Last Day of May Thursday Rundown

I hope everyone had a great month. As we enjoy our last few hours of May, let me help send it out with a Thursday Rundown. Here are my five topics…

Coastal Baseball Weekend – Our baseball team at CCU had a fabulous regular season and a dominanting conference tournament performance. It all pays off with an NCAA Regional right here at Springs Brooks Stadium. Over the next few days, our University will host UCONN, Washington, and ULI-Brooklyn to determine which team makes it to the Super Regional round. I have the pleasure of covering the action for our social media audience and I couldn’t be more excited. Go Chants!

I am excited to work the Regional baseball games this weekend.

Baby Teething Hack – I have a couple Facebook friends who raved about the comfort that a teething necklace brought their young ones. With Sloan’s teeth starting to come in (she already has five), Sidney went out and bought one for her at the Kangaroo Pouch, a local baby supply store in our area. It works wonders! Sloan will sometimes wake up from a nap crying in pain with her hand in her mouth. Knowing that her teeth are bothering her, I will slip on the necklace and it will calm her. The relief will last for as along as she has it on. I highly recommend this piece of “bling” to anyone who has a baby battling teething issues. Not only will your child appreciate it, but she will feel pretty cool with such a stylish accessory around her neck!

Teething necklaces just aren’t useful, they are stylish!!

Great Work, Sid – I wanted to recognize Sidney for an extracurricular activity she has involved herself in the past two weeks. My wife has worked hard to assist with her school’s production of “The Lion King.” She volunteered her makeup and costume skills to make the students stand out. When I sent the below photos to my family’s text messaging thread, they couldn’t believe how cool the costumes looked. My dad responded, “Is Sid moving to Broadway?!” (dad joke). It will be standing room only at Palmetto Bays Elementary this evening for the first of two performances. I have enjoyed listening to Sid tell me about her experiences and how talented the students are.

Some of the costumes that the Palmetto Bays students are wearing tonight. My family sure was impressed!

Movie Heaven – We are movie buffs. Although we don’t get out to the theater as often as we would like, we make good use of Netflix. But now we have another option! We recently changed cable providers and one perk we received for signing up is access to all the movie channels. For 90 days, we get HBO, Showtime, and Starz. Since those big names all have a family of channels under their umbrellas, I can turn on my TV at any given moment and choose from 10 different movies. It is really nice! We have already made good use of this luxury, with the last movie we watched being “Man on the Moon.”

Weather and Disney – I have written two prior blog posts on May 31. Two years ago, I addressed my obession with the weather in relation to long term forecasts when I had an event or vacation coming up (it has gotten a lot better!). Three years ago, I wrote one of my more controversial blog posts of Don’t Blink when I had the audacity to suggest that Disneyland was better than Disney World. My wife sure set me straight!

I have been on the Teacup ride at both Disneyland and Disney World.


Hope everyone has a great June. Enjoy the long days that come with the month and remember to root on those Chanticleers! Don’t Blink.

The Best Glade Air Fresheners

When I was a kid, my mom kept an air freshener around the house called Pure Citrus. It would make any room smell as if an Orange Julius store was built on an orange grove—it was that good!

As I grew older, I became aware of the popular discount air freshener brand, Glade. Sure, the numerous different scents didn’t pack the same aromatic punch as Pure Citrus but some of them were pretty good—and some were really bad.

Although this post would be more comedic if I focused on the awful Glade scents, I elect to stay positive and identify the ones that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to use in my actual home. So, tonight I give you my top 5 countdown of Glade air fresheners.

A few Glade cans hanging out at our house.

5. Powder Fresh – The scent of baby powder is a universal smell of cleanliness and comfort. You can’t really turn many people off to its smell because there is nothing overpowering about it. Glade didn’t mess up too badly with its Powder Fresh spray so don’t feel like you are taking too big of a chance if you cough up the dollar for a can.

Who doesn’t like a powder fresh smell?

