Three Thoughts on Memorial Day

As it is Memorial Day I am taking full advantage of the holiday, which includes taking it easy on my blog. However, I do want to leave you with a few thoughts for you to read if you are outside grilling or inside watching baseball.

First, I thought I would reiterate that I love three day weekends that end on a Monday. While it is nice of course to enjoy a Friday off, when you have a Monday holiday it makes the following work week so much more bearable. Friday weekends just deliver on one end. You look forward to it the week leading up to it but when Sunday rolls around it is all over. On a Monday three day weekend you look forward to it all week long and then it makes the next week more enjoyable by shortening the work week to four days. I just really feel that a Monday three day weekend gives you more bang for your buck than a Friday one.

Second, Sidney and I are now one week away from our wedding week. CRAZY. The stress is starting to seep in just a little bit. Of course it is a good stress, though. How else would you categorize family coming in, constant activities taking place, a beautiful ceremony on June 11, and then a Cancun honeymoon to immediately follow? We are currently in the midst of one of the best times we will ever have in our lives.

Third, I thought I would weigh in on the death of Harambe, the gorilla that was killed over the weekend when a 4-year-old boy fell into his exhibit. I apologize to the people who side with the primate, but I am all for taking extreme precautions to save the life of someone’s young kid. I trust the response team when they said the gorilla was agitated and that attempting to tranquilize it could have caused disaster for the boy. You hate to see a grand animal such as Harambe lose his life but how can’t you justify it when you see a toddler violently and unpredictably dragged around? It was definitely a very sad and very tough case.


Enjoy your Memorial Day! Thank you to the brave men and women of this great country who paid the ultimate sacrifice so we could enjoy the freedoms and liberties we do each day. Don’t Blink.

2 thoughts on “Three Thoughts on Memorial Day

  1. Through no fault of his own, Harambe had to be destroyed. I can’t fathom how a child could get into the enclosure and am concerned about the parents failure to supervise. Such a tragedy.

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