Candid Thursday Rundown

Good evening, everyone. I hope you are having a blessed Holy Week. What will tonight’s five topics be about? Well, read on my friend…

Candid Shot – Very rarely do Sidney and I have true candid shots captured of us together. Last summer we attended the wedding of a couple we prepared for marriage. On Sunday, the bride sent us several photos of our kids from that special July day. Included in the images was the below moment from a dance that Sid and I shared during the reception. Thanks, Sarah and Brendan! #QuinnTheDay

Thanks to Sarah Quinn for sending us this picture (📸: Ashley Haikkila)

What Else I Did On Friday – Earlier this week, I mentioned that I took the day off so I could take a driver safety class. However, that class just took up the morning leaving the afternoon to do something really fun. So what did I do? I took the kids to the dentist 😂. Although not the most thrilling way to spend the day off, it is much more tolerable to go to the dentist office when you aren’t the one sitting in the chair. Sloan and Beau go to Children’s Choice Dentistry in Liberty Lake and after their Friday appointments they retained their membership in the No Cavity Club.

I took the kids to the dentist on Friday afternoon.

Happy Birthday, Miranda! – My sister turns 40 today. Did you read that closely?…FORTY! Thank you, Miranda, for making me feel a little bit better about my age 😂. But in all honesty, I wish my sister a very happy Birthday, she is a wonderful big sibling!

A photo of the three of us siblings on Saturday, September 23, 2023. Ironically, this photo was taken on my brother’s birthday. Today is my sister’s birthday.

Top Easter Candy – With Easter Sunday just a few days away, I suppose it is worth mentioning that I once ranked my top Easter candy. Way back in 2018 I revealed my countdown that included robin eggs (#5), Reese’s peanut butter eggs (#4), Cadbury eggs (#3), and Starburst jelly beans. But my all-time favorite Easter candy? Well, you will just have to read the blog post to find out 😉.

I love an Easter basket filled with delicious candy.

Easter Bunnies Are Weird – Last week, my parents took the kids to the Spokane Valley Mall. Their outing included an Easter Bunny visit. Nine years ago, I admitted that a syndicated columnist who pushed for the removal of Easter Bunnies from American malls had a point. Now? I don’t know if I agree. While I still maintain that it is next to impossible to find a normal-looking costumed rabbit, at least I now realize that they do bring joy to kids.

Sloan and Beau discuss whether it is safe to approach.


I wish everyone a very happy Easter. Don’t lose sight on why this day is the holiest one there is. He is risen! Don’t Blink.

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