Don’t Blink’s Eighth Anniversary

Today marks the eighth anniversary that my blog has been on the world wide web––at least the Don’t Blink version hosted at On this special date last year, I wrote about how my first blog post was quite awkward. Part of me wants to do something a little more significant (such as an all-time favorite post countdown) to mark my blogging anniversary this year, but I thought better of it. The truth is that an eight-year anniversary is no more of a milestone than a seven-year anniversary. So, for at least this year and next, I will mark the date with some basic commentary.

Today is the eighth anniversary of my blog. It was been a pleasure.

Authoring a blog brings with it many benefits, especially after you have established yourself as a consistent writer over a few years. If you write a wide-ranging blog like this one, you get plenty of free stuff, connections with people all over the world, and exposure on different websites/social media channels. People will also know you before you meet them, bring up your latest post as a conversation starter, and suggest ideas for future blog posts.

The ability to market yourself is also an advantage of maintaining a blog. By doing so, you can optimize search engines favorably for your name, showcase the talents you have, and push initiatives or beliefs that are important to you. As a blogger, you control what you publish…the creative freedom is awesome.

Of course a blog is work. Those with half-assed intentions need not apply. Any blogger who has respect for what he is doing will feel the pressure to post regularly, think creatively, and connect with readers. A calendar is constantly in the head of a blogger with topics and release dates. Finding the time to write is usually reserved for early mornings and late nights. No matter how good the intentions, not every post will be a home run.

But every now and then, you hit a grand slam. A post you wrIte resonates not just with your regular readers but far beyond. You might write a piece that effortlessly garners thousands and thousands of views, appears on a Facebook page with over a million followers, or entices a journalist to reach out to you. Those are cool moments.

Sloan has given me inspiration numerous times for blog posts.

But hitting the grand slam was never the reason why I started Don’t Blink eight years ago. I simply did it because I wanted a digital space to organize my experiences, thoughts, and an opinion every now and then. It wasn’t primarily intended for friends, internet trolls, or the person on the other side of the world.

It was for me.

So as I sign off on my 1,639th blog post, I do it mostly for myself. But wait––I am not that egotistical. I also do it as inspiration for anyone else who is considering authoring a blog. Nowadays, vlogs and podcasts might trump this medium in the coolness factor, but never underestimate the power or sustainability of the written word. Thank you to my readers for eight great years. Don’t Blink.

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  1. I look forward nearly every day to what is on your mind. It was the ‘Carty’ coaching scandal that first introduced me to your thoughts, but your variety of subjects and masterful writing talent keeps me anticipating your next.

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