4. Red Honeysuckle Nectar – I bought this one a month ago because it sounded a little mysterious and because the artistic depiction on the can was enticing. It didn’t disappoint. Although it is technically a floral scent, it smells more fruity to me. It’s description on the Glade website begins with “Prepare yourself for an uplifting experience.” I don’t think it inspired me but I did enjoy it. It isn’t rated higher on this list because Sid hates it.

We have a can of this at our house right now.

3. Apple Cinnamon – When it comes to “air freshener” smells, the apple cinnamon combination is a classic—and for good reason. The combo works together to leave a smelly situation better than when it found it. The fruitiness of apple and the spice of cinnamon is a winning team, no matter if it is in a Glade bottle or not.

Apple Cinnamon is a classic air freshener scent.

2. Crisp Waters – Ah yes, the one option that both Sid and I can agree on! The two of us tolerate this scent that is actually listed under the “outdoor” section of the Glade website. True, it does have that musky scent that might remind you of what it smells like when you come across a stream in the wilderness, but we don’t mind bringing a little bit of nature into the house. If I use a Glade air freshener and I don’t want to get an eye roll from Sid, I use Crisp Waters.

Sid and I can both agree on this one.

1. White Tea and Lilly – I don’t like tea but I do like Glade’s White Tea and Lily air freshener. It has pink labeling and flowers on the outside but it’s what is in the inside that counts. This air freshener is so pleasant that it makes me happy. I once wrote that a great trick to sleep well at night is to spray an air freshener—this is the one that I would spray! I was so fond of this scent that I would carry a can in my travel bag! Sidney can’t stand it so it has been phased out of our house but I still fondly remember its smell. Because it is too good not to, I must share the White Tea and Lily description on the Glade website in its entirety: The funny thing is, if you had more time to meditate, you probably wouldn’t need more time to meditate. Let the relaxing scent of white tea and lily take you from at home to at ease in no time. If Zen had a fragrance, this would be it.

It doesn’t get any better than White Tea and Lily.

Yep. That’s my #1!


Do you have a favorite Glade scent? If so, please let me know. Remember, moderation is key when you have Glade in your hand! Don’t Blink.

This Memorial Weekend Has Been…

It has been a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Because the last thing you want to do on your day off is read my blog, let’s dash through 10 things this weekend has been (so far)…

This weekend has been about the aquarium. We took Sloan to Ripley’s Aquarium here in Myrtle Beach, an experience she really enjoyed.

Sid and Sloan enjoying Ripley’s Aquarium.

This weekend has been about watching movies. Sidney and I watched “A Beautiful Mind” and “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.”

This weekend has been about worship. We attended Holy Trinity mass at St. Andrew and heard Fr. Morgan deliver a powerful homily that had Sidney and I looking at each other at its conclusion mouthing “That was good!”

This weekend has been about Coastal baseball. The Chanticleers won the Sun Belt tournament title and earned the right to host the NCAA Regional round in Conway.

The Coastal baseball team will host Regionals.

This weekend has been about family. On Saturday night we ate pasta with Sidney’s parents at our house.

This weekend has been about the outdoors. Sloan and I went on a long walk together and the next day Sidney, Sloan, and I went to the pool.

This weekend has been about Dave and Buster’s! We had a nice dinner ordering off the eccentric menu and enjoying the atmosphere. Our plans to play any games fell short though when Sloan had a vomiting episode (thanks to our server, Connor, for being so helpful!).

Sloan hanging out at Dave & Buster’s (before she threw up).

This weekend has been about catching up on sleep. Sloan miraculously slept until 8 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday, allowing mommy and daddy a chance to snooze a little longer than usual.

This weekend has been about donuts. Earlier this morning, Sid brought me home Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins.

This weekend has been about remembering those who served. Over 1.3 million men and women have lost their lives in combat and we all need to take several moments to reflect on that.


I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of this holiday weekend. We can’t thank enough those who made this weekend necessary.

