HomeGoods Lukewarm Top 5

As a kid living in north Spokane, our house was right next to a Shopko. We spent a lot of time there. Long story short: it shuttered several years ago and last week a new business finally opened its doors in the old space.

No, it wasn’t Spirit Halloween. 😂

Rather, it was a HomeGoods. The national chain arrived in north Spokane and immediately attracted countless shoppers…including me. Well, I don’t know if you could classify me as a shopper. You see, I was just really intrigued to go back inside the old Shopko building to see what it now looked like.

I visited this HomeGoods in north Spokane on Saturday.

Despite my lack of desire to buy a single item in the store, I did take some photos of items I would buy if a knife was held against my throat. To be completely honest, Hobby Lobby is 10X better than HomeGoods (but I digress)…

It was a family affair at HomeGoods as my brother, his wife, my sister, Sloan, and Sid (not pictured) all went together.

Pumpkin Spice Popcorn – You can find basically any food in pumpkin spice form so why not popcorn? Although I think it is a little weird, I would definitely still give it a try if I was willing to part with the $6.99.

If push came to shove, I would try this pumpkin spice popcorn.

Wifi Whiteboard – I have seen these at Airbnb and other places and actually appreciate them. But now is not the time for me to purchase one thanks to the eager hands of two young children who will mess with anything written in dry erase marker.

I think these whiteboards are pretty nifty.

Air Freshener – Coming from a guy who once ranked his top 5 favorite Glade air fresheners, I thought these boujee options were kind of interesting. I mean who doesn’t get excited about a “Snuggle Sweater” scent?

Some of these air freshener scents are pretty out there.

Pumpkin Pecan Hand Soap – Several years ago I offered a business plan that centered on some pretty wild hand soap scents. I think the “pumpkin pecan” scent gives my own ideas a run for their money.

What a combination!

Pint Glasses – I enjoy putting the few current pint glasses I own in the freezer to get them ice cold before pouring a beer into them. This set of four glasses was heavy duty, cost the same price as the popcorn, and could hold 20 ounces…wait, does that still make it a pint glass?

Raise your glass if you are in need of some new ones.


I apologize for my lack of enthusiasm for HomeGoods. If there is something about the store I am overlooking, please let me know. If you do, I might send some pumpkin spice popcorn your way. Don’t Blink.

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