The Perfect Type of Mother’s Day Gift

You know what is coming this weekend, right?

Stop, don’t answer that, it was meant to be rhetorical. Of course we all know that Sunday is Mother’s Day. Aside from Easter and Christmas, I don’t know if there is a more necessary date on the calendar. Moms are absolutely invaluable and underappreciated. But don’t get me on my soapbox because I could go on and on (besides, I have written about this before, especially how it relates to one very special mom).

Some memories from Mother’s Day 2017.

This blog post is simply intended to steer you in the direction of how to show your appreciation to the moms in your life, especially those with young children.

For those husbands with wives who are mothers, sometimes it is tough to think of an original gift idea. With Christmas, her birthday, and even possibly an anniversary present (excluding Valentine’s Day because once you are married you don’t worry about that anymore), the pressure to get something unique for each one definitely exists. However, in my mind, a starting point is to identify the type of gift that is appropriate for each occasion. In my world, I think Christmas is great for a material gift (think jewelry, gadget), birthday is ideal for everyday items (clothes, sunglasses, etc.), and an anniversary is perfect for an experience that involves both husband and wife (fancy dinner, weekend away, etc.).

Mother’s Day fun in 2018.

But when it comes to Mother’s Day, I think you can never go wrong with a gift that allows your wife to have some time to herself. It only makes sense to use the day that honors all the hard work moms put forth to give something that encourages them to take a well-deserved break. Last year, I gave Sid a gift card to AR Workshop, a place that lets customers make custom home décor pieces. The amount on the card allowed her to bring a friend as well. When she decided to use it, I took care of Sloan for the night and Sid went out and had a great time with no worries or distractions. With all of these DIY places that now exist, you have a wide variety of options to empower your wife to express her artistic side. A free pedicure is also a go-to gift that your wife will be grateful for. Or think about salon credit for a haircut or a ticket to an upcoming wine tasting event. Speaking of tickets, get her one for a concert that she has interest in attending with friends or perhaps even a play she wants to see (but you don’t).

Sidney and Sloan holding the lazy Susan that was made at AR Workshop. Sid did a wonderful job!

The key is to let your significant other use the gift whenever she wants and to be excited for her to enjoy it. Show interest in her “night out” and ask her to send a photo of her having fun. Whatever you do, don’t bother her when she is doing the activity and give her no concern for the care of her child(ren).

Gifts focused on experiences for moms to enjoy without the whole clan make perfect Mother’s Day gifts. If you go in that direction this year, you won’t be botching it. Don’t Blink.

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