The Decline of the Anti-Trumpers

In the paper today, I read an interesting and honest article. Titled “The decline of anti-Trumpism,” it analyzed the way in which people who oppose President Donald Trump are increasingly dooming their own cause. Instead of critically explaining their arguments and offering alternatives to the policies of President Trump, they simply aim to express their hatred for the man while embracing whatever negative rumor they hear, regardless if it is completely false (such as Fire and Fury). The author of the article said anti-Trumpism is “getting dumber.”

With Anti-Trumpism on the decline, it looks like Donald Trump could once again get the last laugh.

Here is the thing – the author of the article is an anti-Trumper himself. However, he felt it was time for him to speak out against what he thinks is a troubling trend. He decided to use The New York Times to do so.

Although I don’t involve myself in politics, it has been hard to not observe what Mr. Brooks wrote about this morning. After President Trump was elected, it was a tough time for many in this country. Protests were held, steam was vented, and threats to leave the country were levied. I understood the frustration. But when Inauguration Day came around, I challenged my fellow Americans to give Trump a chance.

That never happened.

Not that President Trump did himself any favors. Instead of ignoring the mainstream media and those who never bothered to give him a fair shake, he decided to fight back. When it came to his critics, he brought the same attitude he had as a private citizen into the Oval Office. He has been nasty and rude to many, a trait that many find very unbecoming of the Office of the Presidency.

Of course, President Trump’s rhetoric has only fueled those who hate him. People have so much anger toward our Commander In Chief it is damaging their ability to actually offer critical arguments, Brooks observes. Perhaps that has been Trump’s game plan all along?

Anti-Trumpers, as hard as it might be, need to stop taking the bait. The old adage of “two wrongs don’t make a right” couldn’t ring more true. Brooks argues that at this point you almost can’t tell a difference between President Trump and those who oppose him.

Unfortunately, this stalemate favors Trump. Why? Think about it, President Trump could suddenly stop lashing out. If he did so, Trump’s accomplishments in office (and as much as it hurts many of us to admit, he has achieved a lot in his short time in office) would take center stage instead of his poor temperament. Where does that leave the anti-Trump movement? As angry and bitter as ever, just with much less leverage.

The anti-Trump movement needs to do an about face. People who despise Trump must stop pressing the retweet button on every extreme tweet they come across, cease chastising people who voted for him, and swallow the venom they spew every time they hear the name President Trump. The chance to be a clear and respectable alternative is slipping away. And we all know what that means…Trump wins, again. Don’t Blink.

A Defeated Media

This past Friday was a great day for two men. First, it was special for President Barack Obama. The day signified a wrap on his eight years of faithful service to the United States. He was able to hold his head high as he boarded a helicopter to take him off on a well-deserved vacation. It was also a triumphant day for President Donald Trump. The man launched an against-all-odds campaign for the presidency and emerged victorious. His Inauguration was a textbook example to kids on what it means to never give up.

However, Friday wasn’t a good day for everyone. In fact, it was a downright lousy one for the national media.

If the media thought nothing could be worse than Election Night when national networks were humiliated for bad reporting and for the reliance on inaccurate pollsters, this past Friday proved them wrong. It was a gloomy day for an unapologetic left leaning national media forced to report all day long on the man they despise taking the reins of the office they tried so desperately to prevent him from taking. It was a bitter pill to swallow. The look of awkwardness, disdain, and anger was clearly visible on the faces of many anchors and reporters all throughout Friday.

Resiliency is a desirable characteristic, however, and there was no doubt that folks working at such networks as ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc. were not going to take their medicine peacefully. Throughout Friday, many from the national media predictably focused less on President Trump’s unlikely and historic rise to the highest office in the land and more on stories they thought would take away from the moment they hoped they would never see. Throughout the day, viewers could turn on the TV and hear about…

The awful weather. The rain and the gloom seemed to speak to the mood of the country. Mother Nature sent the dark weather to prove a point that Trump is an illegitimate president. I mean, why else would it rain right when President Trump started to deliver his Inauguration Address?

Speaking of that Inauguration Address, it was another hot topic for the press. A speech that gave power to the people and pledged for the end of “all talk, no action” politicians must be something we never let our children hear. Never mind that President Trump spoke in a clear and powerful manner that contrasted with the philosophical and vague addresses of past presidents. While many neutral citizens with an interest in public speaking and relevant content thought the speech was well-done (including this blogger), the media didn’t quite think so.