Deal or No Deal Thursday Rundown

What a great week it has been! Beautiful weather, a healthy little girl, and a Memorial Day weekend on the horizon. Let’s get this Thursday Rundown started…

Good Deal or Not? – I sometimes stay up at night scrutinizing whether a dinner offer is a good deal or not. The new restaurant by our house promoted this opportunity earlier this week. Not only do you get unlimited tacos, but you also get all-you-can-eat rice and beans. To tie a bow around the deal, you also get an adult drink of your choice (yes, they have Bud Light). All of this for just $15! Wait…$15? I have gone back and forth debating whether $15 for all the tacos you can eat plus a few extras is worth it. Judging by the fact that I would eat way too much and leave the place feeling sick, I am going to have to say no.

What do you think? Worth it or not?

The French Fry Chart – Because it is the two year anniversary of when I blogged about the infamous fry chart, I felt obligated to bring it back for the Thursday Rundown. In my opinion, this remains a work of art in the world of fried potatoes. The encyclopedia of processed spuds, if you will. This graphic will have longevity in our family because Sloan has demonstrated the same love for french fries that Sid has. Oh, by the way, my one big issue with this chart still stands—tater tots don’t belong!

This list ranking french fries is pretty cool.

Royal Wedding – On Saturday morning, I gently woke Sidney as Charles escorted Meghan down the aisle. Sid wanted to watch the wedding and I didn’t want her to miss the best part. From that point on, Sid and I watched until the happy couple walked out of the church. It was fashion that intrigued my wife the most. For me? I enjoyed watching the ceremony itself. The music was superb, the sermon was powerful, and the church beautiful. But the best part for me was watching Harry and Meghan interact with each other when they sat side-by-side on the altar. I observed them holding hands and whispering to each other as the grand spectacle unfolded. It reminded me of our wedding. What I remember the most from our day was sitting next to Sid on our own altar chairs at St. Andrew, the beauty of the moment engulfing us and the power of the Holy Spirit entering us. Thank you to the Royal Family newlyweds for reminding me of that special time.

The Royal Wedding reminded me of our own.

Holy Trinity – This weekend, we will celebrate Trinity Sunday at church. Many times, it is tough for Christians to conceptualize that our one God is also three entities—Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. A Cardinal I follow on Twitter recently used the example of family to help explain the mystery of the Holy Trinity. You have separate people—a mom, a dad, and a child—but you have one family. If you have time, I encourage you to read Cardinal Wuerl’s blog post.

I stumbled upon this tweet from Cardinal Wuerl today.

What I Watched This Week – Sidney and I finished watching a really interesting documentary series called “Evil Genius.” The four show presentation told the story of an unlucky soul who had a bomb collar put around his neck and was sent on a scavenger hunt to find the key that would unlock it. The first leg of the hunt ordered him to rob a bank. Incredibly he pulled it off but his luck ran out there—the bomb exploded. The documentary focuses on the unsavory group of people who pulled off the heist, a collection of individuals with extremely high I.Q.s but evil motivations and mental illnesses. It is worth your time.

“Evil Genius” is a documentary series with no shortage of crazy characters as well as twists and turns.


There you have it, my latest Thursday Rundown. Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Enjoy your weekend and make sure to remember those who have departed. Don’t Blink.

My Top 5 Favorite Beers

I enjoy a cold beer every now and then. If it is a weekend night and I am in the mood, I might indulge. However, in my advancing age, I have found that unless I want to go to bed early, I usually don’t drink more than two. For tonight’s blog post, I thought it might be fun to countdown my top 5 favorite beers.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a beer snob. Despite once living in a town that is celebrated for its eight breweries and beer-loving culture, I am embarrassingly boring and corporate when it comes to my brews.

5. Michelob Ultra – I became a fan of Michelob Ultra because it is Sidney’s favorite beer. How can I not like the beer that the love of my life enjoys? Although I drank it occasionally before I met Sid, I didn’t appreciate it fully until I started to date her. Now, whenever it is time to “get a 6-pack,” Michelob Ultra is a possibility of what I might be coming home with.

Sid drinking a Michelob Ultra during one of our first dates together.

