Anticipating March

Today is February 28 and it marks the end of what I call “the gloomy months.” January and February can be tough for many as we shake off the holiday hangover, battle through cold/short/dark days, and live up to expectations we set at the beginning of the year. Yep, the initial 1/6th of any year can be challenging.

It seemed like the gloomy months were just a little gloomier in 2022. Our family dealt with death, COVID, and other ailments. Add all of this to the sobering Russian invasion of Ukraine and the immense anxiety that has resulted from that atrocity and you can gather that 2022’s debut was a little bit of a downer.

But I am an eternal optimist and I don’t discount the good things that happened in January and February because they did occur. However, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to March. I have a laundry list of reasons about why the third month of the year is so awesome (you can read them here if you want) but I think my family is just more looking forward to leaving the starting blocks of 2022 and getting into a routine.

Although we faced challenges in January and February, good things did happen. Just having these two in our lives is a positive gift every single day.

May everyone end their February on a good note. I am eagerly anticipating the longer and brighter days that lie ahead. Don’t Blink.

Tootsie Thursday Rundown

Good evening on this last Thursday of February. I appreciate you joining me for another Thursday Rundown. Quick note: Although we have been following along and watching every episode of Celebrity Big Brother, we are just a little behind and will watch the finale tonight (it aired last night). Therefore, I will give my reaction regarding the season and the winner next Thursday. Okay, let’s get after it.

Fun Weekend Treat – Last Sunday, I made Beau and Sloan Cinnamon Toast Crunch pancakes. The package came with pancake dust, “cinnamon dust,” and Cinnamon Toast Crunch pieces to sprinkle on top. They turned out pretty well as I couldn’t resist eating a few myself. However, Sloan already has her eyes set on something else: Lucky Charms pancakes. They were advertised on the side of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch pancake box and now Sloan can’t stop talking about them.

Beau and Sloan sitting at the kitchen table eating the Cinnamon Toast Crunch pancakes I made for them.

The Tootsie Roll – I learned via Timehop that the Tootsie Roll was invented in 1896…that’s 126 years ago for those keeping track at home. Tootsie Rolls are unique because they have qualities similar to both taffy and caramels but actually aren’t either. However, all these years I just assumed they were a chocolate candy. Approximately 64 million Tootsie Rolls are made annually. Oh wait, I read that wrong…64 million Tootsie Rolls are made PER DAY. I will never forget the time my brother and I secured a birthday gift for my mom by going hard at an arcade in Walla Walla and winning enough tickets to redeem them for a cup and a bunch of Tootsie Rolls that we were able to stuff inside.

Tootsie Rolls were invented in 1896.

The Five Chinese Brothers – Last night at the library I stumbled across a book from my own childhood, “The Five Chinese Brothers.” This book was in my elementary school library and for some reason as a little kid I was drawn to it. So when I came across it yesterday, I couldn’t check it out fast enough. Even though the book has same dark themes with the death of a boy and several execution attempts, I went ahead and read it to Sloan and Beau. Sloan was intrigued by the story and had figured out the pattern by the time we got to the end. Nice little stroll down memory lane.

My parents read me “Five Chinese Brothers” as a kid and last night I got to read it to Sloan and Beau.

National Tortilla Day – Today is National Tortilla Day (yay). Last year I celebrated by writing an entire National Tortilla Day-themed blog post. The specific content? How Mexican restaurants can really separate themselves from other Mexican restaurants…with the chips they serve! From the temperature to the thickness to the taste to the salsa they are served with, I offered many ways on how tortilla chips can stand out. It was a fun blog post to write and I encourage you to check it out.

Today is National Tortilla Chip Day and tortilla chips are definitely very important at Mexican restaurants

Spring Hope – I don’t care what the groundhog said and I recognize that it was in single digits here this week, but Spring is coming. When I make my weekly drive to Pullman I am no longer doing it entirely in the dark. In fact, when I backed out of my driveway on Tuesday at 5:45 a.m., it was already starting to get light out. Likewise, when I leave at the end of the day, I get to drive in at least 30 minutes of daylight on my return to Spokane. I have always found it very encouraging when it is easy to tell that the days are getting longer.

A photo I took of the sunrise on my drive to Pullman on Tuesday morning. I encountered some snowy roads later in the trip.


Thank you for your kind attention tonight. Let’s pray for peace in Europe. Have a good weekend and I will catch up with everyone next week. Don’t Blink.

