“S” is for SUMMER Thursday Rundown

It’s time…it’s time…it’s Thursday Rundown time! If you were a fan of professional wrestling in the early 2000s, you would recognize that cadence from a wrestler named Vader. He sadly passed away yesterday. So, in his honor, I dedicate this blog post to him (along with the letter “S”).

Sidney’s Craft – For Mother’s Day, I gave Sidney a gift card to a place called AR Workshop. Earlier this week, she cashed it in! A haven for women who want to create custom home décor from raw materials, AR Workshop offers a wide variety of projects to choose from. Sidney opted to make a lazy Susan. A very handy and creative person, I think my wife’s final product came out great.

Sidney and Sloan holding the lazy Susan that was made at AR Workshop. Sid did a wonderful job!

Snakes on a Sidewalk – Last week, I encountered two snakes slithering around our neighborhood. Well, one was slithering and the other one was dead. Let me start with the unfortunate latter reptile. Sid was doing yard work this past Thursday and came across a tiny snake in one of our barked areas. The little guy met his demise via a weed whacker. Later that night, Sidney had me confirm that it was deceased (yep!). I gave her grief about it resembling a worm more than a snake. A couple days later while walking the neighborhood, I found a very much alive green garter snake on the sidewalk. I pointed my phone at it, snapped a couple photos, took some video, and walked away.

A look at the two snakes I encountered this past week.

Sloan’s Best Photos – This week, courtesy of Timehop, I was served two of my favorite photos ever taken of Sloan. The first one shows her laying on our bed in her swimsuit, moments before we went to the pool. The second one is of her sitting in the bassinet wearing her rosary. Both these photos melt my heart and it was so nice to be reminded of them. When it comes to Sloan in the present, she is walking like a pro! Nothing slows her down and she is starting to say words. At times it is challenging to keep track of her but she brings us so much joy!

I love these two photos of Sloan.

Summer is Here! – In a different life, I might have said that my favorite season is spring or fall. Well, for at least the past 10 years, I have seen the light. In my opinion, nothing compares to summer. Longer days, hot temperatures, wading in the pool, the Fourth of July, cookouts, a laid back feel, baseball, ice cream, and so much more makes this season my undisputed favorite. Summer officially started today and I can’t wait to experience all that it will bring in 2018.

Nothing beats the summer!

Staff Advisory Council – At my job, I embrace opportunities that go beyond my duties within University Communication. When you step outside of your department (something I failed to do while at the University of Montana), you learn so much. For the past year, I had the pleasure of serving on the Staff Advisory Council. Our mission was to facilitate an active and participatory line of communication and engagement among the University community. A large portion of our work centered on fielding questions and concerns from the 733 staff members at Coastal. We would discuss all matters at our meetings to determine how to arrive at the best answer or response. We would then provide follow up to every inquiry that was received. It was a great experience serving on this body and I learned a lot.

I really enjoyed serving on the Coastal Carolina Staff Advisory Council.


Now stop reading this blog and go enjoy the longest day of the year! I hope you have a fabulous weekend and thanks for reading. Don’t Blink.

How a Digital Dude is Still Old School

I am a digital-first, embrace technology, “find an app for that” millennial. I welcome modern ways to do and experience everyday tasks. I buy tickets online, order pizza from an app, get my news from Twitter, keep myself on task via an electronic calendar, communicate in emojis, text myself reminders, and the list goes on and on.

However, I can count four ways — wait, I mean three ways, I don’t read a physical newspaper anymore — that I am still old school. Not wanting to hold you up on one of the longest days of the year, let me very briefly (and this time I mean it) tell you the three ways I am still old fashioned.

I still send snail mail — a lot. I write notes of simple correspondence, send birthday cards, and even pay bills via the U.S. Postal Service. I enjoy keeping postal workers employed so much that I once even offered my readers a chance to receive a personal card from their favorite blogger. That turned out to be an expensive blog post! Nothing beats checking the mailbox and actually receiving something of value. Even with the recent increase in first class postage (a stamp is now a whopping 49 cents), I won’t be changing this outdated practice anytime soon.

I send a lot of stuff from this mailbox.