4. Bud Light Lime – This is my summer jam. If I am out on the boat or sitting at the pool, I will grab a Bud Light Lime. Some people don’t care for the artificial taste but for me it is refreshing. I don’t care for Bud Light’s other spinoffs such as Bud Light Wheat or Bud Light Orange, but I do enjoy this one. This brew reminds me of long days, warm weather, and lots of fun!

My friend Dan and I enjoying a Bud Light Lime on the Vegas Strip.

3. Dragon’s Breath – Beer connoisseurs are going to hate this list but hopefully they will cut me a little slack for at least including one craft brew. My favorite brewery in Missoula was Bayern and my favorite beer they make is called Dragon’s Breath (no, not the crazy frozen dessert found at mall kiosks). It is a dark Hefeweizen and although I usually don’t opt for dark beers, I do like hefes. Obviously, the Hefeweizen is more prominent than the darkness. It doesn’t have an overpowering taste and you can pick up on some pleasant caramel tones when you sip it. Dragon’s Breath also has a nice smell and a really cool logo.

Dragon’s Breath is pretty dang good.

2. Bud Light – Okay, now I really got my readers who know anything about beer mad at me. He put Bud Light at #2 on this list? It is true, Bud Light is one of my favorite beers. I am the guy who will order a Bud Light after the waiter suggests several seasonal, 6.7% ABV hoppy beers. I am the guy who will opt for a Bud Light at an ale house with 70 different beers on tap. I am the guy who will still select a Bud Light even if everyone at my table has already ordered a sophisticated, “flavor of the month” type beer. Sorry not sorry. I like the simplistic taste of Bud Light. I don’t care if it is watered down, contains a low percentage of alcohol, or is the least imaginative drink at any bar. It tastes good to me. It is consistent. It quenches my thirst. I am an unapologetic Bud Light drinker.

You can’t go wrong with Bud Light. Photo is of me with my cousin Cody last summer.

1. Blue Moon – For my loyal readers, you could have already guessed this would be in the top spot. Almost two years ago I wrote my ode to Blue Moon and my feelings have not changed. Nothing beats the refreshing, unique taste of my favorite beer. Few things are greater in the world than enjoying this golden liquid after a long week. You know how I define beauty? After Sidney and Sloan (of course) it is a frosted beer mug filled with Blue Moon and topped with a fat orange slice. I know this is not a popular choice but I am not writing this blog to make friends. No doubt about it, Blue Moon is my favorite beer.

My brother and I enjoying Blue Moons.


Anyone need a drink? I know most of you probably didn’t enjoy my list so just take comfort in the fact that I am not your bartender. Have a great night and I will see everyone tomorrow with the Thursday Rundown. Remember, drink responsibly. Don’t Blink.

A Sloan Memory Clouded by the Berenstain Bears

As a kid, I made my parents read me the The Berenstain Bears books over and over. We had every book in the series and each one was read probably a million times.

Although each Berenstain Bears book was read about equally, if there was one that got a little more attention it was The Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies. This particular story addresses the issue of not asking for too much and being happy with what you receive.

The Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies is a book that will always be cemented in my memory.

The context of this lesson takes place in a grocery store. When Papa and Mama Bear take Sister and Brother along, they have the tendency to ask (or sometimes demand) for everything—candy, toys, gimmicks, etc. Before Papa and Mama called for help from Grandma and Grandpa Bear to teach the cubs about moderation and thankfulness, the shopping trips would always end with one more splurge.

When exiting the grocery store, there would always be a coin operated ride. You know what I am talking about? The rides for kids that they sit on—whether it be a horse, airplane, tiger, car, etc—and it “moves” once a quarter is put in the slot. In the Berenstain Bears, they are called “bucking” rides.

Brother and Sister Bear just had to ride the bucking frog.

One day, the family is leaving the store after a particular bad episode of the “gimmies.” Sister has the nerve to ask if she can ride the “bucking frog” that had recently been installed, replacing the “bucking duck.” Papa initially said “no” but because both cubs ended up literally on the cement throwing a fit, he gave in. The intervention by the grandparents soon followed.

