Taking A Tuesday Off

This week our children are on spring break. Sidney and I worked together to create a parental coverage plan for Sloan and Beau. My wife took Monday and Wednesday off from work while I requested Tuesday and Friday off. My parents happily obliged to watch them on Thursday.

This past Monday, I was having a conversation with my boss and she mentioned how it can be nice to have a day off in the middle of the week. After I thought about it for a moment, I couldn’t agree more.

For the most part, many workplace holidays extend weekends, whether that be at the beginning (Friday day off) or the end (Monday day off). And, I would argue that most of us choose the same pattern for our own annual leave days. The fact of the matter is that we typically don’t take a “one-off” Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday unless something out-of-the-ordinary happens that requires us to do so.

On my mid-week day off earlier this week, I took the kids to the library. This is Sloan happily playing with Legos.

And I guess that makes sense. Taking a day off in the middle of the week can disrupt work flow, make us miss meetings, and insert some awkwardness into the calendar. But if you can get past this traditional way of thinking, a mid-week day off is pretty glorious.

A work week can be a grind and doing so many of them consecutively can lead to burnout. There is something liberating about breaking up a work week with an occasional day off smack dab in the middle. Also, when you take Tuesday off like I did yesterday, it makes Monday feel like a mini Friday which is a pretty cool feeling.

You also find that not working on a Tuesday or Wednesday feels much differently as a community member. Because most people don’t take these days off, if you venture outside your house it will seem like the world has truly gone on without you…which at times is kind of nice. When you take a Monday or Friday off, it seems like society is just getting back into the swing of things or starting to wrap up for the weekend.

Tuesday was a gorgeous, 70-degree day in Spokane. In the afternoon we hit up the park and Beau was all for it.

Taking a mid-week day off breaks up the week—it gives you something to look forward to and then it makes the second half more manageable. You will still have makeup work to complete and your mental recall of the day of the week might be funky once you return to the office but those are minor inconveniences.

I had a fabulous day with the kids yesterday. We visited the library, picked up Sidney at work for lunch, played at the park, and watched a movie. With Wednesday now in the books, I have a second non-traditional “Friday” of the week tomorrow. I think I could get used to this. Don’t Blink.

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