My Coming Out Party

I am officially throwing my hat into the blogging ring.

Most of you who know me will not be expecting much out of this blog. Good, you shouldn’t. If you do not appreciate my Twitter account ( ) , you will probably hate my blog. What I plan to do is expand on my tweets. This means many of my blog posts will pertain around two things:

1.       The things I am currently doing in my life


2.       Pop culture, mainly sports.

I have marginal writing skills. Sadly, those marginal writing skills have deteriorated over the two years since I have graduated from college. I apologize to everyone in advance for this. When I read the blogs of other people I always marvel at the tremendous voice they are able to express in their posts. Through time I hope my voice shines through just like some of the bloggers I admire. This, I hope, might help cover up my less than perfect writing skills.

My name is Brent and I am a 24 year old guy who lives in Missoula, Montana. I am lucky enough to work in an industry that I have an unwavering love for: Athletics. I serve as the Assistant Marketing Director for The University of Montana Intercollegiate Athletics. It is a position that I cherish and a position that I have learned so much from in the past two years. Besides sports, my interests include working out, traveling, eating/drinking, social media, reading, gambling (cards), and hiking to name just a few.

I would be perfectly content with this blog if no one ever looked at it and if it was just there for me to look back on and be able to reflect on my experiences and opinions. I am an avid journaler. I have filled many journals by writing an entry every single day religiously for the past 10 years of my life.  These journals have been so valuable to me in that they allow me to look back and have a record of my life. This is why I am now authoring a blog so I have an electronic version of my life/thoughts to look back on… cause you never know when a fire is going to destroy everything I own.

However, since I am putting my life/thoughts out on the internet for all to see, I am more than open for interaction with all of you regarding what I write. I encourage it.

Welcome to my blog everyone! It should be an interesting journey. Don’t Blink.

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