The Best Glade Air Fresheners

When I was a kid, my mom kept an air freshener around the house called Pure Citrus. It would make any room smell as if an Orange Julius store was built on an orange grove—it was that good!

As I grew older, I became aware of the popular discount air freshener brand, Glade. Sure, the numerous different scents didn’t pack the same aromatic punch as Pure Citrus but some of them were pretty good—and some were really bad.

Although this post would be more comedic if I focused on the awful Glade scents, I elect to stay positive and identify the ones that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to use in my actual home. So, tonight I give you my top 5 countdown of Glade air fresheners.

A few Glade cans hanging out at our house.

5. Powder Fresh – The scent of baby powder is a universal smell of cleanliness and comfort. You can’t really turn many people off to its smell because there is nothing overpowering about it. Glade didn’t mess up too badly with its Powder Fresh spray so don’t feel like you are taking too big of a chance if you cough up the dollar for a can.

Who doesn’t like a powder fresh smell?

4. Red Honeysuckle Nectar – I bought this one a month ago because it sounded a little mysterious and because the artistic depiction on the can was enticing. It didn’t disappoint. Although it is technically a floral scent, it smells more fruity to me. It’s description on the Glade website begins with “Prepare yourself for an uplifting experience.” I don’t think it inspired me but I did enjoy it. It isn’t rated higher on this list because Sid hates it.

We have a can of this at our house right now.

3. Apple Cinnamon – When it comes to “air freshener” smells, the apple cinnamon combination is a classic—and for good reason. The combo works together to leave a smelly situation better than when it found it. The fruitiness of apple and the spice of cinnamon is a winning team, no matter if it is in a Glade bottle or not.

Apple Cinnamon is a classic air freshener scent.

2. Crisp Waters – Ah yes, the one option that both Sid and I can agree on! The two of us tolerate this scent that is actually listed under the “outdoor” section of the Glade website. True, it does have that musky scent that might remind you of what it smells like when you come across a stream in the wilderness, but we don’t mind bringing a little bit of nature into the house. If I use a Glade air freshener and I don’t want to get an eye roll from Sid, I use Crisp Waters.

Sid and I can both agree on this one.

1. White Tea and Lilly – I don’t like tea but I do like Glade’s White Tea and Lily air freshener. It has pink labeling and flowers on the outside but it’s what is in the inside that counts. This air freshener is so pleasant that it makes me happy. I once wrote that a great trick to sleep well at night is to spray an air freshener—this is the one that I would spray! I was so fond of this scent that I would carry a can in my travel bag! Sidney can’t stand it so it has been phased out of our house but I still fondly remember its smell. Because it is too good not to, I must share the White Tea and Lily description on the Glade website in its entirety: The funny thing is, if you had more time to meditate, you probably wouldn’t need more time to meditate. Let the relaxing scent of white tea and lily take you from at home to at ease in no time. If Zen had a fragrance, this would be it.

It doesn’t get any better than White Tea and Lily.

Yep. That’s my #1!


Do you have a favorite Glade scent? If so, please let me know. Remember, moderation is key when you have Glade in your hand! Don’t Blink.

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