Happy Birthday Dad Thursday Rundown

How is your summer working out for you? For my family it has been packed and the good times are going to continue to roll throughout this month. But let’s take a quick break from the summer craziness and get started with my latest Thursday Rundown…

Happy Birthday, Dad! – My father was born on this date in 1957. As I type this, we are celebrating his 64th birthday at my parents’ house with a grilled hamburger and hot dog cookout. My dad is truly an outstanding human being and even though I have been back in Spokane for 16 months now, I still don’t take these birthday celebrations for granted. Dad, thanks for your kindness, humility, and patience….we love you!

Just hanging with my dad tonight on his 64th birthday.

Chuck E. Cheese Summer Fun – Back in April I wrote about how much fun Sloan and I were having at Chuck E. Cheese. Since then we have continued to go nuts at the entertainment center but we took a big step up this past weekend. Sloan, Beau, and I took advantage of a break in the wedding festivities and went to Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday morning. It was at that time that we signed up for the Summer Fun Pass. For $40 we secured Sloan 30 minutes of unlimited play every week up through September 1. For signing up we also received free pizza, free sodas, and 100 tickets. The best part about Saturday’s visit was that Sloan actually got up on stage with Chucky for a photo, something she was reluctant to do until just this past weekend.

Sloan posing for a photo with Chuck E. Cheese.

IHOP Value – If you are looking for an inexpensive restaurant to take your family for dinner, try IHOP. Sid, the kids, and I went to our Spokane Valley location last night. There are some good deals to take advantage of. First, kids eat free from 4 – 10 p.m. Additionally, they have a $6 happy hour menu with entrees like burgers, chicken sandwiches, ham and cheese omelettes, pancakes, and much more. All of these meals come with sides too. Do keep in mind that if you purchase the $6 meals, your kids don’t eat free (so one or the other). Portions are good and food is decent.

Sloan at IHOP about ready to eat her cupcake pancake. Beau is also visible as he is about to dig into his chicken and waffle.

Swim Night – I can’t think of a more wholesome summer activity than family night at the city pool. Earlier this week, the four of us went to Liberty Aquatic Center for its 6:30-8:30 p.m. open swim. The City of Spokane has made all of its public pools free and open to the public so it is a great opportunity for everyone. Back in my day, the city pools were pretty unimaginative, but over time they have transitioned from giant bathtubs to true aquatic centers with slides, whirlpools, splash pads, and more. Sloan and Beau had a really nice time.

Sid, Sloan, and Beau enter the pool for open swim at Liberty Aquatic Center.

Best Man Full Circle – What an honor it was to be Glen’s best man. From standing next to him when he said his vows to signing the marriage certificate to delivering a speech on his behalf, it sure was special. With the wedding now complete but the amazing experience still fresh in my mind, it was kind of ironic that I wrote this blog post exactly two years ago today about Glen asking me to be his best man. When he asked me I had no idea how long I would have to wait to serve in the role (he didn’t either!) but it sure was worth it. Glen “popped the question” in a very unique fashion, one which can’t be explained in a Thursday Rundown, so you need to actually read the post. Have fun!

Glen asked me to be his best man in a very unique way


Okay, please excuse me while I continue to celebrate my dad’s birthday. I will be out on vacation next week so if you don’t hear from me over the weekend I will catch back up with you in mid-July. Don’t Blink.

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