Aunt Nancy Thursday Rundown

Tonight I offer up another Thursday Rundown although I do it in a more somber tone as we continue to come to grips with the passing of my Aunt Nancy. Here we go…

#1 Fan – With the loss of Aunt Nancy, Don’t Blink also lost its top fan. As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, Nancy supported me in every pursuit and that support extended to my blog. She read every entry, engaged with the social media post promoting each new post, and many times commented. She provided motivation to write and even if a post was going to totally bomb I always knew that I would get at least one view.

My Aunt Nancy was a big supporter of my blog

End of A Dollar Tree Era – A couple days ago, Sloan and I had to run to the Dollar Tree. When we walked in, we immediately realized that something we knew would happen but secretly hoped that it wouldn’t had taken effect. The Dollar Tree is now the $1.25 Tree. Most items in the store had been marked up by a quarter. I warned about the price hike in a blog post from last September, but when I saw that the change wasn’t immediate on January 1 I hoped that maybe the decision was reversed. Well, it wasn’t. I think this might be a game changer for a lot of people. The increase now makes many products more expensive than what you can purchase at Walmart.

I took this photo during our Tuesday Dollar Tree run. Major price hike!

Blondies – Over the weekend I messed around and made blonde brownies. I was inspired by an article in the Spokesman-Review that paid tribute to the blonde brownie and accompanied the ode with a recipe. They turned out well and we used them for delicious blonde brownie sundaes over the course of a couple nights.

My blonde brownies turned out pretty tasty.

The Invisible String – Last night, Sloan and I read a book called “The Invisible String.” The story is recommended for people who are grieving and uses the concept of an invisible string to show how we are all connected. The string is a metaphor for love and shows us that no matter how far we are apart from someone, love can bridge all distances. I highly recommend it.

We checked out “The Invisible String” from the library and read it last night.

Birth Announcement – Someone has a birthday tomorrow! If you need a hint, just read the birth announcement below that hit the papers approximately 30 years ago.

What a beautiful birth announcement!


Thanks for reading. Please keep my Aunt Nancy in your prayers. May eternal rest be grant unto her. Don’t Blink.

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