A Super Thursday Rundown

It has been a crazy week at our household with illnesses and weird schedules. I hope everyone else is staying away from the flu and stomach virus and entering February with a clean bill of health. Let’s get started with the Thursday Rundown…

Custom Ring – The company called HeidiJHale spent A LOT of money on Facebook advertising during the holiday season because it seemed like every girl in the country was served the ad for its handwritten rings over the course of December. Well, HeidiJHale managed to find Sidney’s iPhone as well because it wasn’t long before she told me she wanted one of the rings. The inscription she wanted? Don’t Blink. How sweet is that?! The fact that she wanted my motto on a piece of jewelry genuinely touched me. Although I didn’t purchase the ring for Christmas, I did for her birthday. You write the inscription you want on a piece of paper, take a photo of it, upload it on the company’s website, and choose a ring size. Below is how it turned out.

I did an awful job at minimizing the shadows but this is Sid’s ring on her finger.

February – Usually you will see me write “I love the month of _________ because…”. I can’t say the same about February. Probably my least favorite month on the calendar, I usually say the only redeeming quality about February is that it is short. But as I wrote two years ago, I need to do a better job at being optimistic about this time of the year. With that said, I am ready to take on this month. Over the next four weeks I will look forward to watching the Super Bowl, seeing a former co-worker from Montana, going on a special weekend trip with Sid to Charlotte, beginning the holy season of Lent, and trying to be the best dad possible to Sloan.

Soda Review – This past weekend, I made the $1 impulse purchase at Walmart Market and brought home Mt. Dew ICE. The description reads “lemon lime flavored soda with a splash of juice.” Can’t say the lemon lime part was a lie but I could detect absolutely no taste of fruit juice. Other than just capitalizing on the Mt. Dew brand, I have no idea why it isn’t called Sierra Mist ICE. The soda tastes identical to Mist or Sprite. In fact, there is less of a Mt. Dew taste than there is a juice taste. Even though it is just a glorified lemon lime soda, it still wasn’t terrible to drink.

This is Mt. Dew ICE but it should be called Sierra Mist ICE.

Super Bowl LII – The major question of this Super Bowl is not whether Philadelphia can upset New England but whether how much of the game Sloan will actually let me watch. Just kidding. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I hope the Eagles spoil Tom Brady’s quest for another ring. To be honest, I didn’t watch the NFL this season but will be tuning in for the big game and for the entertainment that surrounds it on Sunday. I will watch from the comfort of my own home, most likely surrounded by junk food. Oh, by the way, I still think the Super Bowl should be played on Saturday.

Sloan at 46 Weeks – As many of you know, it has been a tough week for Sloan. She battled a stomach virus over the weekend and has used the week to heal as the sickness did a number on her little stomach. I was convinced that this was the week she would walk and learn to read but her illness put those aspirations on hold. At 46 weeks old, she has just 44 days left in her first year.

This is Sloan’s 46-week photo collage.


Have a great weekend, everyone. Enjoy the game and I will catch up with you soon. Don’t Blink.

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  1. I’ll have to say I liked the MTD Ice! It’s exactly the drink I have been looking for a clear soda with caffeine, that’s what makes it different than Sierra Mist or Sprite… genius idea in my opinion!

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