Polarized Thursday Rundown

Good evening to one and all. Thanks for spending some of your time with Don’t Blink. Let’s get started with my latest Thursday Rundown.

Mother’s Day Gifts – Although she picked them out herself at the mall the day before I returned and actually bought them, perhaps Sid was a little surprised at her Mother’s Day gifts? Ha! Yeah right! She did really like them though. Describing herself as a “sunglasses snob,” I got her a new pair of shades (polarized and all). I also got her a bin (edit: Sid told me it is called a caboodle) designed for her cosmetic supplies. With a lot of fun and travel to come in the following weeks, both items will come in handy.

Sid with her new sunglasses and caboodle.

Nursing Back to Health – Last week, Sloan was out of daycare because of a nasty virus. Through those several days, she had some ups and downs as it looked like she was improving only to have symptoms reappear. This past Monday, we took her again to the doctor. Our pediatrician, Dr. Sangtian (HIGHLY recommend), ran several tests, including x-rays. Although the virus was still visible, he could also see the possible early development of pneumonia. He put Sloan on an antibiotic and she is doing MUCH better. As is the case with Sloan’s prolonged sicknesses, I become susceptible as well. After battling a cold followed by an upset stomach, I am starting to feel better too.

Sloan is on the mend!

I Would Drive 1M Miles – This week I read a news story about a North Carolina man who recently surpassed 1,000,000 miles with his 2000 Honda Accord. Well, saying he surpassed the milestone could get some resistance based on technicality––the odometer has room for just seven digits and still reads 999,999. But for those of us willing to look past space constraints, that’s quite the achievement! And to think I thought my car was nearing the end of its road as it inches closer to 200K miles.

The man in this photo has out over a million miles on his Honda Accord.

Walking Anniversary – Today is the one-year anniversary of Sloan walking for the first time. I swear over the past 365 days she has put more miles on those legs evading us than the guy has put on his Honda Accord. Ironically, Sloan was home sick a year ago as well when she took those first steps. I am thankful to this day that I was present for her milestone and that I captured it on video.

This was mere seconds before Sloan walked by herself.

Diet Coke Consumption – I can’t fathom how anyone could drink six Diet Cokes a day, let alone 12. But 28?! What must your mouth feel like when you wake up in the morning if you feel the need to drink 336 ounces of liquid in a day? The fact that it is soda makes the fact even crazier. How does John Daily still have any teeth?

This tweet by Darren Rovell, which is meant to poke fun and to state a fact, is really interesting. How could anyone drink that much soda?!


Another Thursday Rundown in the books! Thanks for reading and I will touch base with everyone tomorrow regarding out weekend plans. Don’t Blink.

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