How about those Friday protestors? The national media gave a lot of coverage to the people who converged on Washington D.C. to incite violence, destroy property, and impede the progress of service men and women whose job it was to line the parade route. On a day when hundreds of thousands of American citizens gathered to mark the peaceful transition of power, the media seemed to give an unproportionate amount of coverage to the small group of people who arrived in our nation’s capital for the sole purpose of causing damage.

Then there was the crowd. How embarrassing for President Trump that, according to the media, the amount of people gathered for his Inauguration fell short of satisfactory? It was almost as if that since the press thought the amount of American citizens was not adequate for the occasion, it made President Trump’s dominiating Electoral College victory invalid.


With the last storyline mentioned, the media registered a small victory. The Trump Administration seemed offended by the constant Inauguration attendance talking point, causing White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to come a bit unglued. He lectured the media on inaccurate and biased reporting.

Here is the thing, Mr. Spicer: It is not realistic to think that the media is going to do you any favors. Get over it.


The Trump Administration needs to relax and realize one major point: On Friday, Jan. 20, 2017, President Trump won. Despite every obstacle thrown his way, he was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Conversely, the media lost. Although the press pulled out every stop to derail his campaign and to sour his Inauguration, Trump survived. So, until his term concludes or until he is impeached (I won’t be surprised if it happens), the media must wake up each morning knowing that someone they can’t stand is the president. Trump is the winner and he should act like it. Don’t Blink.

Time To Move Forward

It is official. Donald J. Trump will serve as our 45th President of the United States of America. It became real this evening as he gained the 270 votes needed from the Electoral College. He will be installed as our Commander In Chief next month.

It is now official. Donald Trump will serve as our 45th President of the United States.

It is now official. Donald Trump will serve as our 45th President of the United States.

It is now time to accept this reality and move on.

Starting eight months before the election and running up until the eve of November 8, I wrote that regardless of how the election turned out, we would all need to accept the results and support the President-Elect. Although I wrote these blog posts thinking in the back of my head that it would be Trump supporters who would need to heed the advice, we all know what happened on the evening of November 8. The shock of the century occurred and all of a sudden it was Clinton supporters being served the huge pieces of humble pie.

As we have observed over the past 40 days, many have decided to not even take a bite of it.

But I am not here to criticize those people because I get it. What happened last month was an unpresidented (haha) shocker. The media had given Hillary Clinton the presidency, Democrats had organized victory parties, and pollsters had predicted a landslide. For people who were so invested and excited about a Hillary victory, what happened several weeks ago was a massively bitter pill to swallow.

It takes time to digest and make sense of such a disappointment. Although of course I can’t accept the violent protests that occurred, I do understand the confusion and sadness expressed by many. By all means I saw no issue with these folks getting together to discuss what had happened and express their disappointment, anger, and sadness.

However, in my opinion, with six weeks now removed from Trump’s victory and with his Electoral College confirmation today, we need to move on.

Whether we like it or not, Donald Trump is our president. No longer can this reality be overturned at the last minute. No longer can electors be convinced to flip their vote. No longer can a wild conspiracy theory doom Trump and lift Hillary Clinton out of her home in New York and into the White House.

It is time to support Donald Trump. Despite attending a Hillary rally and predicting that she would win the election, I fully intend to. Our country is too great to not support our government, including the person at the top of the executive branch.

When President-Elect Trump was elected, there was the call to give him a chance. It fell on deaf ears. Up until this point, many of us, including the media, have failed to give him an honest shot. But like I said above, I do understand. However, with the weeks that have passed and with the Electoral College making it official today, the time has come for us to unite. I believe in this country. Don’t Blink.

As Excited As Ever for the Presidential Debate

Next weekend I will travel to watch the biggest college football game of the year thus far when Clemson hosts Louisville. The battle of unbeatens will take place in front of a nationally televised audience at 8 p.m. on ABC. Both teams will be vying to stay eligible for the College Football Playoff. A lot will be on the line.

However, the football game next Saturday has nothing on the competition that will take place tomorrow night. Up for grabs will be much more than a spot in the coveted “final four” of college football. You think Louisville’s star quarterback Lamar Jackson is going to feel pressure? Take a moment to realize what must be going through the minds of the two people who will take the stage at Hofstra University on Monday night.

