Sid Finally Turns 30

The day has finally come. Out of all the siblings and spouses on both sides of our families, Sidney is the youngest. She flaunts this fact all the time and while today won’t stop her from continuing to do so, she loses a great deal of leverage. Welcome to your 30s, dear.

Before Sid’s milestone birthday today, she relished that most of us are well into our 30s with some even pushing close to 40 (you all know who you are). She latched onto the twilight years of her 20s and wasn’t afraid to throw it in our faces. Well, no more! Sid, you are officially old.

In all seriousness, I hope Sid moves into this new decade with some of the momentum she generated from her last decade. The other day we were reflecting on how fruitful her 20s really were. She traveled Europe, started a teaching career, got married, had two kids, and moved across the country. Not a bad 10 years, right? I am betting her 30s will be just as prosperous.

I want to wish a special 30th birthday to my wife.

Sidney deserves plenty of joy today. It has been kind of a rough start to 2022. Among other things, COVID ran its course through our family and we are reeling from Nancy’s death. I am looking forward to truly celebrating this milestone birthday of Sid’s and seeing a big grin across her face, at least for today.

Sidney, as Nancy would famously say in her signature birthday salutation, enjoy “your” day. I love you and am excited to see what your 30s bring. Don’t Blink.

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