From April to May

So how did April treat you? As we approach this month’s conclusion, it is worth noting that 1/3 of 2024 is just about in the books. Good time to reflect on goals, right?

I have been honest that April isn’t my favorite month. Although I don’t dislike it, it wouldn’t crack the top half of my preferred months. But it definitely has some good things going for it.

When I look at April 2024, I think of it as the kickoff to a busy three-month stretch. Both our kids started sports that in turn sacrificed most days of our week to practices and games. This has resulted in us logging lots of miles as we travel to different schools (competition sites) while eating many meals on the run. But the hecticness is worth it as Sloan continues to improve at soccer and Beau is trying his hardest to learn the basics of t-ball.

Beau runs the bases during an April t-ball game.

The month started with spring break. Sid and I each had the opportunity to take some time off to spend with the kids. Our St. Mary community kept us busy with its fundraising gala, Family Faith Night, Springo Bingo, Knights of Columbus events, and more. Work was insane with some major announcements and high priority projects. At the same time, it also offered some lighter moments: I interviewed former Amazing Race contestant Alex Boylan who was on campus for the filming of WSU Pullman’s “College Tour” episode and I had the opportunity to treat our graduating interns to a celebratory/farewell lunch.

Sloan participates in an activity at St Mary’s April Family Faith Night.

And now we look forward to May, a month I always enjoy. I love spring in full bloom, Mother’s Day tributes, and commencement excitement. Personally, it will be even more busy for our family than April. Sports, school, and church activities will continue. Sidney and I will preside over another retreat for engaged couples and I will attend an internal work conference. Bloomsday, birthday parties, and baby showers are also all on tap. It will be fun!

So as we bridge the gap between April and May, I hope you find yourself in a good spot. Take some time to assess your 2024 thus far and prepare for an amazing month! Don’t Blink.

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