Four years ago I wrote a long blog post about why I love the presidential debates. Not only is that passion still inside of me, it is magnified more than ever. Is that a surprise, though? Never before has a presidential debate been more anticipated, analyzed, and unpredictable. Coming from a major sports fan, I concede that the script for tomorrow night’s debate is perhaps greater than any Super Bowl or Game 7.

In the wildest presidential race our country has seen, the two candidates will finally come face to face tomorrow evening. The storylines are endless, I could go on and on. But instead of throwing out a random assortment of ways the media has framed the debate, let me just be simple about what Monday evening will finally bring: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump.

I couldn’t be more excited. Competition simply doesn’t get any better than this. The stakes don’t get higher. The scrutiny doesn’t get more intense. In short, the drama tomorrow will be through the roof.

I am giddy to see how Clinton and Trump perform. I am interested to find out how the debate is moderated. I am intrigued to learn how the American people will respond. It just doesn’t get any bigger. Preparation, dreams, and reputations will be put on the line tomorrow night…for millions of people to see. Talk about pressure.

For an undecided voter, this first debate will be extremely suspenseful for me. I have never followed a presidential race as closely as this one. I followed the primaries, attended the rallies, and watched the conventions. I am dialed in on the main issues and the platforms of the candidates. I am now ready to watch them battle it out in front of each other.

I attended a Hillary Clinton rally as well as a couple rallies for Republican presidential candidates. As an undecided voter, I am invested in this race.

I attended a Hillary Clinton rally as well as a couple rallies for Republican presidential candidates. As an undecided voter, I am invested in this race.

Bring on tomorrow night’s competition! In another example of why this country is so amazing, we will get to watch the two frontrunners for the highest office in the United States express their views while critiquing those of their opponent. Sleep well tonight, Clinton and Trump, a big day awaits both of you tomorrow. Don’t Blink.

My $6 Thursday Rundown

Good evening to you all. Hope your month has started off on the right foot. Here we go with the latest Thursday Rundown…

Big Subway Announcement: Today the world’s biggest sandwich chain made the major announcement that its classic foot long subs will no longer sell for $5. Instead, a classic 12 inch sub will now cost you $6. Um, HELLO?! Hasn’t it been this way for a long time now? It seems like I haven’t enjoyed a $5 foot long for at least a year now. Imagine that…I have proof that it has been OVER a year. Even though I have dealt with $6 sandwiches at Subway for a while now, the announcement brings back bitter memories to when I first discovered the price hike.

I didn't know this was a new thing.

I didn’t know this was a new thing.

Like Any Normal Day: Last night I finished reading a rather depressing biographical book. Author Mark Kram Jr. focuses on Buddy Miles, a high school student with the world in the palm of his hand. However, a devastating football injury paralyzes him, rendering him a quadriplegic. “Like Any Normal Day: A Story of Devotion” takes the reader through the painful journey that both Buddy and his family were forced to endure for a couple of rough decades. In the end, Buddy takes extreme measures. The book will make you shed tears, and, in my case, leave you more sad than inspired.

"Like Any Normal Day" is written by Mark Kram Jr.

“Like Any Normal Day” is written by Mark Kram Jr.

My Genius Idea One Year Later: Exactly 365 days ago I pitched my idea for an ice cream buffet concept. Unfortunately I have not had anyone call me yet to invest in my brilliant model. If you want to talk business, let me know.

What You Get for Writing About Politics: My blog post last night about the possible fall of Donald Trump received a strong response from folks who both agreed and (strongly) disagreed with me. My phone went off the whole night as random people tweeted at me and commented on the blog post itself. Several Trump supporters insulted me like Trump insults everyone else but it is all fine by me….whenever I can triple my average blog traffic it is a good night.

JUST A FEW of the tweets I received from random people after I published the post. I received the positive (left) and the negative (right).

JUST A FEW of the tweets I received from random people after I published the post. I received the positive (left) and the negative (right).

Wedding Update #18: It is at that point where Sidney’s birthday is like my birthday! This past weekend we celebrated Sid’s special day with her extended family. When it came time to open up gifts, she received several items off of our registry such as dinner plates, mugs, casserole containers, and a skillet. Of course these items will be shared by both of us as we start our life together.

Sidney enjoyed ripping open her gifts last Sunday. Here she is holding our new casserole containers.

