Old Formula Thursday Rundown

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Eve to everyone! Before we celebrate the kickoff of summer, let me present to you my latest Thursday Rundown.

Another Funny, But Faulty, Comparison – A month ago, I shared a message on a marquee from a Myrtle Beach restaurant that tried to argue that beer qualifies as salad. Believe it or not, another local eatery is making a similar audacious (and hilarious) claim. The Sneaky Beagle, a restaurant I recently wrote about, posted the below image on social media of a sandwich board located at its front entrance. Could you imagine satisfying your daily servings of fruits and vegetables by drinking a pint of beer and a glass of wine?

Come on, you got to see the humor in this, right?

An Odd Combo – Sloan insisted going to daycare earlier this week with a couple of contrasting props. She wore the jumbo sized rosary we got her for Easter while wielding the foam tomahawk we brought back from Atlanta. The irony was not last on anyone that she had a symbol of peace and devotion around her neck and a weapon of war in her hand.

Sloan wearing a rosary while wielding a tomahawk.

New Coke – In season three of “Stranger Things,” which will be released in July, New Coke will be prominently featured. For those not well-versed in the Cola Wars, the new Coca-Cola formula was released in 1985, the same year that the latest season of “Stranger Things” is set in. New Coke was a disaster and didn’t last long before it was pulled from the shelves. Not that I know from experience – I wasn’t even born yet. Lucky for me, there is a small chance I might get to try it. In conjunction with “Stranger Things,” Coca-Cola will release a very small portion of the drink to the general public. Although the odds might be stacked against me, I would love to get my hands on a can and sample Coke’s most desperate move to Pepsi’s popularity in the mid-80s.

I would love to get my hands on one of these cans!

Cheesecake Choices – Our Cheesecake Factory experience in Atlanta didn’t merely end after we ate dinner on Friday night. Before we left town on Sunday, we stopped by the restaurant once again to order come cheesecake to go. We purchased three slices and used it as motivation to get home as quickly as possible so we could eat them. When Facetiming Sloan, she asked us randomly for “rainbow cake” so we got her a piece of celebration cheesecake (cheesecake mixed with traditional cake and topped with confetti candy and sprinkles). Sidney selected a slice of cookie dough cheesecake, something we tried over a year ago and really liked. And me? I went with white chocolate macadamia caramel cheesecake, something that I had not tried before. Although it was delicious, Sid’s cookie dough cheesecake was probably the best.

Sloan eating her celebration cheesecake on the left and my white chocolate cheesecake in the top right corner.

Stadium Food! – When at a professional sporting event, some people go crazy with ballpark souvenirs and some people spend all their money on beer. Other people, like Sidney and I, prefer to blow our money on stadium food. So, to keep piling on the calories after I talked about cheesecake, let me reveal the food we ate in SunTrust Park on Saturday. Upon entering the gates, we ate dinner. I ordered chicken strips and fries and Sidney opted for bacon chicken ranch fries. When we went to our seats, I bought a bag of peanuts to enjoy during the early innings. Later, Sid and I shared ice cream served in a mini Atlanta Braves helmet.

A look at my chicken strips and fries and Sid’s chicken bacon ranch fries.


Be safe this weekend, my friends. Thanks for your loyalty and we will catch back up next week, hopefully with a Memorial Day story or two. Don’t Blink.

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