For my whole childhood, whenever I saw a coin operated ride, I immediately thought about the Berenstain Bears. I thought about the bucking duck and the bucking frog. I thought of Sister Bear rolling around on the pavement. I thought about Papa Bear begrudgingly putting coins into the slot.

However, it didn’t deter me from wanting to ride whatever circus animal or fantasy vehicle was in front of me. Worst of all, it didn’t stop me from asking my parents to fund that 90 second, choppy adventure. So much for me applying the morals I learned from the Berenstain Bears, right?

I rode coin operated rides a lot as a kid…and every now and then as an adult as well.

I mention this solely because of an experience we had this past weekend. Our little family plus my father-in-law found ourselves at an old school ice cream parlor in Myrtle Beach. This place had a separate room from the area where the actual ice cream operation was set up. This room had several tables for the flocks of people who visit the parlor to eat their ice cream at. It also had various arcade games, and—you guessed it—a couple coin operated rides.

One of those rides, a handsome looking gray horse, was right by the table we were enjoying our ice cream at. As we sat there, a couple kids stormed over to the horse and started riding it, hollering the whole time. Sloan’s eyes were fixated on the spectacle of two kids on sugar highs swaying to the horse’s movements.

After the machine stopped moving, the kids got off and left. Sloan was still looking at the horse. What else could I do?

Sloan had her first experience on a coin operated ride this past weekend.

With Sidney’s permission, we got up and I placed our daughter on the ride. I put a quarter in and off she went. Feeling that Sloan probably wanted to travel on her horse a little longer, my father-in-law put in another quarter. Although a little hesitant at first, Sloan was smiling and laughing for the majority of both rides.

But all I could think about the whole time was one thing: The Berenstain Bears. Don’t Blink.

Behind the Games

To read the article that this blog post is based on, click here

This month, I celebrated four years at Coastal Carolina University. Consequently, it also marked four years since I have worked at the University of Montana. When I was employed there, I had the opportunity to do a lot, but nothing defined my time more than the work I did to enhance (or at least attempt to enhance) the gameday experience.

Being part of the gameday experience crew is an exciting, but very stressful, job. This is me with assistant athletic director Brynn Molloy during my last year at Montana.

Although I no longer play music for 26,000 people in Washington-Grizzly Stadium, develop crazy mascot skits, write public address scripts, or introduce in-stadium social media promotions, I still think about my “past life” from time to time.

I had the privilege of helping to put on the Gameday Experience while at the University of Montana. This is Christie and I up in the control room of the press box on Military Appreciation Day.

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to remember what I used to do by living vicariously through the guy who is responsible for the gameday experience here at Coastal Carolina University. Alex Souza, who served as the director of gameday experience and promotions since 2015*, allowed me to shadow him up in the control room of Brooks Stadium during a couple of football Saturdays this past season.

I had the privilege of writing a feature for Coastal Magazine titled “Behind the Games.” Lots of props to our design team for creating this opening spread for the story (graphic from

No, I wasn’t creeping in the press box simply to satisfy some nostalgic itch of mine. I was assigned with writing another feature for Coastal Magazine. While planning the publication early in the fall, it was determined that an all-access story chronicling the amazing work put forth by Alex and his team be told. Based on my background, I was assigned to write it.

In this photo I am holding the Spring/Summer issue of Coastal Magazine. I once again penned a feature story for this publication.

I embraced the opportunity to shine the spotlight on the magic that Alex creates, hoping it would also pay tribute to the hundreds of other athletic department employees across the nation who work tirelessly to create engaging gameday presentations. As someone who is especially sympathetic to the reality, many times folks don’t know the planning and labor that is dedicated to making sure fans leave the stadium happy, win or lose.

This is what the opening spread looks like in actual print form.

So, as mentioned, I watched behind Alex’s shoulder as he directed a couple football games. Once again I was in a booth with a spotter, video board guy, P.A. announcer, and technical support personnel. It was like a time warp! It wasn’t just the people I was surrounded by that brought me back. I also felt the stress, excitement, pressure, and comradery that became all too familiar during my days at Montana working in a similar role.