24 Songs That Define 24 Years

There is no discounting the fact that a song can elicit powerful thoughts and memories that can transport you back in time to a certain stage of your life. Back in July of 2015, I chronicled the songs that made imprints in my life from 1998-2014. Now 6.5 years later, I realize this list needs updating. Using the same format that I used in my initial blog post, here are the songs from 2015-2021 that have stood the test of time for me.

Long ago, a job I held allowed me to DJ for thousands of people. Some of those songs I played appear on this list.

Song: “Butter”
Artist: BTS
Memory: Sid and I in our Las Vegas hotel room eating huge pieces of cake watching The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. BTS performed this song on the show and whenever it comes on my wife and I always reminisce about that very hot July week we spent in the desert.

Song: “Savage Love”
Artist: Jason Derulo
Memory: I don’t think I am alone in associating this song with 2020. Fueled by TikTok, “Savage Love” by Jason Derulo was the soundtrack to the first year of the pandemic and I know my family not only watched the trend unfold but we participated in it too.

Song: “Never Really Over”
Artist: Katy Perry
Memory: A summer smash hit, we listened to this song a lot. It reminds me of Sid finding out she was pregnant with Beau and it also reminds me of our vacation to the Florida Keys. In fact, “Never Really Over” is the track I used for the highlight video I made of the trip.

Song: “In the Middle”
Artist: Zed and Maren Morris
Memory: I am pretty sure we spent double what we usually do at Target in 2018 just because the commercial that featured “In the Middle” was played so much. Oh well, at least this song was fun to listen to as it crossed over from just being associated with Target to being a major hit.

Song: “Castle on the Hill”
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Memory: Not only does this song bring me back to 2017 but I just really like it in general. Out of the 24 songs on this list, it is one of my favorites. This song reminds me of Sloan as an infant and I can vividly visualize Sidney dancing to the song while holding her.

Song: “Can’t Stop the Feeling”
Artist: Justin Timberlake
Memory: During the summer of 2016, this song was a smash hit. It also happened to be the summer I got married, went on our honeymoon, and hosted my family in Myrtle Beach. When one song can conjure up so many awesome memories, it is easy to see how it can be so defining.

Song: “Homegrown Honey”
Artist: Darius Rucker
Memory: After the music video for this song was recorded at Coastal Carolina University in late 2014, it became the unofficial defacto theme song of the institution in 2015. The fact that I appeared in the music video will forever bring me back to the mid-2010s whenever I hear “Homegrown Honey.”


Here is my original list from 1998-2014. I guess six years ago I wanted to count up instead of my current preference to count back. Since this is just a copy and paste job, I hope you can excuse the inconsistency.


Song: “Semi-Charmed Life”
Artist: Third Eye Blind
Memory: Driving around in my mom’s car hearing “doo doo doo, doo doo-doo doo” all summer long.

Song: “Livin La Vida Loca”
Artist: Ricky Martin
Memory: Played all through basketball camp and it also turned into a cultural sensation.

Song: “Hanging By A Moment”
Artist: Lifehouse
Memory: This song accompanied our 8th grade end-of-year slideshow.

Song: “Beautiful Day”
Artist: U2
Memory: Heard this song quite a bit in the post-9/11 months and it is one of my personal all-time favorite tracks.

Song: “Hot in Herre”
Artist: Nelly
Memory: Extremely trashy song but heard it all summer long in our high school weight room during football workouts. Best memory is one day when the lyrics “Get up onto that dance floor” started to play our conditioning coach yelled in his best Nelly voice “Get up onto that football field” (it was time to transition from weights to sprints).

Song: “Ignition (Remix)”
Artist: Usher
Memory: Still a favorite for many today, this was one of our victory songs that we performed on the bus ride home after football wins.

Song: “Let’s Get It Started”
Artist: Black Eyed Peas
Memory: During the 2004 season, the NBA used this song as its theme music during the playoffs.

Song: “Scars”
Artist: Papa Roach
Memory: My friends and I had just turned 18 and we would drive out to a big casino about 30 minutes away. This song was on one of my badly burned CDs that we would listen to on our journey out to lose money.

Song: “How to Save a Life”
Artist: The Fray
Memory: Not having a car my first couple years of college, I relied on other people for rides. This one friend of mine always played this song in his truck when I drove around with him.

Song: “Glamorous”
Artist: Fergie
Memory: I was a resident assistant my sophomore year of college and it seemed like the whole residence hall believed they were glamorous as I remember hearing this song coming out of many doors.

Song: “Don’t Blink”
Artist: Kenny Chesney
Memory: Right when this song came out it spoke to me. I watched the music video over and over. Anyone surprised that this made the list?

