, this is my top post of 2015. When you write about the best moment in your life, the words just come easy. The Proposal was written with love and euphoria. It received an amazing social media response and it will be something that Sidney and I look back on and read for the rest of our lives. It is #1 for another reason too. Shortly after Sidney and I got engaged, her grandmother passed away. Sid’s mom told me that the family used the blog post to give them some relief and joy during the difficult time. When I write my top posts of the decade in 2020, The Proposal will probably be #1 as well.

That magic moment.

That magic moment.


It was quite the year for Don’t Blink! If you have any memorable posts from 2015 that I did not cover, please let me know. Enjoy the rest of 2015 and be sure to catch my first post of 2016. Don’t Blink.

It’s Coming Back in 2016

While many people know me for this blog, there is something else that I am almost equally known for as well. No, it isn’t something prestigious or particularly relevant but it is something that I take great pride in. In fact, I take such great pride in it that I give time and dedication to it 365 days a year.

Some people know me as a blogger, others know me as The Guy Who Posts ‘Life’s Little Instructions’ On Social Media.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@brentreser) you know very well what I am referring to. Even if you aren’t connected with me on those services, you might know what I am talking about just from reading this blog. I have devoted a whole post to my daily habit and I have also written about the person who has added so much spunk and humor to it over the past few years.

Life's Little Instructions will be back on my social media accounts in 2016.

Life’s Little Instructions will be back on my social media accounts in 2016.

But if you still don’t know what the heck I am alluding to and if you don’t want to click on the above links, here is a quick summary. Each year I purchase the latest “Life’s Little Instructions” page-a-day calendar. Every Monday-Saturday during the year (there is just one instruction per weekend) I will tweet out that particular date’s instruction and also take a photo of the instruction and post it to Instagram. Pretty simple, right? Sure it is! But for whatever reason, people seem to really appreciate it.

I am writing today to announce that I will once again be posting Life’s Little Instructions in 2016. So for those who can’t get by without reading the daily cute/corny/cheerful instruction, you can rest easy. I went to downtown Spokane yesterday and bought the newest edition. I always make sure to go after the Christmas holiday and make the purchase as calendars are marked off 50%.

This was today's Life's Little Instruction.

This was today’s Life’s Little Instruction.

This year marks a milestone. It is the tenth year I have used the Life’s Little Instructions calendar. Additionally, it will be the eighth year I have posted the instructions to Twitter. It will be the fourth year I have posted them to Instagram.

This is me in late December 2014 holding my 2015 Life's Little Instructions calendar.

This is me in late December 2014 holding my 2015 Life’s Little Instructions calendar.

What about the status of Ellen Seder, the girl who has made us all laugh with her witty comments underneath each instruction that I post to Instagram? I have not reached out to her yet and asked her to continue in 2016 just because I am embarrassed to! She has worked so hard over the past 2+ years that I just feel really bad asking her to devote another year to the cause. But Ellen, if you are reading this, please know that I would love for you to continue!! However, I just don’t want to put you on the spot and pressure you in to doing something that you might be getting tired of doing. I will find out what you plan to do on January 1 🙂

This is Ellen Seder, the person responsible for bringing a lot of humor to my Instagram account.

This is Ellen Seder, the person responsible for bringing a lot of humor to my Instagram account.

I look forward to opening up the 2016 calendar. It is always weird to go from a bare calendar to a fully loaded one with over 300 pages. Thanks to all who have supported and enjoyed Life’s Little Instructions over the years. I assure you that I won’t miss a beat as we transition between years. Don’t Blink.

Tidbits From Opening Gifts With the Reser Family

Who doesn’t like opening gifts at Christmas? For many families, the act of ripping open presents under the tree is rooted in tradition. Everything seems to follow a ritual. Passing the gifts out. Taking turns opening the presents. Cleaning up the wrapping paper.

Here at the Reser household we have our own traditions as well. A couple days ago we opened our gifts on Christmas evening as per usual. This time, however, Sidney got to take part in our Christmas festivities. Below I have just ten quick highlights from our time opening gifts around the tree.

* My niece did the most significant walking she has done yet while we finished opening gifts. Several times she walked back and forth between my mom and sister, receiving a loud ovation each time she made the short journey.

A couple minutes before this photo was taken, Mikayla was walking back and forth in our living room!

