Suffering from Canker Sores

Growing up I didn’t battle asthma or pneumonia. I didn’t suffer long bouts of illness nor stay in the hospital for an extended period. I never broke a bone and I never came down with anything that puzzled doctors. As a kid, I just had one minor inconvenience: canker sores.

Unfortunately for me, I still have them as an adult.

Obviously, if you had to choose any ailment to be plagued with, a canker sore problem is probably the way to go. They don’t stay around too long, they aren’t contagious, and they don’t force you to miss school or work. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly annoying.

Canker sores cause discomfort in your mouth. I get them on my tongue and around the inside of my cheek. To the naked eye they only look like a tiny white speck but they pack a punch!

 I call them annoying because you always know when you have one. Just sitting here on my couch right now I am cursing the current sore I have on the tip of my tongue. They are bothersome. It just isn’t an irritation when you eat or drink, the sting of a canker sore is constantly there. I forget about whatever current sore I have when I go to bed only to be reminded the minute I wake up.

When it comes to canker sore remedies, I still do the hack my parents advised me to do growing up: gargle with Listerine. It is just like putting salt on a wound. It stings like heck at first but then provides relief. However, that relief doesn’t take long to dissipate.

I want to go beyond Listerine. Tonight, I am asking for your canker sore remedies. Yes, I understand that I can look at a million different ones by searching Google. However, I have always found that the advice I receive from my readers and social media audience is always more specific and helpful than what I find on the internet. Are you in the Canker Sore Club with me? If so, you have my sympathy. You also have my ear because I want to hear what you do to make your mouth more comfortable. Don’t Blink.

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