My Tolerance for Social Media Political Posts

You are going to think I am either crazy or sarcastic but this is an honest statement: I actually enjoy reading political rants of my friends on Facebook. Many folks will post a status describing how they dislike political chatter and will block or “unfriend” people who engage in it. With the presidential race heating up and with us in the middle of the two conventions there is no shortage of posts centering on politics. This has ruffled the feathers of many.

But like I said, I don’t mind it. By viewing these statuses I learn a lot about my friends and acquaintances. I find out their views, their thought process, and their mental health. Politics is a complex subject. Several times I have stumbled across status updates of friends I didn’t even know cared an iota about the topic. To then hear them write about it usually tells me more about them than I had known before.

Of course I prefer the more eloquent and polite posts but I also get a sense of satisfaction out of the more “passionate” variety as well. However, whereas my friends who try to post with civility usually educate me on political issues, the ones who blow off steam just entertain me. Nothing makes me smile more than when I see people go off the deep end and air out their political grievances with an excess of exclamation points and a sprinkling of curse words.

However, just don’t go off your rocker so much that you say something as blasphemous as threatening to leave the country if a certain candidate gets elected. I don’t like that.

But besides that extreme example, rant away! Please know though that I care about your own words. Don’t prove your point to me by littering my timeline with links to articles written by far, far, far left/right leaning organizations. It is garbage.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc. you are more than welcome to sound off if you are a social media friend of mine! As I try to educate myself for the upcoming election, I will take time to read what you have to say. Don’t Blink.

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