A couple minutes before this photo was taken, Mikayla was walking back and forth in our living room!

* My sister gave my brother, Sidney, and I scratch off tickets. I looked at Sidney and asked her if she wanted to enter into an agreement where she would split the money she won from her tickets with me and I would split the money I won from my tickets with her. I proposed this deal in front of the whole family.

Sidney, not missing a beat, responded while flaunting her ring, “Baby, all of your money is already mine.” Everyone busted out in laughter.

* I wrapped a last minute gift for my mom seconds before we started passing out gifts. I hastily gave it to her as we sat down. I don’t know if it really registered to her that I was giving her a present. When all the gifts were opened up, I realized she had not opened the small package I had personally given to her. I also realized that it was nowhere to be found. After turning the living room up trying to find it, my dad and I went to the very bottom of the garbage bag that was filled with wrapping paper and recovered it. Honest mistake.

* Probably the favorite gift I was given this Christmas was the personalized stationary from my mom and dad!

I write notes all the time so this personalized stationary my parents got me was exactly what I needed.

I write notes all the time so this personalized stationary my parents got me was exactly what I needed.

* Finding the pickle is a tradition that my family does in conjunction with opening up gifts. My mom hid it in the tree and then sent my brother, my sister, her husband, Sid, and myself on a hunt to find it. After a couple minutes, my sister reached into the back of the tree and found it. Her prize was more scratch offs!

* How about a visual of our celebration. Here is a panorama of all of us opening our gifts in my parents’ living room.

Here is a panorama of our Reser family Christmas.

Here is a panorama of our Reser family Christmas.

* As I did last year, I once again outfitted my dad and brother in Chanticleer gear. I took advantage of the sale our university bookstore had a couple months ago and got them baseball pullovers.

I got my brother and dad Coastal Carolina gear.

I got my brother and dad Coastal Carolina gear.

* When we were younger my mom (or at the time Santa) would fill the stockings of us kids with thank you notes. We no longer have stockings but my mom still made sure to wrap packages of thank you notes for the three of us.

Me holding the thank you notes my parents gave me.

Me holding the thank you notes my parents gave me.

* How about a time line of when we open gifts? We ate dinner at 3 p.m. after a day of watching sports and playing games. After we took some time to let the food from the delicious feast digest, we opened presents. Dessert was then available afterwards. From there we took our annual pilgrimage to the movie theater. This year we watched “Joy.” We then returned home and those (me) who wanted to wait a little while longer to eat dessert indulged.

Our Christmas family movie at the theater this year was "Joy."

Our Christmas family movie at the theater this year was “Joy.”

* It seems each year my mom always says “We are going to have a slim Christmas this year.” This declaration doesn’t bother me one bit but it never proves to be true, including this year. Once again my parents outdid themselves getting us all kinds of stuff that we didn’t deserve.

My mom once again outdid herself on gifts. It was nice to be able to share Christmas with Sidney.

My mom once again outdid herself on gifts. It was nice to be able to share Christmas with Sidney.


There you have it, everything you wanted to know about us opening our gifts. Have a great rest of your Sunday! This upcoming week I will be publishing a couple of my annual end of the year blog posts. Don’t Blink.

A Visit From Santa and His Elf

This afternoon, Sidney and I enjoyed a very unique opportunity to really get in the holiday spirit like never before. My brother works at the Northeast Youth Center, a facility that provides a sanctuary for kids in the Spokane area. Late last week he asked if Sidney and I would like to provide a Yuletide surprise to the children.

As I have written about before, I never pass up a chance to play Santa Claus. Also, if you remember correctly, I purchased an elf costume earlier this month for a work meeting. With Glen well aware about both of these things, he asked if Sidney and I would want to dress up and come to the center.

This is us before we left the North Pole and went to the Northeast Youth Center.

This is us before we left the North Pole and went to the Northeast Youth Center.

He didn’t need to pull my arm. Sidney politely agreed.

Santa and his elf appeared at the Northeast Youth Center at 4 p.m. We were ushered inside and greeted all the happily Christmas-fever induced children with a joyful greeting from Myrtle Be…I mean the North Pole. The kids were delighted at this unexpected visit!

We appreciated Glen for allowing us to come to his work and hang with the kids.

We appreciated Glen for allowing us to come to his work and hang with the kids.

