All About Popcorn

Today is National Popcorn Day. Ever since my braces were removed my freshman year of high school, I have taken a liking to popped kernels. In fact, I have mentioned popcorn a time or two in this blog. Here are just five instances…

Between deciding how to ask Sidney to marry me and what to name my daughter, the other difficult decision I had to face in my life was whether to buy a large tub of popcorn or not.

I faced a BIG decision on whether to buy this tub of popcorn or not.

The coolest wedding party favor I ever received was actually popcorn! But not just any ordinary popcorn…

This popcorn was delicious and addicting.

You may have caught this recently, but I give my business to a certain Spokane barbershop solely (well, mostly at least) because they serve popcorn in the waiting room.

Popcorn while I wait to get my hair cut? Yes please!

Did you know I use popcorn to practice self-discipline? It might sound a little extreme, but I have practiced this technique since 2011.

Popcorn can be used to practice self discipline.

Does kettle corn count as popcorn? It sure does. This is my ode to the carnival treat.

Me enjoying some kettle corn way back in the day.

I said I was keeping it at five items, but I like popcorn so much I will take it as a jelly bean or as a hand soap.


Do I even have to mention it? Pop up some popcorn tonight and enjoy yourself! Don’t Blink.

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