Believe it or not, I still go to the library. With e-books, online newspapers, and so many digital news/entertainment sources out there, you could read from your iPhone all day long. Heck, you could read from it over the course of 100 different lifetimes. Why go check something out? Seriously, what is a library anyway? Ahhhh, what a shame. For those who don’t visit libraries, I feel sorry for you. There is no place cozier than your community public library. The resources available are too good to pass up. It is public service at its best. Finding a gem at the library is just different from stumbling upon an article on your phone. Sidney and I are committed to raising Sloan in a way that leaves no doubt about the magic of the library.

Some of my library cards.

Lastly, I still visit Walgreens and CVS to make photo prints. With file transfers, social media, and photo sharing sites, many people these days strictly keep their photos in the digital realm. Sure, more folks are going to see and react to a photo that is on Facebook, but that doesn’t take away the feeling of physically holding a print you care about. I print off 4×6 prints like they are going out of style. I send them off in cards to relatives, use them to decorate our refrigerator, and keep them stashed away in case the internet ever shuts down.

A look at one side of our refrigerator.

Call me a new school guy with some old school tendencies. I might be a digital marketer with an appreciation for technology, but I haven’t completely turned my back on the way things used to be done. Don’t Blink.

My Top 5 Mac and Cheese Spin-Offs

Call me a little kid, but macaroni and cheese is still one of my favorite foods. I could eat it every day of the week. Boxed, homemade, deli section of a grocery store…you name it. I love mac and cheese in all its forms, including extremely unconventional ones.

In tonight’s blog post, I want to quickly rank the top five “out of the box” (pun intended) macaroni and cheese dishes/snacks I have enjoyed.

5. Mac and Cheese Wedges – I used to get these at the minor league ballpark in Missoula. Usually served too hot to eat, the filling looked and tasted like it was from a 10 year old box of generic mac and cheese that you would buy at a dollar store. But it was still (technically) macaroni and cheese so I didn’t care! Although I might not pop these back as frequently as I did several years ago, I thought they were pretty cool at the time.

4. Lays #DoMeAFlavor Bacon Mac & Cheese Chips – For those who want mac and cheese while on the run, eating cheesy noodles out of a bowl is tough. Thankfully, at least for a limited time, you could grab a bag of Lays bacon mac and cheese chips. I thought they were good and I could definitely taste the cheddar flavor. However, this macaroni and cheese incarnation only made it to the #4 spot because, as I said in my 2014 blog post, the chips tasted more like potato soup than mac and cheese.

Front and center, I am holding the bag of Bacon Mac and Cheese chips.

3. Cici’s Mac and Cheese Pizza – Genius. Pure genius. Cici’s, an all-you-can-eat pizza chain, combined my two favorite foods into one. How can you beat a pizza topped with macaroni and cheese? I saw this pie hit the buffet line a few years ago with Sidney and I almost lost it with excitement. Although it looked better than it tasted, it was by no means a complete disaster. At the very least I give it an A+ for effort.

It has been almost exactly three years since I ate macaroni and cheese pizza at Cici’s.

2. Mac and Cheese Burger – Believe it or not, mac and cheese burgers are not new or unique to any place. If you go to a gourmet burger joint, chances are they will have a macaroni and cheese burger on the menu. Some places will literally slap a layer of mac and cheese on top of the burger and call it good while other restaurants will place a deep fried helping between the patty and bun (my preference). The combination of pasta, cheese, meat, and bread is unbeatable.

I ate this mac and cheese burger at River City Café in 2015.

1. Macaroni and Cheese Egg Rolls – If you ever visit South Carolina, make sure to eat at a King Street Grille. Once at the restaurant, place an order for the macaroni and cheese egg rolls the moment you sit down. Prepare to enter mac and cheese Nirvana. Crispy, flaky deep fried dough surrounds creamy, delicious macaroni and cheese. It is a special delight that will most likely fill you up before you even have the chance to take a bite out of your entrée. Sidney and I made sure to get these during our anniversary dinner last week and they were just as good as we remembered them.

These are our mac and cheese egg rolls from King Street Grille last week.


Macaroni and cheese was not on the menu tonight (in any form) but it sure sounds good right now. Is there a crazy mac and cheese dish I need to know about? Please let me know! Don’t Blink.

Father’s Day 2018

This weekend, I had the joy of celebrating my second Father’s Day as an actual dad. It turned out to be as nice as the first.

