Not Pumped For PyeongChang

Knowing that it isn’t my favorite, Sidney aimed to get a little more specific earlier this weekend when she asked me the following:

“Why don’t you like the Winter Olympics?”

To be honest, it isn’t that I necessarily don’t like the Winter Olympics per se, but they just pale so much in comparison to the Summer Olympics. I won’t get into the specifics because I have written about this at length many different times over the years. But, in general, the winter games just lack the diversity and history of the summer version. With fewer than 100 years of history under its belt (the winter games didn’t start until 1924!) the Winter Olympics offer significantly less countries, less sports, and less athletes than its summer counterpart. To me, an Olympiad that is made up of only seven sports and represents just a small fraction of the globe does not deserve my full and undivided attention.

The Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics just don’t even compare.

However, some years I do find myself getting more excited for the winter games than usual. Unfortunately, this is not the case for the 2018 Winter Olympics. With this year’s edition in PyeongChang, a country that is 14 hours ahead of Myrtle Beach time, the delayed coverage will once again make the games seem out of touch. The buzz leading into the games is dramatically lacking as well. These games seem to lack star power and, with the exception of North Korean and South Korea displaying unity, there isn’t a juicy controversy to grab our interest. Perhaps most depressing of all, Bob Costas won’t even be hosting this year’s games.

Of course, there are some positives. This will be Sloan’s first Olympics. Also, if Sidney and I have just a quarter of the amount of fun we had watching the 2016 games, we will have some enjoyable nights together in front of the TV. And, just because the winter games mean significantly less on a global scale than the summer games do, we will still get to hear that powerful Olympic theme music over and over. Lastly, I will always eat up the pageantry of the opening and closing ceremonies.

Sorry to be a downer. Don’t get me wrong, I will still watch the Winter Olympics over the next two and a half weeks. But don’t get too bent out of shape if I admit that I am more excited for Celebrity Big Brother than I am about the skiing and curling in PyeongChang. Don’t Blink.

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