Gratitude 7 Years Later

If you actually read through all five topics of last week’s Thursday Rundown, you know that I reserved the final topic for a particularly traumatic event that occurred early in Sloan’s life. I mentioned that the anniversary of Sloan’s pyloric stenosis surgery was approaching. That day is today.

On this date seven years ago, Sloan underwent corrective surgery for a very rare newborn condition that prevented food from passing through her small intestine (watch video). Because of Sloan’s pyloric stenosis disorder, which really started to manifest itself about three weeks into our daughter’s life, she would violently projectile vomit whenever we fed her formula. A few weeks later (on today’s date), she would receive the innovative surgery needed to begin her healing.

During Sloan’s bout with Pyloric Stenosis and for over a year afterwards, we kept it between immediate family. Sidney and I are so thankful for the support of our parents. This photo shows our moms and dads with Sloan at MUSC.

Sloan’s bout with pyloric stenosis was a lot to handle for new and inexperienced parents. Sidney and I struggled through the whole ordeal as we watched Sloan suffer and doctors misdiagnose her. Relatively new in our marriage and faced with such a stressful situation, we weren’t the best equipped to effortlessly sail through it. However, it was a crash course in effective marital communication and the importance of turning to God for his grace. Although we had our moments as stress and uncertainty overwhelmed us, Sloan’s episode prepared Sid and I for down the road when Beau spent time in the NICU. Thanks to the lessons learned from Sloan’s medical scare, my wife and I were ready to deal with Beau’s crisis.

This is Sloan being wheeled out of MUSC on a wagon a few days after her surgery.

We write a card of gratitude to our all-star surgeon every year at this time. For the first handful of anniversaries, Sid or I wrote the note to Dr. Robert Cina. Last year, Sloan herself took over the duties. When she wrote to Dr. Cina over the weekend, she let him know that she is a healthy 7-year-old who plays soccer and loves Taylor Swift.

On this seventh anniversary of Sloan’s surgery, we couldn’t be more grateful for our daughter’s health, Dr. Cina’s skill, and God’s grace. I am also very thankful for my wife and the strengthening of our trust and unity that ultimately resulted from this early test. Thanks be to God! Don’t Blink.

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