A Bear Of A Thursday Rundown

If you came here for marijuana jokes you came to the wrong place. Yes, this humble blogger does recognize that it is 4-20 but you won’t see me…umm…celebrating? Okay, let’s get going with my latest Thursday Rundown…

Library Crafts – Most of you know that I am a fierce advocate and loyal customer of local libraries. Not only do you have unrivaled access to books, but the social and STEM-related opportunities that are offered make the library the perfect spot for families. An aspect of the library that Sloan enjoys is the craft table they have at the Spokane Valley County Library. Each time we visit, Sloan creates whatever featured craft is offered and always manages to do it much better than her daddy would. Last weekend she made the below spring-themed flower.

Sloan and Beau create art at the Spokane Valley Library. On the right is Sloan’s final product.

Sloan > Pyloric Stenosis – In a couple days, we will mark the sixth anniversary of Sloan’s successful corrective pyloric stenosis surgery. I have documented this traumatic event in Don’t Blink before (and with this video), but as a newborn Sloan could not keep her food down. Each time she ate something, she violently threw it up. In addition to his permanent spot in our nightly prayers, we send Sloan’ surgeon a note of thanks/update each April. This year, Sloan was able to write the card to Dr. Robert Cina herself. Thanks be to God for Sloan’s health!

This photo was taken on April 22, 2017. This was moments before Sloan went in for surgery at MUSC in Charleston, SC. Both of our parents were there for support.

Other Memories – I have a couple much less significant memories from this part of April that I documented in blog form. First, 11 years ago I got to meet Dierks Bentley. What a nice guy! It has been a pleasure to follow his incredible career since our meeting. Second, 8 years ago I completed an ice cream eating challenge. I surprised myself by both deciding to attempt it on AND by actually completing it. I got the t-shirt to prove it 😊

Dierks and ice cream. Not a bad combination.

Cocaine Bear – Last Sunday, Sidney and I sat down to watch “Cocaine Bear.” As the title suggests, the film is about a bear that ingests cocaine and goes on a rampage. I really liked the music throughout the movie and the genuine 1980s vibe that was conveyed, but overall I would give “Cocaine Bear” pretty low marks. Too unbelievable and subpar special effects for me. Sidney, on the other hand, liked the film more than I did. Perhaps I just have bad judgment on what constitutes a good movie because critics actually agreed with Sid. Yep, those who review movies for a living gave “Cocaine Bear” strong marks. Although I would tell you to pass, you can catch the film on Peacock.

I wasn’t impressed with “Cocaine Bear”

National Look-Alike Day – In addition to that other holiday, today is also National Look-Alike Day. Believe it or not, I have been told before that I resemble a couple celebrities. I am actually proud of my comparison to Russell Wilson. But my comparison to Dory? Not so much.

I would like to introduce you to my double, Russell Wilson.


That will wrap things up for this week’s rundown. Let’s pray for surgeons around the world that they might have steady hands, strong confidence, and compassionate care. Don’t Blink.

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