It was a lot of fun to write this piece. Alex is great at what he does.

After the observation period, I had a long sit down interview with Alex. I questioned him as a reporter, making sure not to add any experiences or opinions of my own. However, I would be lying if I said that deep down inside I wasn’t relating with everything he said.

I thank Alex for allowing me to write this story on him.

The actual writing portion of the piece was fun but also challenging. It was a topic I very much wanted to write about but I wanted to portray Alex’s role as accurately as possible. Knowing that I could make no excuse for messing it up, I put pressure on myself to produce something that did the Coastal Carolina athletic department justice.

Thanks to helpful editors, a creative design team, and the perfect subject (Alex happily and promptly answered the numerous follow up questions I had) I think the piece turned out well. It was nice to write something that I felt a special connection to for such a prominent publication. Alex Souza is incredible at what he does and I thank him for letting me write Behind the Games. Don’t Blink.

*Director of gameday experience and promotions no more! Alex was recently promoted to assistant athletic director for digital initiatives.

What Do You Hear? It is the Thursday Rundown

Good evening to everyone. I hope you have had a nice week thus far. Been kind of a weird one in this blogger’s household with a sick baby but the Thursday Rundown will go on. Here we go…

Mother’s Day Weekend Recap – The Resers sure had a nice Mother’s Day weekend. Sloan kicked it all off by “giving” Sid a heartfelt card she made at daycare. On Saturday, we spent time at the pool as Sloan’s love for the water managed to grow even more from last summer. We went to church later that night as we celebrated the conclusion of the Easter season with the Ascension. While there, we managed to try out some of the awesome tips we learned last week about keeping Sloan engaged during mass. On Sunday morning, Sid opened up her Mother’s Day presents. Then, almost 11 months after Sloan was baptized, another member of the family received the cleansing waters as we watched our niece’s baptism. We spent time relaxing during the middle of the day and then at night we all went out for Mother’s Day dinner at a Shogun-inspired restaurant called Miyabi.

We had a very nice Mother’s Day weekend.

A Year Ago – I had a lot of past blog posts and other memories I could have shared for the throwback portion of the Thursday Rundown but I couldn’t pass this up. One year ago, Sloan (and Sid) visited me at the office. Sloan arrived in her little Chanticleer outfit and it was so nice to hold her during the middle of the work day. I was also a proud daddy showing her off to my co-workers. A special memory for sure!

One year ago on this date, Sloan visited me in my office.

Yanny vs. Laurel – Everyone in the country is weighing in on whether that voice on the recording is saying “Yanny” or “Laurel.” Can I settle this? I live on a street named Laurel (crazy, huh?). My office is located in Laurel Hall (no joke). I know how to pronounce Laurel and I know what it sounds like. My friends, that voice on the recording is not saying Laurel. It is Yanny.

I work in Laurel Hall!+

“I Feel Pretty” – Last Friday, Sid and I cashed in a movie theater gift card and free babysitting services to go see Amy Schumer’s latest comedy, “I Feel Pretty.” I know I say this a lot, but it isn’t a movie you need to see in the theater. For Sid and me, it was extremely nice to get out of the house and see anything, but if you are particular about your theater choices, wait for this one to hit Redbox. With that said, it was still pretty funny. My biggest obstacle with the film was believing that Schumer actually had her “I am beautiful/perfect/etc” state of mind. You see, at the start of the movie, she falls off a bike at the gym, causing the normally low-confidence Schumer to completely change her whole outlook to the point where she believes she has super model looks. The movie relied entirely on Schumer’s acting to express this and I don’t think she did a good enough job conveying it.

Last Friday, Sid and I went and watched “I Feel Pretty.”

Dancing With The Stars: Athletes – Except for maybe an episode, I had never watched “Dancing with the Stars” until four weeks ago. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. However, I have watched every minute of the current season that is unfolding on ABC. A bit different from a regular competition, the one I am watching is “Dancing with the Stars: Athletes” and it is an abbreviated 4-week version of the show. Why am I watching? Josh Norman, a CCU alumnus, is competing on the show and I am covering it for our social media channels. Norman has made it to finale night on Monday and I will be cheering for him. No, the show still really isn’t my thing but I have allowed myself to enjoy this special season.

