Saving Your Popcorn for the Movie

As I recently mentioned, I read the comics from time to time

When I read the Blondie comic strip this morning, I immediately related to it.

When I read the Blondie comic strip this morning, I immediately related to it.

I couldn’t help but laugh at this morning’s Blondie strip. I am sure most all of us have been here before. You go to the movies and happen to arrive in the theater right before the film is supposed to start. Of course that means that if you found your seat at 8:59 p.m. for a 9 p.m. movie, the feature presentation won’t begin until 9:15 p.m. or later. In this day and age of previews and commercials, a movie start time is basically a big joke.

So, what do you do during the drawn out “upcoming attractions” marathon? You rip open your box of Milk Duds, grab handfuls from your popcorn tub, and down your Pibb Xtra! By the time the cheesy PSA plays asking everyone to turn off cell phones and practice common courtesy, you have already consumed your refreshments. Unless you do have free refills on popcorn and soda like Dagwood (character from Blondie), it is a little depressing.

I would face this conundrum outside of the theater also. I used to have a bad nightly habit of serving myself up a bowl of ice cream while watching whatever movie I rented that particular evening. As I was on a massive Red Box kick for a couple years, I would have to watch previews. Similar to my theater experience, I would polish off my ice cream by the time the opening credits rolled. Again, the empty feeling of not having a special treat to munch on while the actual movie played hit me pretty hard.

This sense of low key failure started to “eat” away at me. One day I made a personal change and told myself I would no longer indulge in movie treats until the previews finished. It was a lifestyle alteration that has proved positive for three main reasons:

1. I now get to enjoy food and drink while the actual movie is playing
2. The temptation and torture of smelling fresh popcorn while it sits on your lap for 20 minutes makes it so much more delicious and gratifying once you finally get to dig in.
3. It decreases the likelihood that you will overeat or pay more money on additional concession items.

But while I approve of my small stab at discipline, Sidney doesn’t so much. While she sees where I am coming from, she doesn’t necessarily understand why I allow my ice cream to practically melt to the consistency of liquid just so I can hold out until the movie starts. Furthermore, it isn’t all that fun eating something by yourself when it was meant for your partner as well. I guess she doesn’t accept my explanation that I am just giving her a head start on the popcorn and soda.

Do you save your junk food for when the movie actually starts? Or do you just dig right in? I would be interested in hearing from you. Just remember that no matter what, always put some extra butter on that popcorn. Don’t Blink.

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