Cream Soda Thursday Rundown

Good evening everyone. I frequently say that the hardest part about the Thursday Rundown is writing the introduction. So, let’s kind of bypass it and just get started with tonight’s five topics…

In the Doghouse – Last Saturday, a play date was organized for a group of young children with CCU parents. Outside, the toddlers had a large backyard with several activities to engage with. Inside, there was a playroom and Playdoh station. What did they want to play with? The dog crate! The kids all conspired to climb inside and shut the gate. Should be a good picture in 20 years.

These #CCU little kids worked together to climb into the crate and slam the door.

The Best Remedy – I have suffered from canker sores my whole life. I even wrote about my problem and asked for remedies. Last week, I developed the most painful canker sore I have ever dealt with on the inside of my lip. Just when it started to heal, I developed approximately 10 smaller ones on my tongue. It was absolutely brutal. Earlier in the week I tried Orajel for the first time. It provided some relief but it wore off so fast. After my tongue outbreak, I tried Orajel mouthwash and it was incredible. Within a day of using it, the annoyance was gone. Where had this been all my life?! If you are prone to canker sores, I highly recommend Orajel mouthwash.

This Orajel mouthwash is the real deal!

The Derby – For three out of the past four years, Sidney and I have attended a Kentucky Derby party in full regalia. The gathering is organized by Lindsi Glass, our associate vice president for marketing and branding at CCU. Although Lindsi is a Chanticleer now, she used to do marketing for the Kentucky Derby before coming to South Carolina. She plans the bash way in advance and goes all out! From official Kentucky Derby plates to cigars to famous Derby drinks, the party has it all. This year was another great time and Sidney picked the winning horse…before he was disqualified. Serves her right for picking the favorite I guess.

Sidney and I in our 2019 Kentucky Derby costumes.

Smooth Taste – Cream soda. That is all. What do you think? Although it didn’t make my list of top five favorite sodas in a post I published two years ago, I have grown to really enjoy it. I find it pleasant to drink with a different taste from most other sodas. It goes down easy and has an old-fashioned vibe to it. Don’t think I am drinking the good stuff either…no A&W for me, it is all about Great Value. You can buy this stuff for cheaper than water and it hits the spot.

These Great Value cans of Cream Soda have been calling my name lately.

Ranky Tanky – What a way to close out my Thursday! Our campus invited nationally acclaimed band Ranky Tanky to perform a free outdoor concert on Prince Lawn and they delivered. I wish I could have stayed longer because the conditions were perfect for a May evening concert and the music was incredible. Ranky Tanky, a group that specializes in funk, is rising each day in profile. The band members recently appeared on the Today Show and are traveling all around the country. If this is the first time you are hearing about them, it won’t be the last.

Ranky Tanky filled the air with soulful music this evening. Wish I could have stayed for more!


We have another fun weekend on tap. After I finish working spring commencement ceremonies on Saturday morning (congrats to all #CCU grads), I will focus my attention on a party we are helping to throw for my sister-in-law and her fiancée. Hopefully we can do half the job that Lindsi does. Enjoy your evening my friends. Don’t Blink.

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