Festivities kicked off on Friday afternoon with Sloan’s daycare hosting a “Donuts With Daddy” event. Even though she is only going part time during the summer (on Tuesdays and Thursdays), we were still invited to attend. With free Krispy Kreme donuts up for grabs, you bet we did!

Sloan and I at “Donuts For Daddy.” We love her daycare!

Sloan and I shared a blueberry donut and talked with her friends and teachers. I was also presented with a sweet Father’s Day card that Sloan worked long and hard on. Thank you to Oxford Children’s Academy for once again making us feel special.

I don’t want to put my foot in my mouth but this is probably the cutest Father’s Day card ever!

On Saturday, we didn’t do any “official” Father’s Day activities but we did go on our usual daddy-daughter walk around the neighborhood. Then, in the evening, the three of us attended a block party cookout. By the time we were all in for the night, we were eagerly anticipating the next day (by “we” I mean me haha).

A few minutes before we went out on our walk, Sloan took about 12 seconds to sit still.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, Sid had placed a new message on our mini marquee. I went up and grabbed Sloan from her crib and she babbled the whole way down the stairs. I listened really hard and thought she might be saying “Happy Father’s Day!”

Sid put a “Happy Father’s Day” message on our marquee.

After church, it was time for presents. Sid had everything laid out on the kitchen table, including Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts (what a nice surprise). With both my girls watching, I opened my gifts. Of course the best part was reading the heartfelt cards both Sid and Sloan gave me —making this sensitive daddy’s eyes water just a bit.

Sloan and I celebrating Father’s Day.

Later we went outside to enjoy the sun. Sid washed the car and I played with Sloan as she splashed around in her little wading pool. She dried off by taking her little pink car for a spin. But after cruising it around the cul-de-sac she started to fall asleep behind the wheel. We laid her down for a nap and relaxed ourselves.

Sloan wading in the pool (left) and then taking a snooze (right).

During the evening, we went to Sidney’s parents’ house for a Father’s Day celebration in honor of all the dads in the family. We ate a delicious meal of ribs, salad, potatoes, and rolls. We concluded the gathering by eating cupcakes and opening gifts.

The cards I received from Sloan, Sid, my sister, and my parents.

Back at home, I thanked my girls for a wonderful Father’s Day weekend. My wife and daughter treat me so well and I am lucky to have them. I can’t wait until next year’s Father’s Day. Don’t Blink.

Aw, Shucks Thursday Rundown

Who out there is enjoying these long days? In my opinion, there is nothing better than daylight lasting until 9 p.m. Let’s get started with this Thursday Rundown so you can read it before it gets dark.

Looking Back on our Honeymoon – For the next several days, my Timehop will be filled with photos and videos from our honeymoon. Two years ago at this time, we were admiring beautiful blue waters and sipping on delicious adult beverages. The Sun Palace in Cancun was luxurious and the experience was incredible. I recapped our special trip in this blog post and then last year I gave my best tips on how to truly enjoy a honeymoon.

Sidney and I had an incredible honeymoon at the Sun Palace in Cancun.

McDonald’s Tweet – It is common for me to share tweets directed at me from major companies. The latest brand to tweet me? McDonald’s! I recently mentioned that the ice cream at Mickey D’s is underrated. Trust me, if you can’t appreciate the simplicity and goodness of a McDonald’s soft serve cone, you don’t like ice cream. My compliment was enough for the chain to hit me back, tweeting Aw, shucks, Brent; you’re making us blush. Well played, McDonald’s.

This is how McDonald’s responded to my tweet about its ice cream.

Growth – Thought it would be fun to show how much our little girl has grown over the past 365 days. The photo on the left is from June 14, 2017. The photo on the right is from this morning as she watched “her shows” on our living room TV. From a baby to a toddler in the blink of an eye (seriously, Don’t Blink)!

The left photo is Sloan on June 14, 2017. The photo on the right is of Sloan today, June 14, 2018.

Ocean’s 8 – We made sure to see a movie during our anniversary date on Monday. Sidney and I opted to see “Ocean’s 8” because it was the one movie that was showing exactly at the time we finished dinner and because our favorite comedian actress, Mindy Kailing, has a role in it. I must say the film was rather engaging and clever. The methods used to pull off the heist were very modern and sophisticated, something a digital person like myself could appreciate. The female ensemble cast did a great job and provided plenty of laughs. We both enjoyed “Ocean’s 8” and it has inspired us to watch the previous “Ocean’s” films.

