New Era Thursday Rundown

What a beautiful week it has been! By far the best in 2019 thus far, we have enjoyed temperatures in the upper 70s and lower 80s the past several days. If you haven’t had favorable weather conditions in your neck of the woods, cheer up; the Thursday Rundown is coming your way…

The County Fair – Yesterday evening, Sidney, Sloan, and I spent a couple hours at the Horry County Fair. We ventured out to the Myrtle Beach Speedway (location of the fair) after a generous invite from Sloan’s friend, Riley, and her mom. We arrived when it was still light out and stayed until night fell. We had a nice time walking through the carnival and feeding the animals in the petting zoo. But let’s be real here – the best part was the food! We ate foot long corn dogs and devoured a delicious funnel cake. We came home pretty dirty after stomping around on the dusty grounds but it was worth it.

We sure enjoyed ourselves at the Horry County Fair last night.

New Era of Gift Cards – You used to only be able to purchase a gift card to a single place. Then you were able to purchase a gift card that would be valid at multiple restaurants under the same parent company. Now something even greater has arrived! A couple months ago while at Kroger, I noticed gift cards that are good at restaurants, stores, and entertainment centers. They are grouped according to what certain demographics would appreciate. For example, the “Happy Student” card has Burger King, Dell, Bed Bath & Beyond, American Eagle, and JCPenney on it. The “Happy Her” has Panera, Macy’s, Ulta, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sephora, Cheesecake Factory, Express, Under Armour, and more. “Happy Teen” has Panera, Dave & Buster’s, Barnes & Noble, American Eagl, Regal Cinemas, Jumba Juice, and more. The cards don’t stop there – “Happy Eats,” “Happy Dining,” “Happy Moments,” “Happy Bride,” and “Happy Guy” are all options as well. These are all really fun and you are in total control of how much money you want to put on them.

These gift cards are fun and very useful.

Now That’s a Bit of a Stretch – Mellow Mushroom is a fabulous gourmet casual pizza chain in the Southeast. It is so yummy that one time I was in Spokane, a stranger connected with me by saying her best memory while visiting the South was dining at a Mellow Mushroom. But the company is as much known for its pizza as its humor. No matter what location you are at, you will usually find something witty or clever on the marquee. The one I recently saw below takes the cake! The North Myrtle Beach Mellow Mushroom made this completely illogical inference but it sure made me laugh…well done.

This had me laughing. Nice try, but I don’t think beer can qualify as salad.

New Shades – Sidney admits to being a sunglasses brat. She doesn’t understand someone like me who is happy with a $5 pair of knockoff shades. My wife is doing her best to pass on her taste for premium sunglasses to Sloan. Last week, she purchased Sloan the exact same pair that she has! Much smaller and less expensive than Sid’s, I sure think they look cute on her (and Sloan loves them!).

Sloan loves her sunglasses that match mommy’s!

15 and Counting  I know many of my readers were wondering when I would finally break my silence on Jeopardy champion James Holtzhauer. Well, since he surpassed the $1M mark this week, I guess the time has come. As an avid Jeopardy fan, I have watched all 15 victories of his unprecedented run and I am impressed. He is something special and seems absolutely unbeatable. Do I want to see him continue to dominate? Hardly! James, much like Arthur Chu and Austin Rogers, rubs me the wrong way. Just a little too sure of himself and smug for my taste. I better get over it because he is poised to be on the show for a long time. Some brainiac will have to catch James on an off night where he incorrectly answers every Daily Double and misses Final Jeopardy just to have a chance. Stay tuned.

Jeopardy champ James Holzhauer is not my favorite contestant.


This is the last free weekend that Sidney and I have for what seems like until August. We hope to relax and enjoy our little girl. Thanks for reading. Don’t Blink.

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