Song: “I Gotta Feeling”
Artist: Black Eyed Peas
Memory: How can anyone not listen to this song and think immediately of the summer of 2009? My greatest memory though is playing this song immediately after the Montana-Appalachian State semi-final football game in December of that year (before the song was cliché). The win was so big and the party on the field so crazy that it was the only time we played music AFTER a game.

Song: “Dynamite”
Artist: Taio Cruz
Memory: Someone submitted a Monte mascot audition tape to me in April or May of 2010. It was set to this song and was the first time I had ever heard it. Liked it right from the start.

Song: “Super Bass”
Artist: Nicki Minaj
Memory: I have multiple memories associated with this song, making it just a little bit more meaningful than runner-up “Party Rock Anthem.”

Song: “Give Your Heart a Break”
Artist: Demi Lovato
Memory: The first time I heard this song, right when it gets to the part where Demi sings “The World is ours, if we want it…” I thought to myself, man, this girl is really belting it. I became a Demi fan that day and still enjoy overdramatizing the song when it comes on.

Song: “Can’t Hold Us”
Artist: Macklemore
Memory: Became the theme of both Montana basketball programs when the Griz and Lady Griz made it to their respective NCAA tournaments. I heard it and played it a lot.

Song: “Beachin’”
Artist: Jake Owen
Memory: First several months in Myrtle Beach I would constantly hear this song and know it was written exactly for me.


Hit me up in six more years when I update this list. In all seriousness, I think it is pretty cool to have all these musical memories documented. Don’t Blink.

How To Lose An Appetite

In case you missed it last week, a racoon fell through the ceiling of a dining hall on the Louisiana State University campus. It just so happened that it was dinner time so the animal landed inside a full cafeteria. Pandemonium took hold as students scattered and screamed while employees tried to catch it. I watched several videos and it looked like a big mess.

One student who was interviewed said the racoon ran over her bag during the chaos. The thought of a possibly diseased animal scampering across her stuff made the student lost her appetite. I can’t say that I blame her.

I have a restaurant experience with “wildlife” that I have actually told before and that Sidney brings up from time to time. Just like with the LSU student, the episode caused me to lose my appetite.

Sid and I were eating at the original River City Café restaurant in Myrtle Beach, one of the best burger joints I have ever visited. The location we were eating at is a short walk from the beach and customers are encouraged to eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floors. Those who live in the South know that restaurants in hot climates close to the beach attract pests, especially when floors are constantly littered with salty snacks.

River City Café, a famous burger place in Myrtle Beach, makes a delicious peanut butter burger.

We were finishing up our hamburgers when Sidney looked at me with giant eyes. Picking up on her gaze, I returned a confused, yet concerned, glance.

“You have a bug on you!” she warned.

I jumped up and started doing a little dance to get it off. By the direction of Sid’s gaze, I knew it was a little below my collar. But I didn’t dare look. A “bug” in South Carolina means one thing: a Palmetto Bug, which is basically slang for the largest and nastiest cockroach you can imagine. I can do spiders, snakes, and rodents—but I can’t do bugs—especially cockroaches. I didn’t look down until Sid told me the threat was gone.

Once I returned to my seat I gathered enough courage to look under our table to see if I could spot it. I couldn’t, which I didn’t know was a good or bad thing. Sid didn’t sugarcoat the situation as she admitted that the Palmetto Bug was huge. Needless to say, I didn’t take another bite.

Indoor food and outdoor creatures just don’t mix. Whether it be a racoon or a cockroach, even a gourmet dinner is bound to be ruined. Don’t Blink.

Jump For Joy Thursday Rundown

After a week hiatus from the Thursday Rundown because of something much more important to write, I am back tonight with five fresh topics. Let the rundown begin!…

Heart-Shaped Pizza – It isn’t an annual tradition but it is something we have done many times before, including when I lived with my parents in high school. Papa Murphy’s offers a discounted heart-shaped pizza starting in early February that runs through Valentine’s Day. This past Saturday, Sidney was on her birthday present excursion so it was just the kids and I. When it came to dinner plans I picked us up a heart-shaped pizza—half cheese for the little ones and half pepperoni for me. As usual, it was delicious.

This was the heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s that I cooked for the kids on Saturday night.

Soda Fountain – This was really cool. When we were in Walla Walla last weekend, my cousin and her husband hosted everyone over at their house. While we were there, Gary showed me a room in the basement. Not only did it have a bar area but it also had a soda fountain! I geeked out over it. The fountain looked vintage and it was totally functional. A new life goal for me is to one day own my own soda fountain.