My ticket stub from “Ocean’s 8.”

The Summit – I followed the United States-North Korea summit rather closely. I was most interested in the interactions between the two seemingly completely different, yet in ways strikingly similar, world leaders. I was fascinated by the photos that were released of President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un as well as the various videos showing the two men engaging with one another. Although non-partisan, I do root for peace, especially when millions of lives potentially hang in the balance. With a summit that was once viewed as “impossible,” it was a little surreal to watch it all come together. I pray that the progress that was supposedly made is reflected for decades to come.

From an historical standpoint, I found the images and video from the summit very interesting.


Happy Father’s Day to my dad and father-in-law! I hope everyone has a great weekend celebrating those special men in our lives. Thanks for reading and I look forward to catching up soon. Don’t Blink.

Summer Lunch Dates With Sid and Sloan

I am one of those people who usually doesn’t leave the office at lunch. I prefer to catch up on work and maybe catch up on sports news. But during the summer, this predictable routine changes a bit.

When June and July come around, I look forward to my wife and daughter stopping by to eat lunch with me. A tradition with Sid for four years now (and two years for Sloan), we try to do lunch dates once a week.

It all starts with the girls showing up at my office. After Sloan sits on my lap for a couple minutes, we head off to accomplish the main purpose of the visit—to eat!

The lunch date starts off with Sloan visiting me in the office. Today was the first time her Unicorn saw where I work.

We go to Chauncey’s Choice, the dining hall right next to my office building. During the summer, CCU’s famous fried chicken is served on Wednesdays, the day which our lunch dates usually occur.

Sloan was scoping out the Chauncey’s Choice scene this afternoon.

This year is a little different with Sloan. She doesn’t want to be confined to her stroller for the entire meal. This usually necessitates that we take turns between holding her and eating our lunch (even the most skilled parent will face a challenge when eating a piece of fried chicken and trying to contain an infant).

During today’s lunch, we took turns holding Sloan. This was a point in time when Sid was on duty.

We make sure to enjoy the atmosphere as student-athletes and faculty/staff fill up the cafeteria. It is fun to visit with colleagues and let them meet Sloan.

Sloan and I with our Chauncey’s Choice selfie.

When we finish eating, if there is time, I like to bring Sloan by other offices to meet co-workers. It is always a nice way to end the eventful lunch hour.

By the time our lunch date is over, this little girl is exhausted. Crashing on our living room couch is a great way to recuperate from a busy afternoon on campus.

It is not like our home is right next to campus, so I always appreciate Sid and Sloan taking the time to come see me. Today was awesome and I hope we get the chance to enjoy lunch together on several more occasions this summer. Don’t Blink.

Forcing Kids Out of the Lemonade Business

Over the weekend, I was served the same Country Time promoted tweet on numerous occasions. I scanned the tweet each time but never engaged with it or took it seriously. Basically, the social media advertisement explained that kids selling lemonade all across the country are being forced to shut their stands down.

I initially didn’t give much attention to the @CountryTime tweet that said lemonade stands were being forced to shut down.

I brushed it off as a gimmick. However, this curious case was legitimized earlier today when I saw a tweet from CNN. The tweet linked to an article detailing that children’s lemonade stands are indeed being “forced out of business” because the young entrepreneurs lack permits.

Once I saw the CNN tweet about the issue, I started to take it seriously.

The article also explained that Country Time, in a gesture of good will and sound public relations, is standing up for those boys and girls impacted by silly regulations. The company put together a team of lawyers called Legal-Ade to fight back against counties and cities that are trying to remove driveway and street corner sugary drink stands. Legal-Ade will pay up to $300 to cover the fees of those dedicated children who actually purchased permits after they were told to close up shop.

I understand that many of these lemonade stands don’t meet health code standards and might present safety issues, but really? In a day and age where kids are pulled in so many negative directions, how can we slap them on the wrist for selling lemonade? Not only does maintaining a stand keep our youth out of trouble, it teaches so many worthwhile life lessons — customer service, supply and demand, preparation, money handling, and so much more.

But my biggest issue with telling the kids to go back inside is it totally neglects the spirit of permit laws. You would think that applying for a permit to sell a product falls on the shoulders of adults. You know, the ones who own a business and will be selling goods to the general public in a commercialized area. To think that a kid who wants to pass a summer afternoon setting up a lemonade stand should be responsible for securing a permit is ridiculous.

