Please Don’t Ever Say This

We are still eight months away from casting our ballots for President of the United States but a certain sentiment I hate is already being expressed. This particular statement I am about to address is uttered and typed by people of all walks of life and political backgrounds. No group as a whole can claim they have taken the high road and refused to say this; not Republicans, not Democrats, not Independents, etc. I heard disgruntled voters express it when George W. Bush was elected, I heard it when Barack Obama was elected. Despite the situation, in my opinion, no one should ever say this:

“If __________ is elected president, I am leaving the country.”

I can’t think of a more bitter, cry baby, sour grapes response to the possibility and/or the actual election of any presidential candidate. Anyone who goes down this line of rhetoric couldn’t make themselves look much worse.

It is probably 99% certain that one of these individuals will become president. No matter the outcome, do you plan to stick around the United States?

It is probably 99% certain that one of these individuals will become president. No matter the outcome, do you plan to stick around the United States?

Look, I know many say it simply out of spite and I also know that a few actually act on it, but to say it no matter your literal intention is sad.

I think those who express the desire to leave the country if a certain candidate is elected show disrespect to both our founding fathers and the millions of people who don’t live in this country but wish every minute of the day that they did. Believe me, people living in third world countries would gladly trade you their poverty and oppression for your freedom and safety no matter who is the Commander-In-Chief.

Most of all though, I think the statement is a big slap in the face to our military. The men and women defending our country don’t let up during the transition of power. No matter if it is a Democrat or a Republican taking over in the Oval Office, our soldiers in the armed forces will still give their lives at a second’s notice to protect our country. Sure they have their preferences on who they want to see win, but their willingness to pay the ultimate sacrifice doesn’t budge one bit with the outcome. To state or even joke that we would leave this country if a certain person is elected while members of the military stand tall no matter what the ballots say is a striking contrast. We can’t act so entitled.

To threaten to leave the country if a candidate not of our liking wins office is simply a spoiled and ignorant response. It is spoiled in the fact that we are refusing to accept and recognize the democratic process of this country. When we are out-voted we should accept the outcome and live with it. It is ignorant in the fact that we think the election of a candidate we didn’t support would impact our daily lives so much that leaving the United States would be a logical move. By failing to realize that our founding fathers set up this country with necessary checks and balances to make sure a poor president wouldn’t drastically doom our nation just shows misunderstanding.

Heck, we are just in the primary season! This presidential race is going to be the most intense, heated election our country has ever seen. If you are passionate about one side or one candidate, that is great! However, we should all make sure that our passion for this country is either equal or greater to that party or person. Candidates and presidents will come and go but the stars and stripes will still remain. Why would we want to leave? Don’t Blink.

6 thoughts on “Please Don’t Ever Say This

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  2. Could you BE more ignorant? Of course it’s easy for you to sit back and spew this nonsense; you’re a white male– not part of the groups who are worried/being derided here (immigrants, women)…who very well COULD BE AFFECTED BY TRUMP BEING ELECTED PRESIDENT. You don’t seem to understand that.

    • Hi Susan – Thanks for taking the time to comment! You know, the both of us have had our own experiences in life. I won’t judge you and I ask you to not judge me. As for President-elect Trump, I say we give him a chance. Sure beats the alternative of threatening to leave the country.

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