Sour Patch Thursday Rundown

Hopefully your month started off with plenty of May flowers. If not, hang in there, we still have four weeks left. But while you might have to wait for flowers, there is no delay with my latest Thursday Rundown. Let’s get started with tonight’s five topics…

Anyone But You – Sidney and I recently watched a romantic comedy called “Anyone But You.” We couldn’t resist as the film was #1 on Netflix and the leading female role was played by Spokane native Sydney Sweeney. There has been a big buzz about Sweeney lately and we wanted to give her our support. Well, the film wasn’t anything special. I did laugh throughout the 1 hour, 44 minute runtime but I found it predictable and corny. Definitely not something I would watch twice.

I was pretty indifferent to “Anyone But You.”

Sour Patch Oreos – It has been a recurring topic to analyze different Oreo flavors with some special colleagues from work. So, when I learned yesterday that Nabisco plans to release a Sour Patch Kids cookie I naturally sent them the link. I am not a “sour” person so I don’t think the treat will be my thing but I will still gladly try them because let’s get real—this blogger isn’t going to say “no” to the most audacious Oreo flavor he has ever heard of to date. The cookie hits shelves May 6.

Doesn’t sound good, but I would definitely try a Sour Patch Oreo cookie.

Kong vs. Godzilla – Last night, we read a book called “King Kong’s Cousin.” It told the story of Junior, a meeker ape who lived in the shadow of his celebrity cousin. But as I was reading it, I realized I should have found a book about Godzilla. Why? Even though I will take King Kong over the lizard all day, this year marks the 70th anniversary of Godzilla. I have fond memories of checking out books in my elementary school library about Godzilla and after so much anticipation I remember watching the 1998 film.

“King Kong’s Cousin” by Mark Teague was a pretty simple book.

Random Throwback – This photo was taken three years ago on May 2, 2021. It made me think, my kids are growing up too fast! The image was captured in my parents’ front lawn after the ice cream truck made a stop through the neighborhood. Beau appears to be working on his basketball skills. Although you can’t see the hoop, I plan to write about it during the summer as it is celebrating a milestone year. I bet you are all so excited for an entire blog post dedicated to my parents’ basketball hoop.

Beau and Sloan hanging out on May 2, 2021.

Costco Top Items – Yesterday was the 10-year anniversary of my Top Five Things I Buy At Costco blog post. I was very intrigued to read it and compare the items to what Sidney and I buy in present day. Well, the one item that hasn’t changed one bit from my 2014 list is the Costco muffin. I am semi-obsessed with Coscto muffins and I know for a fact that the item will be on my list in 2034 too. I laughed at my final item on the list—a hot dog from the food stand. At the time of the post, I remarked on how affordable a Costco dog was at only $1.50. It is good to know that some things don’t change. Despite inflation and prices going up on seemingly everything, a Costco dog on May 2, 2024, is still just $1.50.

Me with Costco Apple Crumb muffins in 2014.


That will wrap things up for tonight. Wishing all WSU students a wonderful commencement weekend! Don’t Blink.

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