What disappoints me is that the people enforcing this crackdown were once kids themselves. Now I can’t guarantee this, but I am guessing during their childhoods they probably sold lemonade at least once or twice. Did they have to pay $300 for the right to sell lemon flavored water out of their parents’ driveway? I doubt it.

I hope this trend stops. Not even the ripest lemons are more sour than depriving a kid of running a lemonade stand. Bravo to Country Time for intervening. Don’t Blink.

Our Second Anniversary

I woke up this morning feeling happy. Usually, if I ever feel overwhelmed or apprehensive, it occurs during those first five minutes when I hop out of bed to start the day. But it was pure bliss this morning.

Today we celebrate our second anniversary.

I needed no reminder, it was our anniversary and I had Sidney right next to me. There was no “the weekend is over” hangover or sluggish thoughts rolling through my head. I just simply felt like an extremely lucky guy.

It has been a special two years of marriage.

Our second wedding anniversary is moments away from shifting into high gear as we go out on our special date. But before we leave the house, I just wanted to very briefly express the thoughts that have swirled around my head for most of the day.

The first wedding anniversary is more of a formality than a celebration. People use it more to say “now the honeymoon is over” as opposed to commemorating the growth that occurred between husband and wife over those first 365 days. But the second anniversary brings with it a little more achievement. You are no longer newlyweds—people see you more as an established married couple.

Lucky to have her hands continue to guide me.

With a baby girl, countless life experiences, and a special synergy between the two of us, we definitely feel like that “established” married couple today. Not that we don’t have a lot to learn or improvements to make, but things simply feel natural at this point.

I think the strong start to our marriage can be attributed to the following: Supportive parents, a strong Catholic faith, simple structure, mutual respect, and the sweetest little girl in the world.

Supportive parents, a strong Catholic faith, and our baby girl have all contributed to a fruitful marriage.

Oh yeah—my incredible better half has definitely done her part to make the first two years of our union prosperous. I can’t thank my wife enough for all she does to take care of me and keep me happy. Sidney is truly a selfless person who does so much to keep our household running and our relationship fulfilling.

Two years later we are a happy family!!

Happy anniversary, Sidney! As you say, another year down and forever to go. Don’t Blink.

The Abu Thursday Rundown

I have a genuine appreciation for my readers so thank you for returning to Don’t Blink. You picked a good day to do it because it is the Thursday Rundown. If you are a rookie, that means five random topics are about to come your way.

Cup On Head – I want to start the Rundown with a cute photo of Sloan. On Sunday, my daughter managed to put a Cookout cup on the top of her head. Not only did she look absolutely silly, but my sister-in-law made an interesting observation, saying that she looked like Abu from “Aladdin.” I don’t think the comparison was that far off.

Sloan with a Cookout cup on her head. Does she look like Abu to you?

Coin Dance – Earlier this week, my sister and brother-in-law celebrated their seventh anniversary. As I looked through Timehop I saw many photos from the reception, including one from the best wedding reception tradition ever: The Coin Dance. An Italian custom, the coin dance occurs during a designated bride-groom dance. Wedding guests shower the dance floor with coins and all the kids in attendance rush to pick up the silver (don’t think about throwing pennies). Not only does it break up the monotony of a reception while giving the children something to look forward to, it also provides good luck to the bride and groom. Judging by my sister’s marriage and my own (Sid and I did it at our wedding reception), I would say those Italians got it right!

A look back at the Coin Dance at both receptions of Sid & I and Miradan & Jay.

Summer Social Media Campaign – This week I was thrilled to introduce our summer #CCUSocialMedia campaign. With the PopSocket craze still going strong, I came up with something called PopCHANTet Texts. I am asking current students, alumni, and faculty/staff to describe what Coastal Carolina University means to them. However, they have to do it in 280 characters and I am encouraging them to write it as if they were sending a text message. For the visual component of the campaign, I am supplying each participating person with a CCU PopSocket to put on the back of their phone. The volunteer will then have a person snap a photo of them as they “text” what Coastal means to them. See below or click here for what the final product looks like. My goal with PopCHANTet Texts is to encourage the CCU community to be frank and to the point about why they are proud of their university.

I am excited about #PopCHANTet Texts!