I was so impressed by this soda fountain at my cousin’s house.

Blippi – It was more than three years ago when Sloan first started to watch Blippi. She developed into a pretty hardcore fan but isn’t quite a diehard anymore. However, if she knew that Blippi was at one of her favorite places on Tuesday she would have hopped on her bike and went there herself. The man in the blue and orange was in Spokane this week as he went to Jump for Joy, an indoor jump house center, to film a video for his YouTube channel. Not going to lie, if I knew he was going to be there I would have went too just so I could thank the guy for providing countless hours of entertainment to Sloan (and precious hours of rest to myself).

The Facebook post from Jump for Joy in Spokane Valley showing Blippi and Meekah at their business.

Beau Meets World – On this date two years ago, I published the blog post that would later be named the top post in the history of Don’t Blink. Titled Beau Meets World, it chronicled the emotional ride of Beau’s birth followed by his time in the NICU and finally his triumphant trip home for the first time. Looking at our son today you would never know that he had a stint in the NICU. I am sure thankful for those talented doctors and nurses at McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence, South Carolina.

Beau was discharged from the McLeod Regional Medical Center NICU at noon on Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020. Sidney finally got to enjoy the special moment of leaving the hospital with her baby.

Whiplash – If you desire a movie with some great performances, a few tough scenes of psychological abuse, and a pretty damn good ending make sure to give “Whiplash” a try. I stumbled upon the 2014 film on Hulu this past weekend and enjoyed it. The movie centers on how a young drummer (Miles Teller) at a prestigious music school deals with his intense bandleader (J.K. Simmons). I am a big Simmons fan (fellow University of Montana alumnus) and the role he plays as the ruthless conductor is superb. In fact, he nailed it so much that he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. I know next to nothing about jazz music but this film captivated my attention the whole way through.

I thought “Whiplash” was pretty good.


We live in a turbulent time so let’s make sure to pray for peace. May everyone have a nice weekend. Don’t Blink.


It seems like the only thing that can rival the popularity of Wordle these days is that “abcdefu” song. If you are drawing a blank, trust me, you have heard it. This is the masterpiece by Gayle where the first six letters and the 21st letter of the alphabet are strung together with an angry emphasis on those last two letters (abcdeFU). If you don’t know what that stands for, she sings “F@#$ You” plenty of times as well. And, just in case you are doubting what you heard, she ends the chorus with “…you can all F@#$ off!” Not as intellectually stimulating as Wordle, right?

Gayle, a 17-year-old teenager, sings “abcdefu.” Credit to her for making a top song but it is not for me.

At least it is catchy. Very catchy. I admit that much. It is also a dream for content creators. In fact, I can’t stop laughing at a TikTok video that uses the song to narrate an interaction between a cat and a toddler. Totally relatable to Beau and my parents’ cat.

But excuse me if I question the content and tact of the song. Have we really become so rude, crude, and uncreative that “abcdefu” is a top 10 song on the Billboard chart? Or maybe I should just shut up. After all, what right does a 35-year-old dad have to critique a song performed by a 17-year-old teenager?

Or perhaps I just proved my own point when I wrote TEENAGER. I get uncomfortable enough with the lyrics in general but I think they sting a little more coming from someone who was born in 2004. I understand that she is directing the song at an ex-boyfriend but shouldn’t we at least wait until someone is an actual adult before glorifying a song that uses the F bomb in such an insulting way?

My 4-year-old daughter knows the song which is an indictment on me as a parent but I wish it didn’t have to be an issue. I just think we can do better.

I have appreciated the creativity of some who have switched out the expletive and anger of the original version to deliver a more positive message but I fear that the original is so ingrained in our minds that the message might be lost. Kudos to Gayle for creating a song that has brought her fame and fortune but “abcdefu” won’t make my annual list of top songs. Don’t Blink.

Soda Hack

Last week I stumbled upon what I am calling a “soda hack.” In order to arrive at the gym we exercise at, we take a long Spokane side street called Montgomery. On this street is a subtle Coca-Cola bottling center.

The Swire Coca-Cola, USA Bottling Center in Spokane is on Montgomery.

I go to the gym early in the morning when it is still dark out. I have always noticed the Coca-Cola building but never thought much of it. One thing that subconsciously caught my eye was that a few Coke vending machines were in the front of the parking lot. I never thought it was that weird because it was a Coca-Cola bottling facility but I did wonder if people actually ever used them.