We then sat down in two chairs to read the group Christmas stories. As Sidney reads to her second grade students for a living, she naturally was the one who read the two books we selected in advance, “Snowmen at Christmas” and “If You Take a Mouse to the Movies”. We had a terrific audience and Sid did a great job.

Sidney did a wonderful job reading to the kids.

Sidney did a wonderful job reading to the kids.

Before Santa and his elf returned to the sleigh, we passed out candy canes and mingled with the kids. However, with the reindeer outside starting to get restless, we soon had to depart.

After the reading was finished, the kids enjoyed a meet and greet with Santa.

After the reading was finished, the kids enjoyed a meet and greet with Santa.

I personally do a lot of things to get myself and others in the Christmas spirit. But today’s activity was a first. I thank Glen for the opportunity to go to his workplace and have some fun. Now even more fun awaits tonight. We are off to enjoy our annual Christmas Eve Eve celebration at a couple of our favorite local watering holes (after we take off our suits). Don’t Blink.

Help! We Need Suggestions for a Mexican Honeymoon

With it a few days prior to Christmas, Sidney has joined me in cold Spokane. Her plane arrived at midnight last evening and she was greeted with frigid temperatures and plenty of snow. This morning we played in the winter wonderland and built a snowman. Needless to say, we aren’t in a tropical atmosphere.

Sidney and I with the snowman we made today. We named him Jose.

Sidney and I with the snowman we made today. We named him Jose.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking about such a place, however.

I am in the process of booking our honeymoon. We have decided that we want to go to Mexico for a week, preferably Cancun. Sounds like we have it narrowed down, right?

Well, to a degree, yes. But I have since encountered the reality that taking that final step and making a reservation isn’t so easy. I am completely overwhelmed with resort and package options for a Mexico vacation. I am a complete rookie and have never stepped one foot over the Mexican border in my life. While my parents have offered some guidance as they went south of the border a couple years back, I am still a little anxious about the myriad of choices out there.

Can you help? We want to stay at a beautiful, all-inclusive resort. But with the hundreds of options available with every internet search I do, I am at a loss of where to go from here. I would love input from those of you have vacationed to Mexico, especially the Cancun area, and had a wonderful experience. Any starting points you could provide me as I go more in depth with my search would be greatly appreciated.

As this is a blog post about Mexico, I don’t know what else I can say but Feliz Navidad! Have a great day and I appreciate any suggestions you can give me. Don’t Blink.

The Steve Harvey Snafu

Happy holidays from snowy Spokane! Vacation so far has treated me very well as I am really enjoying my time out west with my family. Today I feel like I need to briefly touch on the Miss Universe/Steve Harvey catastrophe.

Well, right from the start I should probably backtrack. What happened last night wasn’t a catastrophe. I mean let’s be honest here. We face many more significant problems in this world besides a pageant snafu. It was embarrassing and unfortunate but hundreds of worse things occurred across the globe yesterday. In fact, one event that caused much more tragedy and distress occurred right outside of where the Miss Universe Pageant took place when a woman smashed her car into numerous people walking the Las Vegas strip.

I didn’t watch the pageant last night. However, I was perusing Twitter when the announcement of the winner (s) was made. I engulfed myself in the outcry as it happened live on social media. I watched the Vines and GIFs of the botched announcement and the reaction from Steve Harvey. However, I didn’t watch the program on television. And even though I had the opportunity to do so as the pageant was re-aired on the west coast, I decided to do other things with my time. I want to be transparent about this.

I feel like I need to give my take on the Steve Harvey snafu.

I feel like I need to give my take on the Steve Harvey snafu.

Despite not watching Miss Universe on television, based on what I saw online I want to say this directly regarding the conclusion of the Miss Universe Pageant: I respect how Steve Harvey responded to his mistake.

Not only did the man sincerely apologize in front of the contestants and Planet Hollywood crowd, he did it on live television. But he went even further than saying he was sorry. Steve Harvey took 100% responsibility for the regrettable mistake. We all know it is possible to apologize for something while still casting blame away from oneself but Harvey unequivocally put the whole incident squarely on his shoulders. In front of millions of people he undoubtedly said that the whole mess started and stopped with him.

