Sweet Child O’ Mine Thursday Rundown

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Hopefully your May is off to a fantastic start. I think I have a handful of topics to cover so let’s get to it…

May The Fourth Be With You – I am not a Star Wars fan but I couldn’t turn a blind eye to the display we saw last night. While at Sloan’s t-ball game, a house across the street from the field was decked out for May 4. Although it took some courage from Beau before I was finally able to get him close to the lawn, he was ultimately impressed by the lineup of inflatables.

Beau admiring the house that went bonkers for Star Wars Day.

S!@#$% Brownies – Last week, my brother made brownies with a pretty scandalous name unfit to print in a family blog like this one. But while the name is indecent the taste definitely isn’t. S!@#$% Brownies consist of a cookie dough layer, Oreo cookie layer, and brownie layer. They were so good that Sidney decided to make them this week and they were just as delicious. If you are looking for a rich, heavy dessert that will leave you satisfied, give S!@#$% Brownies a try. If you want a brownie that is a little lighter, you can try my blonde brownies.

An up close look at a S!@#$% Brownie from the batch that Sid made earlier this week.

Sweet Child O’ Mine – I always like to share some of the creative books we read each night and I sure have one for this week. Guns N’ Roses made a picture-book interpretation of its iconic song “Sweet Child O Mine.” The book is literally composed of the song lyrics verbatim with Axl Roses’s daughters serving as the main characters. I read the book for the first time to Sloan in a sing-song manner and then I let Alexa play the song and we followed along with the book. What can I say? Sloan is now very familiar with the song “Sweet Child of Mine” and she actually likes it.

Sloan holding the “Sweet Child O’ Mine” children’s book we checked out at the library.

Fr. Stu – Sidney and I had the rare opportunity to visit the movie theater recently as we watched Mark Wahlberg’s new film “Fr. Stu.” For two weeks now I have desperately wanted to see the film and I was so happy to get the chance. The movie is a true story about a rough-around-the-edges guy who dabbled in boxing, acting, and plenty of booze before meeting a special girl. They started dating and her faith influenced Stu so much that he converted to Catholicism. After a near death motorcycle accident, Stu decides to end the relationship and begin the process of becoming a priest. The journey that unfolds from that point will blow you away. Mark Wahlberg, who is a devout Catholic in real life, gives an awesome performance! One final thing: Fr. Kevin Oiland, one of the two priests who leads our Young Adult Catholic Group, actually went to seminary with Fr. Stu! Go see the movie!

Our tickets for Fr. Stu.

Derby – The Kentucky Derby is this weekend. Although I don’t get too excited about horse racing, I do miss the epic derby parties that my friend Lindsi (the one who provides me with all the memes) would throw when we lived in Myrtle Beach. Having worked for the Kentucky Derby, Lindsi brought that genuine Churchill Downs pageantry and enthusiasm to her parties. It also gave me an excuse to dress up in some crazy outfits!

Sidney and I in our 2019 Kentucky Derby costumes.


With all that said, it is time for me to sign off. Make sure to properly celebrate and thank all those mothers out there this weekend. Don’t Blink.

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