Sidney enjoyed ripping open her gifts last Sunday. Here she is holding our new casserole containers.


Thank you once again for your readership. Have a joyous weekend and I will touch base on Sunday. Don’t Blink.

My Opinion on Trump Backing Out of the Debate

When I heard the news that Donald Trump had pulled out from tomorrow’s GOP debate in Iowa I admit that I was surprised. Of course he had threatened to “no-show” for several days now but I thought it was just a ploy. I told myself he was doing the same song and dance he did with CNN several weeks back.

I don't like Trump's decision to not debate.

I don’t like Trump’s decision to not debate.

I know his move is calculated. I know his team methodically looked at every possible scenario. I know his supporters are confident. But as someone who has watched Trump’s entire campaign in awe, this is one decision that I particularly don’t care for. In fact, I flat out don’t like it.

The main reason why I love the debates so much is that it is competition at its finest. To me, it is as if the debates are a simulated athletic contest. Competitors (debaters) prepare for the event, battle butterflies before it begins, perform when the lights are on, and answer to how well they executed afterwards. It is a grueling process that tests a person.

Training, showing up/executing, and taking responsibility are all given components of participating in a sporting event. At the bare minimum, this is what you know for sure you will have to do. None of these three realities are easy. It takes a lot of heart. But as any athlete can tell you, several other factors will also test one’s strength.

By “other factors” I mean competing in a hostile environment, not feeling 100% on game day, battling unforeseen equipment/field issues, fending off problems not related to the sporting competition, doing your best when an opposing player/team might not be playing fairly, etc.

And oh yes, one other obstacle that athletes routinely face is when they look at the game assignments and see who will be officiating their game. Don’t kid yourself here, players form quick impressions on what officials do a good job and which ones don’t. Even competing in high school I had my own short list of referees I didn’t want to see out on the field. I thought they were unfair.

But so what? Every single athlete, including myself, went out and still played the game.

To me, Donald Trump is flat out refusing to compete and I don’t like it. He is no longer training for the debate. He won’t put himself out there on the stage tomorrow in front of millions of people watching at home. He won’t subject himself to the stress of answering questions and challenging his competitors. He won’t have to answer to and evaluate his performance once the debate concludes.

However, the worst part of his refusal to compete is his reasoning for doing so. I get that he doesn’t like Megyn Kelly. I get that he believes she is unfair. I get that he feels she has no place to moderate the debate. But deal with it! Do your absolute best to overcome the adversity and show up at the debate venue on Thursday night. Use her presence to motivate you. Plan for the line of questioning she will deal to you. Don’t pout and quit. Instead, rise to the occasion.

Using the excuse of “she doesn’t treat me fairly” just doesn’t cut it with me. We all have faced circumstances where we had to perform under the perception that we were not being treated fairly yet we stuck it out. I think Trump should do the same.

As I said, I know the Trump team believes this move will help them. However, I don’t see how. If I lived in Iowa and was beating myself up over whether to support Cruz or Trump on Tuesday, I don’t think the decision would be that hard anymore. I think most Iowans would side with the person who respected the process and had the decency to show up for the debate. We shall see. Don’t Blink.

Super Size This Thursday Rundown

Thank you for welcoming my blog back inside the screen of your computer or smart device. It is time for the weekly tradition of the Thursday Rundown…

“Concussion” – On Martin Luther King Day, Sidney and I went to the mall and decided to watch a movie. We did not look at showtimes before arriving and went up to the box office blind. The only movie that was showing in the next half hour was Will Smith’s “Concussion.” Although not my first choice of films, we bought tickets to see it. The movie exceeded my expectations, mostly because my brother gave it such an uninspired review. I had no idea that Smith had assumed a Nigerian accent for the role until the first scene of the film but he was fabulous. I enjoyed the story and social commentary that defined the production. I would recommend “Concussion.”

Our "Concussion" tickets from this past Monday.

Our “Concussion” tickets from this past Monday.

Trump – Sorry to all my readers who despise him but I can’t stop talking about Donald Trump! Each day he seems to grab the headlines and increase his stock. I am observing this all in awe. Again, this is not because I idolize the guy but rather because I admire his calculated strategy. I have to give him credit and say I was very impressed with his debate performance last week. His improvement from the first debate (where I ripped him) to the one this past Thursday was remarkable. As we get closer and closer to Iowa, the race keeps getting better and better.

