Getting So Old Thursday Rundown

It is the last Thursday Rundown of September so that means I have to make it extra special. Wait, how would I do that? Never mind. Let’s just get started with tonight’s five topics…

All About Beau – For our son’s Pre-K3 class, he was sent home a little bit of homework. “He” was tasked with filling in an “All About Me” sheet. Sidney and I worked together to get this done. When it came to his favorite animal he answered with “koala” but Sidney decided to do some additional prodding because he was watching a show on koalas at the time. He reversed course and replied with “dog,” an answer that made his mama very happy since she desperately wants one. You can see below for the other answers he gave.

This was Beau’s “All About Me” sheet.

The Big 3 – From time to time I like to share updated photos of the grown up Reser kids together. This latest image comes from last weekend’s wedding in La Grande. There is no stopping Father Time…we keep getting older 😱

A photo of the three of us siblings on Saturday, September 23, 2023 (happy birthday, Glen!).

Mass at Our Lady of the Valley – No matter where we might be on any given weekend, our family makes it a priority above all else to attend mass. Before we left Oregon last weekend, we worshiped at Our Lady of the Valley in La Grande. The current church was built in 1915 and the 108-year old building is beautiful. A soothing blue color is the background for a magnificent altar. Thanks to Fr. Noby Thomas for welcoming us.

We attended mass at Our Lady of the Valley on September 24, 2023.

John Sutherland – Yesterday evening after work finished up for me in Pullman, I had the honor of attending the retirement reception of longtime WSU marketing professional John Sutherland. He devoted more than 30 years to Washington State and served under five different university presidents during that time. It was a privilege to sit with John on our University Marketing and Communications leadership team over the past couple years and soak in his knowledge. Our colleague Jon Bickelhaupt designed this pretty rad baseball card to commemorate his career. Wishing John and his wife plenty of happiness in retirement!

John Sutherland had a long and distinguished career in higher education.

College Gameday Memory – This week marks the ninth anniversary of when Sidney and I attended ESPN College Gameday on the University of South Carolina campus. It was an awesome experience to see a show in-person that I had watched for so long. I had the opportunity to hear Lee Corso go nuts, watch my favorite country artist perform live, and even take a photo with the guy who was waving Ol’ Crimson that day. As I look back on that Saturday morning nine years ago, I am satisfied that College Gameday has expanded its horizons. Since that day in Columbia, Gameday has since done shows at Coastal Carolina University, Washington State University, and in Bozeman for Griz-Cat. I am happy that many of my friends and colleagues have also had the chance to experience the magic of Gameday.

Follow the arrow…that is me during the 9-27-14 College Gameday broadcast.


To be honest, I think I missed the mark when I said in the opening paragraph that I would make this post extra special. It seems like this Thursday Rundown was pretty much like all the others. But that is what you come for, right? Thanks for putting up with me. Don’t Blink.

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