Lemonade? – I got wrapped up in a debate with Sid and one of my co-workers about a tweet I sent out a year ago. I had expressed my opinion that I don’t think lemonade really goes with any food item or meal. I concede that it is a thirst quencher on a hot day, but I would never pour a large glass of lemonade to go with my Mexican food or a steak. Geoff, my co-worker, believes it naturally goes with Chick-fil-A and apparently Sid thinks it goes with anything but I can’t agree. What do you think?

This tweet that I sent on June 3, 2017, was debated again this week.

Knockoff vs. Premium – One of my personal favorite blog posts of all-time was written exactly three years ago when I had Sidney do a blind taste test of five products. Each product was represented by its premium version and a generic version. From snack foods to breakfast favorites to macaroni and cheese, I had Sid try all products and give me an honest assessment on what tasted better. I will say this: my wife’s taste buds are on point. I encourage you to read the post!

Sid sampled a popular cereal as part of the Knockoff vs. Premium showdown.


To everyone attending the Carolina Country Music Festival this weekend, have fun! To all those who don’t live in Myrtle Beach and who have no idea what I am talking about — you have a good weekend too. Catch up with you soon. Don’t Blink.

How to Enjoy and Behave at an “Eat Free” Promotion

Last night, I found myself at Red Robin. Coinciding with the end of the school year, the popular burger chain offered a national promotion that invited teachers and educators to eat free. Heck, even I was included simply because I work at a university. Those with a valid school/college identification card could choose from one of Red Robin’s tavern burgers (bottomless fries included).

But before we could eat one fry or simply lift our burgers out of the baskets, we had to wait. When we arrived at our Myrtle Beach Red Robin, people were spilling outside the front entrance. The secret was out among teachers in our area! We waited patiently (except for Sloan) for over an hour before we were seated.

Some of the people waiting outside at the Myrtle Beach Red Robin.

Not that we didn’t expect it. “Eat Free” promotions are notorious for packing restaurants to the brim and sending lines out to the parking lot. A common trick in the industry, restaurants hope positive PR and customers spending a lot of money on “extras” not covered in the promotion will offset the cost of free food.

It is easy to become cynical. As customers, we might declare that the time spent to get seated isn’t worth the free food. Some might even do math to back it up, arguing that the cost of their time doesn’t compensate for a free $6.99 hamburger. Others just hate the chaotic scene that these promotions produce.

We got what we came for. This was my burger and fries from last night. I would say it was worth the wait.

But if you are able to “stomach” these eat free promotions, I came up with 10 tips (in no particular order) on what to keep in mind and how to behave.

1. Arrive during a non-meal time – Beat the rush and arrive at 10:30 a.m. or 3 p.m. Otherwise, you can wait 75 minutes like us.

2. Know the promotion – Before arriving at the restaurant, and definitely before ordering, know exactly what the business is offering for free.

3. Be nice to the hostess – No one is more stressed out than the person up front putting people on the list and seating them. Try to refrain from bothering them too much and don’t lose your cool if it is taking a little longer than expected.

4. Social media appreciation – A great way to thank the restaurant for your free dinner is to give a shout out on social media. Don’t kid yourself, another big reason these promotions exist is the likelihood of positive organic digital engagement from customers.

5. Tip your server appropriately – Most will take this into account, but tip your server based on what the bill would be if you had paid full price.

6. Keep modifications to a minimum – If you are getting a free dinner, refrain from making it tough on the restaurant staff by requesting various modifications to your order (i.e. Could you please hold the pickles, add BBQ sauce, toast the bun, and bring me some Sriracha on the side?).

7. Don’t take advantage of bottomless items – Last night, our server kept bringing us out extra plates of french fries. When she brought out the final helping, Sid and I questioned whether we should ask for a to-go box. We decided against it.

8. Prepare for the wait – If you are going during a busy time, brace yourself for the wait. Last night, we observed people sitting in lawn chairs as they waited in the parking lot.

9. Don’t linger – After you have finished your meal, pay the tab and leave. Let the staff prepare your table for the other people who have waited a long time.

10. Lower your expectations – Realize that your free food item might not be the exact same quality it would be if you were paying full price on a night when the restaurant wasn’t slammed. Don’t let it get to you.


Thank you to Red Robin for a delicious meal last night. We appreciate the fact that you value our educators. Now, when is the day I can get a free pizza from Papa John’s? Don’t Blink.