Of course his unfortunate tweet after the pageant where he misspelled the names of both countries involved in the controversy didn’t win him additional sympathizers, I must say that we should all still cut him some slack. Sure he messed up big time. However, I think he served as a terrific example to our society, especially the younger generation, on what to do when we make a mistake. He owned up immediately and made absolutely no excuses.

Mr. Steve Harvey, I feel bad for you. That blunder could have happened to anyone. The fact that it happened to you on such a magnificent stage was brutal. But maybe it was meant to happen to someone like you because of the grace and humility you showed. Steve, you are alright in my book. Don’t Blink.

Brent’s Top 5 Christmas Carols

Most of the time my blog posts turn into Periscope broadcasts. However, I make history today with a Periscope broadcast turning into a blog post. Recently I chatted with my Periscope followers about my top five favorite Christmas carols. With the prime Christmas season now here, I want to spread that cheer to all of you on this fine Sunday. Here is my list:

On this Sunday before Christmas I count down my favorite carols.

On this Sunday before Christmas I count down my favorite carols.

Honorable Mention #1: The Grinch Song – Earlier this holiday season, Sidney and I had an epic duet where we belted out “The Grinch Song” together. By the time we were finished we were exhausted but we were still laughing like maniacs. This song is simply fun and deserves at least a mention on this countdown.

Honorable Mention #2: Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer – Sure this song can get annoying but it is the original “funny” Christmas song. I laugh each time I hear “she’d been drinking too much eggnog.” Also, the song has incredible power to get stuck in your head for long periods of time. Because of all this and the fact that my actual list focuses much more on traditional Christmas carols, “Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer” earns honorable mention status.

#5: Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – The intro of this song just screams “Christmas” to me. If you could catch Christmas in a bottle by scooping up musical notes in the air, “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” would provide them. There isn’t a better song to listen to while shopping at the mall during the holidays. The song also receives sentimental points because it always reminds me of “Home Alone.”

#4: Angels We Have Heard On High – Gloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooria…in excelsis deo! How can you not love that long, spiritual note. Growing up in our local church I would always enjoy it when the choir belted this one out. After each verse they would really turn it on for the chorus and hit that trademark note with complete power and passion. It was impossible not to sing along.

#3: We Three Kings – I think this song does an absolute phenomenal job of telling the Christmas story. It carries with it a beautiful sense of reverence and tradition. My favorite part is when it breaks away from the solemn “we three kings of Orient are” and goes into the slightly more upbeat “Oooooooo star of wonder, star of night…” portion.

#2: Joy to the World – Talk about the most inspirational Christmas song there is! This Christmas carol is just so triumphant and proud. It nails the reason for the season and it does it with the perfect amount of pomp and circumstance. Nothing is better than after a beautiful Christmas Eve mass the choir sends us all out with a powerful rendition of “Joy to the World.”

#1: O Come All Ye Faithful – I have to admit, I understand why some might find this a puzzling choice for my top spot. Sure it is a nice song but it doesn’t really pack the punch or carry the significance of other carols. However, it is just a personal favorite of mine. I think it is a beautiful song and outlines the true meaning of the season. About six or seven years ago, I used “O Come All Ye Faithful” for my background music when I created my holiday voicemail greeting. Sitting around the Christmas tree while listening to this song truly enables you to reflect on the great Christmas miracle.


Please take some time this Sunday evening to gather your loved ones and listen to a Christmas carol or two. Go ahead and make your own lists too! It is a precious time of the year, I hope you too have special songs that help define it. Don’t Blink.

A Thursday Rundown That Was Written Twice

I am out west on vacation sitting in my parents’ living room admiring the Christmas tree. Life is good. These pleasant conditions have me jollier than ever to write a Thursday Rundown blog post. So as I take a sip of my hot chocolate, let’s get started.

Holiday Tradition – Speaking of hot chocolate, I have to tell you about a special Christmas tradition my parents started. Always on a snowy night before Christmas, my mom would make a huge batch of hot coco and evenly distribute it into five mugs. Us kids would then take our respective cup and add marshmallows, marshmallow cream, and/or whipped cream to the top of it. We would then all invade the living room, turning off all the lights in the house. We would turn the Christmas tree lights on and play a Christmas CD. Called “holiday cheer” by my parents, this was a special evening we all looked forward to. Last weekend, Sidney and I held our own version of it. Sid found a delicious hot chocolate recipe on the internet and we sat in front of her beautiful tree while goofily singing along with carols we chose off of YouTube.

