Proud to be a Reser

We recently returned from Walla Walla where we spent three days celebrating the life of my Aunt Nancy. Between attending the viewing, funeral, and grave site service we had the opportunity to spend valuable time with my extended family. As opposed to mourning in solitude, our large bunch opted to be around each other as we managed to mix in some laughs with the tears.

My Aunt Nancy was laid to rest in Dayton, Washington.

I have just three brief items that are top of mind from the past few days…

1. My Aunt Nancy was even more incredible than I thought. At the funeral, several speakers were penciled in to eulogize her. There was then an open mic period where numerous people from the audience stood up to deliver impromptu tributes. It was so awesome. Her reach was incredible and her impact immeasurable.

2. I have an extremely special extended family. Our Reser clan leaned on each other and supported one another over the past several days (as we had leading up to the memorial events and will continue to do now that they are over). Sometimes when a family death occurs you see divisions develop between survivors…that wasn’t close to the case for us. As I mentioned above, we banded together and embraced the familial unity that Nancy worked so hard to build during her time on this earth.

3. We have brought in some really superb people to the family. Not only do our significant others fit so well with our crazy bunch but they add immensely to it as well. To hear them express how much they loved Nancy and how much they value being part of our family meant so much.

The time after celebration of life events can be tough for many so I ask that you pray for my extended family. I feel so fortunate to be a Reser and will do my best to honor the legacy of Nancy. Don’t Blink.

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