I pass these four Coke vending machines every day but it is usually dark out and I don’t give them much attention.

When we returned from Walla Walla last Wednesday, I worked out that evening. After I finished at the gym, I talked to Sidney as I was backing out. She asked if I would pick up some soda for her. I intended to visit the grocery store near our house and accommodate my wife’s request. But as I started to drive down the side street I thought What the heck? Let’s save some time and use the loose change in this car. I pulled into the Coca-Cola bottling center’s parking lot, pulled up to the machines, and got out of my car.

A closer look at the unassuming vending machines at the Swire Coca-Cola bottling center in Spokane.

I went to the first machine on the left and I was blown away to see that 12 oz cans were only $.25 each! We are talking a quarter! I had a $1.75 in my pocket and was hoping that I would have enough to purchase TWO sodas; it turns out I had enough to purchase SEVEN sodas. Since I was buying the soft drinks for Sid I was primarily pressing the Coke Zero button but I couldn’t pass up taking my chance on the mystery flavor option…the first time I have ever seen that on a soda machine.

A partial look at the lineup of sodas on the far left machine. Notice the $.25 price if you were doubting me and notice how a mystery Fanta flavor is offered along with another mystery flavor option.

My question about whether people actually use these machines was answered when I was making my selections because there was a gentleman also purchasing sodas. I expressed to him my glee at the soda bargain. Turns out he is a regular customer.

“I come here every night,” the guy said. “My friend used to work here so I found out about it.”

The truck entrance to the Swire Coca-Cola, USA bottling center in Spokane.

He then pointed something out to me. The nice guy drew my attention to the two machines on the right. Those machines dispensed 20 oz bottles for $.50! Talk about another outrageous deal.

One of the mystery flavor gambles resulted in me getting a Pibb Xtra, a soda I actually really happen to like.

My enthusiasm was through the roof when I walked through the door with an armful of sodas and a really cool story to tell. Sorry not sorry for my nerdiness. It is just I had not paid a quarter for a vending machine soda since the late 1990s when I could go to Albertsons and purchase their generic flavors. A cold soda in a can just hits different and we now have a semi-secret place to quench that thirst. Don’t Blink.

My Super Bowl LVI Review

Another Super Bowl is in the books. For those of us from the northwest, we will remember Super Bowl LVI for Cooper Kupp’s electrifying performance that led to game MVP honors. So although a local product’s shining moment is what I will recall most about last night’s Rams vs. Bengals showdown, you better believe that I still paid attention to the other elements that make a Super Bowl what it is. Here is my annual review of the Big Game…

The Game: I think the only way the game could have been better was if the Bengals managed to kick a field goal in the final minute to force overtime. Other than that, it was a competitive, back-and-forth contest that was entertaining to watch. With the exception of the last couple minutes, it was a relatively penalty-free game with some exhilarating plays and big-time performances. After last year’s one-sided snooze fest it was nice to watch an intense game that matched the excitement of the entire 2022 postseason.

Super Bowl LVI was competitive and fun to watch.

The Anthem: Mickey Guyton’s performance was good but I don’t think it went smoothly. When she started to sing I could hear her mic pick up what I assumed to be either crowd feedback or control room feedback (did you hear that male voice?). Also, she seemed to stumble at the beginning of one of the middle verses. But her vocals were still solid and I think when the background music kicked in, followed by the background vocals, it sounded really good. Also, Guyton’s ending note was ah-mazing.

Mickey Guyton’s performance wasn’t perfect but it did have some strong moments.

The Commercials: I think the commercials deserve a solid B this year. Sure, you had multiple ads that focused on the topics of electric cars, crypto, and tax return services but at least they were well-done. I liked the message that the Expedia ad delivered (experiences over material things) and I thought the McDonald’s “uhhhhh” drive-thru ad was the most relatable. Even though their website ended up crashing, I thought the concept of letting the QR code bounce around the screen for 30 seconds was a brilliant tactic by Coinbase. Not only did the company generate a lot of social media discussion but all the data it mined from people accessing the QR code was probably worth the price paid to run the commercial.

I personally really enjoyed Meta’s spot that followed the “career” of an animatronic character. From the dog’s glory days in a pizza arcade to tough times of irrelevancy to a resurgence in a space center, I thought the dose of nostalgia was effective in promoting a very futuristic VR headset. I also personally liked the crypto commercial that had the present day Lebron James talking to the high school senior Lebron James and the Turkish Airlines spot with Morgan Freeman. In terms of humor, I got quick laughs out of the Irish Spring commune spot, the Pringles “Get Stuck In” commercial, and the Verizon ad that had Jim Carey reprise his role from “Cable Guy.” I thought the best performance by an established actor/actress goes to Anna Kendrick for her part in the Rocket Homes and Rocket Mortgage barbie ad. The concept was creative and Anna was Anna.