This was my delicious cup of hot chocolate I enjoyed at Sid's this past Saturday.

This was my delicious cup of hot chocolate I enjoyed at Sid’s this past Saturday.

Weather Extremes – Right before I left Myrtle Beach yesterday, it was 75 degrees and sunny. When I walked out of the Spokane Airport last night, it was 16 degrees and snowy. Usually a weather change as drastic as that has the potential to make me sick. Luckily, I feel like a million bucks right now. Chalk it up to my parents’ lovely fireplace.

Two days. Two extremes.

Two days. Two extremes.

Alaska Airlines – In order for me to give special recognition to a company in my Thursday Rundown, something must have really stood out. With that said, I would like to thank Alaska Airlines for a terrific experience yesterday. It was the first time I used the airline exclusively to fly across the country and everything from the check in process to the actual flights to the social media interactions left me nothing but impressed. In the past I have used competitors and found myself subjected to rude employees, delays, and cramped/uncomfortable conditions. The customer service and professionalism I received from Alaska will undoubtedly lead me to flying with them again.

Brooks Stadium Expansion – As part of Coastal Carolina University’s upcoming move to join the FBS ranks in the Sun Belt Conference, Brooks Stadium will need to be expanded. Late last week, we released the renderings of what the renovated venue will look like. I must say it looks pretty cool! The stadium will grow from a capacity of 9,000 to 21,000. If you look at the sketches below, the original seats are designated in a light color. The seats that will be added are denoted with a darker color. This is going to be one major transformation!

These are the renderings of the expansion to Brooks Stadium.

These are the renderings of the expansion to Brooks Stadium.

I Love My Parents’ Cat, But… – I think Muffin, my parents’ cat, really wanted to make this blog post. I had finished about 75% of this Thursday Rundown (I had just completed my Alaska Airlines section) when she jumped up on my keyboard and ran across pretty much every key. I activated the undo command but I couldn’t recover my work. I had to start all over. A couple minutes ago my friend Chris showed me a way that I could have restored it all but by that time I had already rewritten everything. It is okay Muffin, you are still my favorite cat!!

I never even got a little mad after Muffin walked over my blog post. In fact,  we took this selfie immediately afterwards.

I never even got a little mad after Muffin walked over my blog post. In fact, we took this selfie immediately afterwards.


Well, it doesn’t happen very often that I finish a blog post before the lunch hour is over. It sure is nice to be on vacation! Have a great rest of your Thursday everyone and happy holidays! Don’t Blink.

Heading Out West for the Holidays

I am going home for the holidays! But, as usual, when your hometown is on the other side of the country it takes a little bit of work to get there.

I am moments away from getting in the car with a work colleague (and friend) who will drive me the two hours to the Charleston airport. I will then board a plane that will fly me non-stop all the way to Seattle. From there I will hop on another plane that will take me to my destination of Spokane. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, it is nice to only have one flight connection but there is something I can’t avoid and that is the six hour flight from Charleston to Seattle. Yes, SIX hours. I have never been in the air for that long before. I know when the captain announces that it is time to prepare for the final descent I will be extremely antsy.

I will arrive in Spokane at 11 p.m. tonight. As my internal clock will be on eastern time it will feel like 2 a.m. Add that late hour to the fact that I woke up at 5 a.m. today (as I do every weekday morning) combined with a half day of work, two hours of driving, and almost eight hours on a plane and I will most likely be spent.

But of course it is all completely worth it. As tired as I might be when I walk off the plane in Spokane, I will feel a jolt of energy when I see my parents, a certain kick that will probably stay with me the whole 15 days I am in the Lilac City.

Yes, I am psyched to spend over two weeks during the most special time of the year with family and friends. Sidney will arrive in town on Monday. Due to her teaching duties, she couldn’t leave in mid-December like I have the luxury of doing. However, once she arrives at the start of next week we will be in it for the long haul as we will fly back together on January 3.

I can’t wait to get on the other side of the country for some fun and relaxation. To my Spokane friends, feel free to reach out if you feel inclined. As for my blogging schedule, I won’t post as much while out west. However, I will definitely keep in touch. My vacation starts right now and I couldn’t be more excited. Don’t Blink.