Fun Anecdotes from #GlenGotCarriedAway

Yesterday I wrote a blog post that addressed what truly hit home about #GlenGotCarriedAway. Tonight I want to take a lighter approach and quickly go through 10 things that made the weekend fun. Alright, let’s get to it…

Blast for the Kids – Sloan and Beau had the best time of their short lives over the course of the #GlenGotCarriedAway weekend. Starting Thursday night and running through Sunday, they went hard. Our kids played non-stop, stayed up late, danced like crazy, ate like champs, and took advantage of wedding guests who spoiled them rotten. Sloan and Beau played great with their cousins and made new friends during the four-day whirlwind.

My kids and my sister’s kids had the time of their lives over the four days of wedding festivities.

Photo Booth Mania – I didn’t realize how fun photo booths are. The one that Glen and Carrie had set up at the wedding venue was a colossal hit. Kids and adults alike took turns putting on crazy hats and striking silly poses. When the machine spit out the pictures, each print had the names of the newlyweds and the date of their wedding on it.

Some of the prints we got from the photo booth.

Groomsmen Gift Bags – My brother spoiled us groomsmen with some extravagant gift bags. Not only did it come with some adult beverages, patriotic socks, and wedding day necessities, it also came with these really cool, personalized cups. Thanks, Glen!

Glen gave all the groomsmen personalized drinkware.

Coolest Shot Ever – I can’t wait to see the professional photos from the wedding! But while the photographers are hard at work editing the memories, they did give Glen and Carrie a few images to hold them over. This champagne shot was taken at the very end of the night and it turned out great. What you don’t see is the reaction of the crowd after the groomsmen spraying the bottles, Jake and Matt, turned around and let them have it.

What a wild shot! Can’t wait to see more of the photos.

Sid and Siblings – One of my favorite photos that was taken with an iPhone was this selfie with Sidney, Glen, and Miranda. Not only does it show their personalities but it also conveys the special relationship that my wife has with my brother and sister. I love it!

This photo pretty much sums up the relationship that my wife shares with my siblings.

The Short Gene – DANG, I need to grow because I looked like a little punk compared to my fellow groomsmen and the groom. To be honest, I didn’t even realize how miniscule my stature was to everyone else before looking at this photo. I am just thankful they didn’t beat me up.

Unfortunately, I think I am already done growing.

Take a Seat – Glen and Carrie engaged in the Jewish tradition of the Chair Dance. At one point in the ceremony they took a seat and were hoisted in the air in an up-and-down fashion. In addition to the smile I saw on Glen’s face through most of the song, I also caught glimpses of pure fear…those chairs weren’t the most sturdy pieces of furniture.

The Chair Dance was exhilarating.

Coin Dance Success – The children at the wedding had a profitable opportunity during the Coin Dance. My parents swapped $60 for coins and wedding guests threw their own change (and bills) as Glen and Carrie danced to “Yours” by Russell Dickerson. As per usual, the dance generated some awesome photos and Sloan made out like a bandit.

Kids scramble to pick up coins (including my daughter) as Glen and Carrie dance to “Yours” by Russell Dickerson.

Cornhole – The game of cornhole is very popular with my family and it had a presence at the wedding. Glen and Carrie had custom boards created for guests to throw bags on. Prior to the wedding, the groomsmen played while we waited for pictures. Then, once the reception started, the boards were moved outside into the open space for anyone to play on.

The kids playing with the cornhole boards that were custom made for the wedding.

Thanks For Popping By – As wedding guests left the venue, they were encouraged to take these popcorn bags. They were either filled with red, white, and blue candy-coated popcorn or kettle corn. I had the special privilege of trying out the red, white, and blue corn that Glen and Carrie got as a sample about a month prior to the big day. It was so good that I was excited for the wedding just from the standpoint that I would get more of it!

This popcorn was delicious and addicting.


Of course this list isn’t exhaustive when it comes to the fun and memories from this past weekend but it is a small snapshot of #GlenGotCarriedAway—one that you can’t get from the photo booth. Don’t Blink.

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