“Super Size Me” – It only took me about 13 years to finally see one of the most famous documentaries ever made. Last evening I sat down and watched “Super Size Me.” I enjoyed watching the filmmaker go to different McDonalds restaurants around the nation and stuff his face. I also found the history and interviews contained in the documentary very interesting. However, I didn’t take his results too seriously. I would have found it more intriguing if he went on a McDonalds diet but didn’t super size everything and also found the time to exercise a few times a week. I think the filmmaker was too set on proving his point that McDonalds is terribly unhealthy. I mean come on, I could gain just as much weight by going on a “mother’s cooking diet” where I only ate large portions of my mom’s food and didn’t exercise A diet that was somewhere between Jared’s Subway diet and the super size method mixed with some physical activity would have produced a better documentary with more impactful results.

In honor of a documentary about eating hamburgers, here is a photo of me just about to eat a hamburger.

In honor of a documentary about eating hamburgers, here is a photo of me just about to eat a hamburger.

Super Bowl Choice – It hurt watching the Seahawks get eliminated last weekend. I was thankful though that Seattle actually made a game out of it after trailing 31-0 at the half. No questions asked, I definitely want to see a Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos Super Bowl. When it comes to the NFC rep, I want to see the team repping the Carolinas make it! The Panthers have had such a good year, I would like to see it culminate in a Super Bowl appearance. As for the AFC rep, I detest the New England Patriots so much that the motivation to see the other team advance is already there. Adding more to my case for cheering for the Broncos is that I am a Peyton Manning fan and I would have no problem seeing him reach another Super Bowl.

Wedding Update #16 – I do have a significant item to report in this latest update…I booked our honeymoon!! After much research and discussion about what we exactly wanted, Sidney and I will be staying at the Sun Palace in Cancun. We ended up booking with the Sun Palace because it is a couples only resort and it consistently appeared high on lists ranking the best hotels in Mexico. I depend on Instagram to gain honest feedback on hotels/restaurants/venues/etc. and everyone I messaged remarked that Sun Palace is nothing short of superb. Take a look for yourself if you want, we can’t wait to go!

We will be going to a resort that is basically made for honeymooners...the Sun Palace.

We will be going to a resort that is basically made for honeymooners…the Sun Palace.


Take solace in the fact that the days are getting longer. Late January might not be the best time of the year but each day is a gift. Have a great weekend. Don’t Blink.

Trump is Fascinating

There is simply not a more controversial and intriguing man in the country right now than Donald Trump. Look at the media, talk to your friends, or check your Twitter feed to confirm this. Or, just check this blog. In the last few months, Trump has surfaced in FIVE different posts, including one devoted exclusively to himself. After tonight, he will have his second. The only other person who comes close to getting this type of exposure in Don’t Blink is Sidney.

Do you love him or hate him? Most people have an opinion on Donald Trump.

Do you love him or hate him? Most people have an opinion on Donald Trump.

Last night I was shocked. Even though I constantly remind myself not to be surprised by anything Donald Trump says or does, I was definitely saying to myself “he said what?” I know he wants to build a wall and I know he wants to keep the radicals out, but never did I think he would go far as to say, in the third person of course, that “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

At that second I immediately reached the conclusion that he was done. Not just suggesting, but boldly declaring, that such an aggressive action should be taken in the United States of America seemed like a death wish to his campaign. But after the shock wore off and Trump strongly kept supporting his bombshell statement, I knew I had once again underestimated the incredible thing this man has going.

This post is not about politics. When I say “the incredible thing this man has going” I am not stating that Trump is on a righteous and noble crusade. I am merely saying that what he is doing is unprecedented, calculated, and seemingly bulletproof.

Donald Trump is no longer just intriguing to me, he is fascinating to me. How else could someone who has performed poorly in the debates, insulted too many to count, and launched a war on the media still be leading this race?

Well, I think two of those three perceived negatives I just outlined happen to actually fuel him, especially the latter. The way he has assaulted and manipulated the media has catapulted him to a position in the polls that we never thought a billionaire with no political experience would be in. From his Twitter account to his speeches to his campaign rhetoric, Trump has called the media biased, stupid, and out of touch. Folks wanting to stand up for their newspaper or TV station and write a nasty column or go off on an angry tangent on their cable news programs have done so…many and many times over. But have they won redemption? Hardly.