I thought Anna Kendrick was awesome in the Rocket Mortgage commercial.

The Halftime Show: I have no complaints. This year’s halftime show that featured Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar seemed to go off without a hitch. There were no viral moments nor audio issues like last year’s show with the Weeknd. All artists seemed to be having a good time as they performed on the ultimate stage. Man, some of those beats brought back more nostalgia than the animatronic dog. It is always fun when there is a surprise performer so it was kind of cool to see 50 Cent do his thing. I didn’t think it was fair that the show was hyped as the “best halftime show ever” (which it wasn’t) before Super Bowl LVI even took place but at least it didn’t bomb.

I think the halftime show was pretty decent.


I paid for it at the gym this morning for eating one too many cookies at my parents’ Super Bowl party. Oh well. Congratulations to the Los Angeles Rams and Cooper Kupp! Don’t Blink.

Proud to be a Reser

We recently returned from Walla Walla where we spent three days celebrating the life of my Aunt Nancy. Between attending the viewing, funeral, and grave site service we had the opportunity to spend valuable time with my extended family. As opposed to mourning in solitude, our large bunch opted to be around each other as we managed to mix in some laughs with the tears.

My Aunt Nancy was laid to rest in Dayton, Washington.

I have just three brief items that are top of mind from the past few days…

1. My Aunt Nancy was even more incredible than I thought. At the funeral, several speakers were penciled in to eulogize her. There was then an open mic period where numerous people from the audience stood up to deliver impromptu tributes. It was so awesome. Her reach was incredible and her impact immeasurable.

2. I have an extremely special extended family. Our Reser clan leaned on each other and supported one another over the past several days (as we had leading up to the memorial events and will continue to do now that they are over). Sometimes when a family death occurs you see divisions develop between survivors…that wasn’t close to the case for us. As I mentioned above, we banded together and embraced the familial unity that Nancy worked so hard to build during her time on this earth.

3. We have brought in some really superb people to the family. Not only do our significant others fit so well with our crazy bunch but they add immensely to it as well. To hear them express how much they loved Nancy and how much they value being part of our family meant so much.

The time after celebration of life events can be tough for many so I ask that you pray for my extended family. I feel so fortunate to be a Reser and will do my best to honor the legacy of Nancy. Don’t Blink.

Wordle Observations

About four weeks ago, I started playing Wordle. The game was impossible to ignore given its ascension into the current pop culture discussion and the prevalence of social media box score posting. At the same time that I started to play it daily, I introduced Wordle to my family via our text messaging thread. Before long, my wife, siblings, and sister-in-law were all hooked. It is yet another thing that keeps us all connected and our text message thread booming.

I thought I would make four non-strategic observations I have had about the game since I started to play.

Just like with everyone else in the world, I play Wordle. I have a few observations.

– Is it harder to win than lose? I am yet to not solve a puzzle. But I say that in a very humble way. It just seems that by the fifth or sixth try the word will become apparent just by the process of elimination. I imagine that Wordle experts gauge success by the number of guesses and the time it takes to solve the puzzle.

– Speaking of time efficiency with Wordle, it isn’t my strong suit. I mentioned I haven’t missed a puzzle but I do take my sweet time. It isn’t uncommon for me to sit frustrated for several minutes as I submit my next guess. Sometimes Sid and I will go head-to-head to see who can solve the puzzle first with my better half usually winning.

– On the subject of the Wordle rivalry between my wife and I…we usually don’t compete head-to-head just because Sid mostly completes the puzzle early in the day and I complete it at night in bed. I am not a big fan of Sid looking over my shoulder while I work though the daily Wordle but she sure gets a kick out of it, especially when I struggle. “Are you going to play a word?” is a favorite line of hers as I lay stumped with my phone in my hands at 11 p.m.

– A major key to the success of Wordle is its lack of an on-demand app as there is just one puzzle per day (on a website of all places). I appreciate that the game isn’t overwhelming and there isn’t some scoring system that incentivizes players from spending all day solving a hundred different puzzles. Everyone is on the same level, everyone is given the same daily opportunity. I appreciate that.

Why does or why doesn’t Wordle appeal to you? Please feel free to let me know. Don’t Blink.