Josh Norman, along with Sharna Burgess, will compete in Monday’s “Dancing with the Stars” finale.


Are you sitting on your couch reading this blog post from your phone? Exit out of your browser and text one of your contacts a random, but authentic, compliment. Have a great weekend. Don’t Blink.

A Few Small Steps For Sloan


With Sloan running a fever, I took the opportunity to work from home and watch over her. Although no one enjoys having a sick child or staying home from the office when you have things to do, it all worked out for the best.

In the morning, I took advantage of some free time to get on the floor and play with Sloan. I could sense strength in her so I had her stand up by balancing herself on the couch. I sat a few feet away from her and started coaxing her to walk toward me.

Mind you, one day short of her 14th month, she has not walked. Except for a couple times, she hasn’t even stood up on her own without support. But like I said, I just felt something with her this morning.

Putting my hands out and looking her straight in the eye, I started urging her to put one step in front of the other. Suddenly she was standing unsupported! She started flailing her arms and clapping her hands. I thought she might either take off OR stumble. She did neither. Rather, she rested back up against the couch for support. But then she stood up on her own power again. This time, she started clapping her hands again but it was with more confidence and strength than before. Oh man, what is going to happen?…

She did it!

Although she only took a few steps before stumbling into my arms, she did, by definition, walk. It was a little surreal to see my daughter on her feet taking actual steps but it was also very special.

No, she is not doing laps around the living room yet but at least she demonstrated that she can do it. Sidney and I each have members in our own families who walked later than 14 months but we have been getting a little antsy to see Sloan put it all together.

I am glad I got to be present for the special moment and capture it on my phone. We are proud of you, Sloan. Don’t Blink.

Ready…Set…Sports Gambling!

How we engage with sporting events and American culture in general is about to change. Yesterday, the Supreme Court struck down a federal law prohibiting sports gambling. States now have the right to allow it or ban it. Let the “fun” begin…

My experience with sports betting has been of the legal variety in Las Vegas. Before I worked in intercollegiate athletics, I learned the thrill of placing bets on NBA and MLB games. Watching the action play out when you have something riding on the game is exhilarating. It became plainly obvious why sports betting is such a lucrative business and why it has been scorned in mainstream society for so long.

I have experienced sports betting in Las Vegas.

But, the scorn is about to lessen. As one article I read stated, the perception and acceptance of sports betting is about to go from “being pot to being cigarettes—not quite embraced, but not so illicit.”

The sports betting development interests me in three ways.

First, I am intrigued to see how quickly it spreads. With this Supreme Court decision, states aren’t expected to waste any time. New Jersey is ready to legalize it right now. Other states are almost there. With big decisions that impact societal culture, the implementation period usually takes some time. That doesn’t look to be the case in this matter. It sounds like sports books and other sports gambling avenues are going to be popping up like weeds. How will citizens, politicians, and the gaming industry itself react to this surge that is about to occur?

Second, I wouldn’t be very happy if I was a Las Vegas bookie. I don’t think there is a single way to spin this as good news. A novelty form of gambling, loved by many, is about to become a form of entertainment/addiciton you can get by walking across the street. Who needs to go to the desert anymore? Taking the exclusivity of sports gambling from Las Vegas is the same as cloning Siegfried and Roy and putting them in every major city in America.

Third, what will this do to fantasy sports? People are attracted to fantasy because it makes them more invested in the game because something is at stake. With sports gambling soon to be legalized in numerous states, many people will undoubtedly lose their patience for fantasy. Why participate in a league that takes the whole season to determine a winner? Why engage in something where you don’t control the payouts? Why take the risk of handing your hard earned money over to your friend’s brother to hold? The regulated, professional, instant reality of sports betting will take droves away from fantasy.

This development is big. Hold on because things are about to move very fast. It won’t be long until placing a bet on a game is as common as buying a lottery ticket. Don’t Blink.