Annoying My Front Seat Passenger

When it comes to old school, stereotypical gender roles, our family follows suit when it comes to driving. Whenever the four of us go somewhere, I am almost always behind the wheel. Naturally, this means we are usually in my car. And forgive me, but if we are in my car it usually means my rules…or at least my preferences.

Here are five ways I operate my car that Sidney absolutely hates.

I operate my car in a manner that sometimes annoys Sid

There Is a Horn For a Reason – In order to move things along when we have some place to be, I will back out the car from the garage while Sidney and/or one of the kids finishes getting ready. If we are at risk of running late for church or school, I will tap the horn to instill a sense of urgency. Yep, I usually get my rear end chewed for that one.

Safe Driver – I have documented this in depth before, but I am a grandma driver compared to Sid. I follow the rules of the road and go the speed limit. My world came crashing down on me when I received a speeding ticket this past fall. You better believe that I am not going to put myself in position to get another one anytime soon.

Freshness – I am a fan of the vehicle air freshener trees and Yankee candles. My wife? Not so much. In fact, the only thing she dislikes more than the air fresheners themselves are the scents I choose. You should see the face she makes when she hops in my car after I just hung a wild cherry tree on the rear view mirror.

In Your Face – Whether I have the heat cranked or the air conditioning blowing, I have the vents set to expel air toward the faces of the driver and front seat passenger. Sidney prefers to set it so the feet receive the air. Whenever she challenges me on it, I tell her, “Our feet are covered but our faces aren’t.”

Appliances Off – I inherited this one from my dad, but before shutting off my car I make sure to turn off all other appliances. Radio? AC? Seat warmers? I take my time to diligently turn off each one before cutting the engine. I guess Sidney wishes she could have back the five whole seconds it takes me to do that.


Despite all these inconveniences Sid has to put up with when I drive, they don’t add up to trumping her perceived greatest inconvenience of all: driving. So until she wants to get behind the wheel, she might just have to put up with that hot air blowing in her face 😂. Don’t Blink.

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