Which Easter Bunny Wore It Best?

Last week, I mentioned how it is so difficult to find a costumed Easter Bunny that looks…well…normal. In fact, back in 2015 I devoted an entire blog post to the diverse and curious depictions of Easter Bunnies. Although this predicament is a challenging one, I have not given up on finding the perfect furry embodiment of Hallmark Easter. I would say I gave it a pretty good effort this year.

My kids met three Easter Bunnies in March. As you would expect, their appearances varied wildly. I thought I would show you the three rabbits we encountered “in the wild” and provide context of each meeting. Perhaps at the end of this exhibition, you can tell me which bunny you thought “wore it best.”

This first Easter mascot is your classic shopping mall Easter Bunny. My parents took the kids to the Spokane Valley Mall on a day I was working in Pullman. Beau exchanged a high five with the bespectacled bunny.

Sloan and Beau met this Easter Bunny at the Spokane Valley Mall.

We encountered the second bunny this past Saturday morning at a vintage décor and furniture store owned by the parents of one of Sloan’s friends. This was by far the most relaxed environment for an Easter Bunny rendezvous.

The kids met this gentle Easter Bunny at a Spokane Valley furniture/decor store.

Finally, the third Easter Bunny is brought to us courtesy of a Easter Egg hunt in my parents’ neighborhood park. Sloan and Beau had the pleasure of swapping pleasantries with this rabbit on Saturday as well.

Sloan and Beau met their second Easter Bunny of the day at Camelot Park in north Spokane.

So if you had to rent one of these costumes for your own Easter celebration, which one would you opt for? Please don’t be shy with your opinion! Don’t Blink.

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