Tips to Sleep Well

If you are a blogger like myself and want a good idea every once and a while, read Parade Magazine. This Sunday newspaper insert has more than once given me ideas on what to write my blog post on for Don’t Blink.

Take today for example. I was reading the cover story, “Going to Sleep with Arianna Huffington,” and glanced at the article’s sidebar. It contained Huffington’s top six tips for falling asleep quicker while also enjoying a more fulfilling slumber. I read each of her pointers and really didn’t agree with them all. In order to set Arianna straight, I thought I would offer my own tips for falling asleep quicker. Instead of offering a list with a puzzling number of items (who makes a list of six?), I will keep it at five.

1. Read In Bed – Nothing is more relaxing or therapeutic than reading in bed. Not only will it keep your mind sharp and make you feel comfortable, it will also eventually put you to sleep. Many times I have put my book down and turned off the light only to fall asleep instantaneously; other times I have fallen asleep with the book still on me!

2. Freezer Room – I love sleeping with it freezing in my room! I turn on the air conditioning and also have my ceiling fan running. I then retreat under the covers. I like the combination of an ice box room with the comfort of warm covers to balance it all out.

3. Sweet Aroma – Before I jump into bed, I like to spray my favorite air freshener in my room. I equate my favorite Glade spray with familiarity and happiness (not to mention I love the smell), so by pumping out a few sprays, I feel content and safe while snuggling into bed.

4. Good Night Texts – Usually right before I start reading, I like to send out good night texts to my loved ones. By doing this, it provides me with some closure at the end of the day, thus allowing me to sleep better. Sometimes I will get replies while I am reading and sometimes I will wake up the next morning to them. It is a reflective exercise, one that lets others know you care about them while also putting you in a great state of mind to get some ZZZZZZs.

5. Work Hard, Sleep Hard – Of course the absolute best way to get a solid night’s rest is to rise early in the morning and work hard the whole way through. Live each of your days as if you must earn your sleep come the end of the night. Going to bed exhausted is always the best practice.


 Perhaps some of you might be shaking your head at my advice considering the source. I am after all the king of the four-hour per night sleep schedule whose motto happens to be “Don’t Blink.” But take this post as you will, I am sure it will help you as well. Sleep well tonight. Don’t Blink.

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