Deal or No Deal Thursday Rundown

What a great week it has been! Beautiful weather, a healthy little girl, and a Memorial Day weekend on the horizon. Let’s get this Thursday Rundown started…

Good Deal or Not? – I sometimes stay up at night scrutinizing whether a dinner offer is a good deal or not. The new restaurant by our house promoted this opportunity earlier this week. Not only do you get unlimited tacos, but you also get all-you-can-eat rice and beans. To tie a bow around the deal, you also get an adult drink of your choice (yes, they have Bud Light). All of this for just $15! Wait…$15? I have gone back and forth debating whether $15 for all the tacos you can eat plus a few extras is worth it. Judging by the fact that I would eat way too much and leave the place feeling sick, I am going to have to say no.

What do you think? Worth it or not?

The French Fry Chart – Because it is the two year anniversary of when I blogged about the infamous fry chart, I felt obligated to bring it back for the Thursday Rundown. In my opinion, this remains a work of art in the world of fried potatoes. The encyclopedia of processed spuds, if you will. This graphic will have longevity in our family because Sloan has demonstrated the same love for french fries that Sid has. Oh, by the way, my one big issue with this chart still stands—tater tots don’t belong!

This list ranking french fries is pretty cool.

Royal Wedding – On Saturday morning, I gently woke Sidney as Charles escorted Meghan down the aisle. Sid wanted to watch the wedding and I didn’t want her to miss the best part. From that point on, Sid and I watched until the happy couple walked out of the church. It was fashion that intrigued my wife the most. For me? I enjoyed watching the ceremony itself. The music was superb, the sermon was powerful, and the church beautiful. But the best part for me was watching Harry and Meghan interact with each other when they sat side-by-side on the altar. I observed them holding hands and whispering to each other as the grand spectacle unfolded. It reminded me of our wedding. What I remember the most from our day was sitting next to Sid on our own altar chairs at St. Andrew, the beauty of the moment engulfing us and the power of the Holy Spirit entering us. Thank you to the Royal Family newlyweds for reminding me of that special time.

The Royal Wedding reminded me of our own.

Holy Trinity – This weekend, we will celebrate Trinity Sunday at church. Many times, it is tough for Christians to conceptualize that our one God is also three entities—Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. A Cardinal I follow on Twitter recently used the example of family to help explain the mystery of the Holy Trinity. You have separate people—a mom, a dad, and a child—but you have one family. If you have time, I encourage you to read Cardinal Wuerl’s blog post.

I stumbled upon this tweet from Cardinal Wuerl today.

What I Watched This Week – Sidney and I finished watching a really interesting documentary series called “Evil Genius.” The four show presentation told the story of an unlucky soul who had a bomb collar put around his neck and was sent on a scavenger hunt to find the key that would unlock it. The first leg of the hunt ordered him to rob a bank. Incredibly he pulled it off but his luck ran out there—the bomb exploded. The documentary focuses on the unsavory group of people who pulled off the heist, a collection of individuals with extremely high I.Q.s but evil motivations and mental illnesses. It is worth your time.

“Evil Genius” is a documentary series with no shortage of crazy characters as well as twists and turns.


There you have it, my latest Thursday Rundown. Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Enjoy your weekend and make sure to remember those who have departed. Don’t Blink.

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