First Thursday Rundown of Summer 2023

Happy summer! It doesn’t get more glorious in the Inland Northwest than it will over the next couple months. So if you are fortunate enough to live in this little part of the country, all I have to say is enjoy. Here is tonight’s rundown…

Summer Plans – Since we are talking about summer, I thought I would share Sloan’s plan for the season with you. At school she completed the below “Surfing Into Summer” exercise. Sloan listed great summer activities like reading and swimming but she also listed something rather specific too. For whatever reason, she indicated her desire to go to Froyo Earth on July 3. Her time for hitting it up is even specific—10:20 (she didn’t specify a.m. or p.m. but it would have to be the latter as Froyo Earth is open 12 p.m. – 11 pm.). As long as Sloan is negotiable on that time and allows us to go earlier, I think this ice cream date can be arranged.

Take a gander at Sloan’s summer plans.

Father’s Day Gift – This weekend I will hit the streets of Downtown Spokane for Hoopfest. As I have practiced with my team for the tournament, I have suffered from awful cramps. My wife, always so thoughtful, got me the perfect Father’s Day gift that will hopefully allow me to play pain-free. The gift I opened this past Sunday was a bottle Theraworx Muscle Cramps Spray. I spray it on my calves before physical activity to prevent cramps and if I do experience cramping the product claims to relieve the pain if I apply it during an episode. Crossing my fingers that it works!

Sidney got me this muscle cramp spray for Father’s Day.

Baptism Photo – Recently, I wrote about a very special baptism. On June 11, Sidney and I became the godparents of Noble, the son of our good friends, Ryan and Allyson Andrade. On Tuesday, Allyson shared with us the photos from the beautiful morning. There are so many good ones that I would love to share but space is at a premium so here is one that shows the parents, godparents, Fr. Jeff Lewis, and most importantly, Noble 😊

What a memorable day this was. (l-r) Ryan Andrade, Allyson Andrade, Sidney Reser, Noble Andrade, Brent Reser, and St. Mary Catholic Church pastor Fr. Jeff Lewis. (photo courtesy of Rachael & Josh Photography)

Flamin’ Hot Stream – My streaming pick of the week can be found on Hulu and it tells a pretty intriguing story. “Flamin’ Hot” is a movie that centers on the guy who invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Richard Montanez was a Frito Lay janitor when he broke rank and managed to pitch his idea to the company’s CEO. Richard convinced the head boss that the Hispanic market needed something like spicy-flavored Cheetos and the rest is history. Or, fictitious history at least. Of course I did my research after the film and found that the storyline took tremendous liberties in the same way that “Cocaine Bear” did. Still, “Flamin’ Hot” was an inspirational comedy that provided 90 minutes of entertainment.

“Flamin’ Hot” covered a pretty interesting story about a unique product.

MYOB – I crossed this while mindlessly scrolling Twitter. Not a bad message, I know I am tempted to look over the fence from time to time. Luckily I haven’t been poked in the eye…yet.

This appeared on my Twitter feed.


And that shall do it for tonight. I am looking forward to a great weekend of basketball and I will offer more information about when/where our team is playing during tomorrow’s special Friday blog post.

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