As Excited As Ever for the Presidential Debate

Next weekend I will travel to watch the biggest college football game of the year thus far when Clemson hosts Louisville. The battle of unbeatens will take place in front of a nationally televised audience at 8 p.m. on ABC. Both teams will be vying to stay eligible for the College Football Playoff. A lot will be on the line.

However, the football game next Saturday has nothing on the competition that will take place tomorrow night. Up for grabs will be much more than a spot in the coveted “final four” of college football. You think Louisville’s star quarterback Lamar Jackson is going to feel pressure? Take a moment to realize what must be going through the minds of the two people who will take the stage at Hofstra University on Monday night.

Four years ago I wrote a long blog post about why I love the presidential debates. Not only is that passion still inside of me, it is magnified more than ever. Is that a surprise, though? Never before has a presidential debate been more anticipated, analyzed, and unpredictable. Coming from a major sports fan, I concede that the script for tomorrow night’s debate is perhaps greater than any Super Bowl or Game 7.

In the wildest presidential race our country has seen, the two candidates will finally come face to face tomorrow evening. The storylines are endless, I could go on and on. But instead of throwing out a random assortment of ways the media has framed the debate, let me just be simple about what Monday evening will finally bring: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump.

I couldn’t be more excited. Competition simply doesn’t get any better than this. The stakes don’t get higher. The scrutiny doesn’t get more intense. In short, the drama tomorrow will be through the roof.

I am giddy to see how Clinton and Trump perform. I am interested to find out how the debate is moderated. I am intrigued to learn how the American people will respond. It just doesn’t get any bigger. Preparation, dreams, and reputations will be put on the line tomorrow night…for millions of people to see. Talk about pressure.

For an undecided voter, this first debate will be extremely suspenseful for me. I have never followed a presidential race as closely as this one. I followed the primaries, attended the rallies, and watched the conventions. I am dialed in on the main issues and the platforms of the candidates. I am now ready to watch them battle it out in front of each other.

I attended a Hillary Clinton rally as well as a couple rallies for Republican presidential candidates. As an undecided voter, I am invested in this race.

I attended a Hillary Clinton rally as well as a couple rallies for Republican presidential candidates. As an undecided voter, I am invested in this race.

Bring on tomorrow night’s competition! In another example of why this country is so amazing, we will get to watch the two frontrunners for the highest office in the United States express their views while critiquing those of their opponent. Sleep well tonight, Clinton and Trump, a big day awaits both of you tomorrow. Don’t Blink.

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