The anger and backlash from the media has just kept Donald Trump right at the forefront of current American culture. We see his face, hear his voice, and read about his latest stunt every single day. And, supporters and opponents alike, keep reacting. My friend Danny Davis, a newspaper reporter in Texas, wrote this Facebook status.

Danny hits the nail on the head with this status.

Danny hits the nail on the head with this status.

He is 100% correct. Trump’s critics could quite possibly be his biggest asset. I looked at a local Myrtle Beach reporter’s Twitter timeline last night and it was completely full of anti-Donald Trump retweets and angry replies. I then looked at every single national news station that isn’t named Fox News and observed their unfavorable Trump coverage. It just made so much sense. The Donald has the media around his finger at both the local and national levels.

Donald Trump famously complains about unfair media coverage but don’t kid yourself, he knows he is thriving off it. Mr. Trump is a very smart man and he is managing to capitalize on both the disgust of some and the admiration of others. While I might not agree with some of his views, I can now more than ever say that he is a fascinating individual. In July I wrote to “get comfortable” and watch the “Trump Show” play out. While he has definitely made a lot of people uncomfortable, he has provided us with a show. What turn will it take next? Don’t Blink.

My Thoughts on Donald Trump

Very rarely you will see me mention politics in my blog. There is good reason for this. To be completely honest, I am just not a political person. I might lean a certain way but in no way am I informed enough to engage in a discussion centered on politics. This blog post will mention a person involved in that arena but will focus more on his own personal strategy as opposed to his political beliefs themselves.

So while I can’t speak on the issues, I feel I can speak on the way a person strategizes to obtain the position he wants.

Holy cow, Donald Trump.

Over the past few months, especially the last few weeks, I have watched “The Apprentice” host go absolutely nuts on Republican rivals, the Democrats, other countries, and everything else under the sun. Why would a billionaire with too many business ventures to count spend his time dishing out all of this negative energy? Well, that was both a stupid and rhetorical question. Donald Trump is fighting for the Republican nomination for the President of the United States and the man couldn’t care less about playing nice.

At first, I didn’t know what I really thought about his outspoken, shock-value approach. I mean he has said some really controversial and mean-spirited things. But then I stepped back and thought for a second about all he has said. I can count two instances where I think he completely crossed the line. The plethora of other barbs and attacks he has launched seem to be fair game to me. Unconventional, yes. Outlandish, maybe.

I laugh to myself when the media reports on his latest quote, which now just happens to be on a daily basis. He doesn’t hold anything back. He doesn’t mind bashing China or giving out a rival’s phone number. He will flat out say that politicians are doing “terrible, awful” while praising himself to no end. He will call people ugly. A reporter will ask a question and without giving his brain a second to think he will rattle off an answer that half the country will think is offensive. He will then do it again and again. By all accounts he is absolutely ridiculous.

But perhaps more remarkable than his ridiculousness has been his rise. I still find it very hard to believe that Donald Trump is now a frontrunner to serve as the nominee of a major party. Although hugely successful and a household name, hasn’t he been somewhat of a joke in American culture? His candidacy last Presidential election was pretty much written off as a publicity stunt. But this time around it has seemed like the more times he has issued brash statements, the more support he has generated. He is pulling Americans over to his side.

Count me as one of them.

It takes me some time to get past his entitled, airy-sounding voice (his hair actually doesn’t bother me), but when I do, I have started to actually kind of like the guy. He is just so different and so confrontational that I am semi-drawn to Trump. Believe me, I never thought I would be saying this, especially four years ago when I wrote this.

But in the same way that I respect Simon Cowell and Judge Judy for their brutal but honest take, I have started to revere The Donald a little bit at a time. It is humorous to watch the jaws drop of political rivals and analysts as they see Trump rise in the polls. What he is doing is quite remarkable.

Like I said, I don’t really talk about politics but give me just one minute to say this. While the guy has won me over to a degree and I do marvel at what he has done, I just don’t believe I could vote for him. I can’t see him constructively meeting with world leaders, I can’t see him sending our troops to war, and I can’t see him sitting in the White House with integrity. Just because I mildly admire him doesn’t mean I would vote for him.

With that said, the Presidential election is still well over a year away. Before I get serious, I still have a lot of time left to watch the “Trump Show” play out. So pull up some popcorn with me and get comfortable…I think there is still a lot left to see! Don’t Blink.