Why I Think the Super Bowl Should be Moved to Saturday

In writing this, I have no intention whatsoever to bash on the storied tradition of the Super Bowl. Rather, I just want to throw out a suggestion and see if anyone else might be in agreement. I have the utmost respect for what the Super Bowl has become and I don’t want my idea to be taken the wrong way.

Okay, here it goes…

What do you think about moving the Super Bowl to Saturday?

I know that is very bold. I realize the big day is called Super Bowl Sunday. I know what I am saying must feel like a slap in the face to the 49-year-old game. But my friends, I am serious. By all accounts, the Super Bowl has become a glorified holiday. In fact, I would argue that it has become a date that is celebrated and revered by more people than several other actual holidays on the American calendar. But you might ask, why does this matter? Let me explain.

Like I said, millions of people in the country celebrate the Super Bowl, and when I say “celebrate,” you all know what I mean. Football fans and non-football fans alike go crazy eating, drinking, and cheering while becoming emotionally invested in the game. After the game concludes, many are spent. Once the excitement, despair, and/or buzz dies down we all come to the sobering reality that we have to work or go to school the next day. What a letdown.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Some slackers might push for the Monday after the Super Bowl to be declared a federal holiday but in no way would I advocate for something silly like that. Instead, I am just asking that the NFL considers moving the game to Saturday. Besides, no longer is Sunday sacred for the NFL anymore. The league plays games during the regular season on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Two rounds of the playoffs games are played on Saturdays as well. With a long two weeks between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl, moving the game forward one day means nothing in terms of rest and preparation.

To be honest, I had not thought of this idea until this season. With my Seattle Seahawks once again playing in the Super Bowl it would be nice to not worry about working out and going to work the next day. I exert a lot of energy and take on a lot of stress while rooting for them. But the main reason why this idea struck me is because this will be the first Super Bowl I watch on the east coast. The game doesn’t kickoff out here until 6:30 p.m. With the long length of the NFL’s premiere game combined with the expectations put on American citizens to have a lot of fun during it, the potential to not put yourself in the best shape for Monday morning is strong.

I didn’t do any research before writing this post so I am sure that there are probably 283 reasons why the Super Bowl must be played on Sunday. However, in a perfect world I think it would be a good change to make. I definitely think it would make fans more interested in the game and it would be better for the economy. Without worrying about the looming work week, folks would be in higher spirits to watch the game the whole way through while also fully indulging in good food and drink.

This Super Bowl Sunday will be low key for me when it comes to the drinks and chicken wings. Getting a good workout in at 6 a.m. on Monday as well as being on the top of my game for the work day is too important to me. So yes, physically I will be 100%. I know emotionally it will be a different story, though. Instead of being even keel, I will most likely be on a high or a low depending on how things go down in Glendale. I can only hope that maybe in the future I won’t have to worry about my physical or emotional state the next day…here is my vote for a Super Bowl Saturday. Don’t Blink.

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