Similar Attitude for 2022 Winter Olympics

You may or may not know this, but guess what?…

The Winter Olympics start this week. On Friday, the Opening Ceremony will take place in Beijing’s Bird Nest. The whole world, or at least the select few countries that actually compete in the winter games, will tune in for this monumental event.

The 2022 Winter Olympics will start this week. As usual, I am not overly excited.

My apologies for the sarcasm. But if you have followed this blog post over the years, you know I am rather ho-hum about the Winter Olympics. I have a ton of reasons for this attitude but the bottom line is that they just fail to capture my attention like the Summer Olympics. When you compare the winter games to the summer games, the former does not deliver the same importance, diversity, and energy as the latter.

This year, I think the Winter Olympics might lack even more hype than previous games. With the blockbuster Tokyo Summer Olympics taking place just six months ago and with this year’s Winter Olympics returning to Beijing just 14 years after the city hosted the Summer Olympics, I am finding it hard to turn up the enthusiasm level. Plus, the stands will once again be sparse as efforts to contain the spread of COVID continue.

To put it bluntly, I am looking more forward to Celebrity Big Brother than I am to the 2022 Winter Olympics. But I am doing my best not to throw in the towel completely. I want to give Sloan the chance to enjoy them. We had so much fun watching and learning about the Olympics this past summer that I don’t want to close the door on doing the same over the next few weeks. Though, at this point, my heart just is not in it.

I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised and will try my best to keep an open mind. Despite my lackluster enthusiasm, I do hope for a peaceful and smooth Winter Olympics for everyone involved. Don’t Blink.

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