Pick 2 Thursday Rundown

Oh my, let me catch my breath for one minute, it has been a crazy month!! But in this case, crazy is good. Let’s roll with the latest Thursday Rundown…

Painting Toes – Sloan was patient enough to let Sid paint her toe nails over the weekend. After her mommy finished the job, Sloan was very proud of her pink toes. She likes to show them off to everyone, including Sid and I, even though we are very aware that they are there. Sid says she doesn’t think Sloan is ready yet for her finger nails.

Sloan was thrilled to get her toes painted by her mommy.

Pick 2 – I bit on this hypothetical tweet from a local Myrtle Beach news station. If I had to choose two from the list, I would undoubtedly pick unlimited airline tickets for life (#4). How could I pass on the opportunity to see family whenever I wanted while at the same time traveling the world? Although I took a little more time deciding on my second choice, I settled on free groceries for five years. You better believe I would be making weekly trips to Costco while supplementing my shopping with trips to gourmet grocery stores for the finest meats and cheeses. I never considered #5 or #7. What would you choose?

Which two options would you choose?

Incense – This morning I was listening to my favorite Catholic podcast, Bishop and the Vicars, when the topic of incense came up. Bishop Daily told a story of a man who entered a Catholic church, noticed the aroma of incense, and remarked something along the lines of “Now this is what a church should smell like” (it reminded him of a church he attended growing up). From there, the vicars explained why incense is used in the Catholic church. Aside from its use being mentioned and encouraged in both Leviticus and Revelation, the role of incense during mass symbolizes prayers floating up to God. Additionally, incense is said to protect the altar and the church in general.

The use of incense is deeply rooted in scripture and is a very holy part of mass.

I’ll Take Popcorn, Thanks – Movie chain Cinemark is offering an alternative to popcorn. During this past month, moviegoers could fill their popcorn bag with Flaming Cheetos instead of the traditional theater go-to. But…why? I want butter, I want fluff, and I want tradition. A crunchy, spicy snack that will leave my hands red is not of interest to me when watching a summer blockbuster.


NYC – My wife is headed to New York City this weekend. Our niece turned 10 yesterday and one of her gifts was a girls’ trip to the Big Apple. Russell’s mom/Sid’s sister, Sid’s other sister, and Sid’s mom will all be going as well. Because of her age, Sloan will not be joining the other Mathis women on the trip. But that is fine, because that means I get to spend special time with her! It should be a terrific daddy/daughter weekend filled with fun. Here’s to a great time for my wife in NYC!


As we usher in June on Saturday, I hope it marks the beginning of a great month for everyone. It will be another busy one for the Resers. Don’t Blink.

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