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Every now and then I like to share ideas that cross my mind regarding new services or products. Now the last time I went out on a limb and did this I thoroughly embarrassed myself as I pitched an idea that was already implemented in varying forms in several supermarkets. But after a thorough Google search this evening, I believe I have a true original idea for an exciting line of products. Let me present to you my latest scam…uh…I mean…idea.

With crazy new flavors for everything from potato chips to soft drinks hitting the shelves, I want to take this idea to a non-edible product. It is with great excitement that I introduce Bizzare+Random Hand Soaps. Made to look like my initials (the “+” is to serve as the word “and” but look like the letter “t”) , B+R Hand Soaps is an innovative concept not yet out in the market. I would package the most intriguing, outrageous, and good smelling soaps that have ever made contact with human hands.

We use liquid/hand soap everywhere. We have several bottles in our homes stationed everywhere from the kitchen sink to the bathroom. Unless they utilize that disgusting powdered soap, every single business stocks their restrooms with hand soap. Whether used in automatic dispensers, nice porcelain containers, or the plastic bottles themselves, the stuff is used in every restaurant, stadium, locker room, etc. So I have to ask, if this type of soap is so prevalent, why are the scents so boring? If you go to a store you will have a selection of about ten different options. Cucumber melon, lavender, coconut, cherry blossom, gold flavor, and tropical/Hawaiian scents dominate your choices. I am so sick of these uninspired choices.

I have an amazing idea that will transform the hand soap industry. Say goodbye to boring scents such as lavender.

I have an amazing idea that will transform the hand soap industry. Say goodbye to boring scents such as lavender.

At B&R Hand Soaps, we would offer absolutely wild flavors. I am talking cookie dough. Or I am talking macaroni cheese. Or how about hot fudge sundae? Can I get a YES PLEASE for a buttered popcorn hand soap? Or, to take another Jelly Belly classic flavor, how about a Dr. Pepper version!? But we wouldn’t stop there. How would you like to wash your hands with Butterfinger soap? What if we introduced a spaghetti and meatballs scent? Or what about an Oreo cookie mixture?

We would never have to worry about kids (and adults) not washing their hands again. People would make excuses to go lather up. Hands would become incredibly clean because people would rinse their hands several times just so they could apply more soap. Moods would improve because when you have a scent lingering on you throughout the day such as cookie dough or buttered popcorn, how can you not be happy?

I would sell a long line of different scents to mass retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target. But then I would also sell exclusive flavors to big time restaurants, marketing it as the best branding decision you could ever make. Could you imagine if B+R Hand Soaps developed an Asian Zing or Jammin Jalapeno soap for Buffalo Wild Wings? The specialty soap would be woven into the fabric of BWW. People would be fascinated with it and make trips to the restaurant not just to eat but to also use the restroom. Or what if B+R Hand Soaps made a lemon cheesecake soap for the Cheesecake Factory?! Oh man, talk about a slam dunk! What if we reached out to the Seattle Seahawks and created a Skittles soap to be used exclusively inside CenturyLink Field in honor of Marshawn Lynch? Can you tell that I am just a little excited about this?!

Ladies and gentlemen, B+R Hand Soaps! This would turn the industry completely upside-down. It would promote hand washing and instill identity both in individuals and companies. Time to turn the floor over to you. What do you think? Would you invest? Would you purchase the soap? Let me know what you think and also throw out any scent ideas you have. Excuse me while I go wash my hands. Don’t Blink.

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