Remember Maury Povich Thursday Rundown

Good evening to everyone taking a couple minutes to read Don’t Blink. Tonight is the Thursday Rundown so let’s get started…

Latin Food in Myrtle Beach – Last Saturday, Sid and I had the chance to slip out of the house for an hour to go to dinner while my in-laws looked after Sloan. We went to a brand new place right next to our house called Sol Y Luna. Specializing in Latin food, the cuisine is well-represented by the atmosphere. Right when you walk in the small eatery you can immediately sense a vibe, exactly what you would expect from a cantina. Sidney ordered a burrito but I was a bit more adventurous. I went with the pollo en coco, which translates to coconut chicken. Although it was nice to try something that you normally can’t get in Myrtle Beach, Sid and I weren’t blown away by the food. But we still had a fun time enjoying our dining experience together.

I look at the exterior of Sol Y Luna along with our entrees.

Another Photo of Sid and Sloan – This is a Don’t Blink exclusive. I took this upside down photo of mommy and daughter last night. Sid was making Sloan laugh hysterically as they rolled around playing on the floor. Sidney calls Sloan her best friend and whenever I watch them together it is easy to see why.

Sid and Sloan playing hard.

Southwest Airlines Death – I wanted to offer my sympathies to the woman who lost her life on the Southwest plane that had its engine explode. Can you imagine sleeping on an aircraft only to wake up and find yourself half way out the window? The horrific bad luck that targeted Jennifer Riordan makes me very sad. I am inspired by the pilot who performed a successful emergency landing but I can’t stop thinking about Riordan and her family.

Toys R Us Disappointment – Aside from a last ditch effort from a bidder to buy the floundering toy chain, Toys R Us will soon be a thing of the past. Stores across the country are holding going out of business sales. Over the weekend, the three of us went to our local Myrtle Beach location to grab some deals. What we walked into was an underwhelming marketing ploy. The closing signs were plastered everywhere but the prices to reflect it were nowhere to be found. If the merchandise was in fact on sale, most of it was 10% off. Some select inventory was marked off at 30%, the biggest discount that was offered. My issue with this is that my wife went to Toys R Us well over a month ago and the discounts were the exact same. At the pace the sale is going, they probably won’t get to 50% until after Christmas. 

A photo I took of the Myrtle Beach Toys R Us.

Funny Advertisement – Earlier this work week, I found myself behind this car. I think the person inside is the guy Maury Povich calls up to administer the paternity tests on his talk show. All jokes aside, the advertisement did its job by capturing my eye and drawing a laugh.

I got a laugh out of this advertisement.


Hope everyone gets some nice weather this weekend. I appreciate your support of my blog and I look forward to touching base next week. Don’t Blink.

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