My “Sweet” Documentary Idea

I love documentaries. On Netflix, the genre I will always search first is documentaries. Sidney and I watched a couple of them this past week. First we viewed “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake” and last night we watched “My Friend Rockefeller.” Both were great.

The documentary industry is booming. These days, these type of films are so specialized and perfected that it makes for great watching. It is definitely an art. Although documentaries are now being made about seemingly every aspect of life, there still must be a great story to tell.

With this understanding above, I would like to pitch a documentary. The subject at hand is pretty narrow but there is a legitimate and interesting story that is to be told. I would like a filmmaker to do a documentary on the ice cream truck business.

Over three years ago, I wrote this long blog post about my mild obsession with the ice cream man/woman. During my childhood I would almost waste my summer away waiting for the ice cream man to arrive in our neighborhood. I wanted to be an ice cream man when I grew up. I heard the jingle of the ice cream truck in my sleep.

During the time since I wrote it, my interest has not died. Rather, because of my relocation to South Carolina, it has possibly intensified. You see, since living in Myrtle Beach, I have seen even more twists on the “ice cream on wheels” concept. I have seen ice cream men on mopeds, in pick up trucks, and in regular cars! I guess it only makes sense that the types and volume of “mobile ice cream professionals” would increase in a climate that is dominated by hot and humid days.

It has been this awakening to the diversity of the ice cream truck profession that my idea for a documentary is based. I think it would make a great film to follow several different ice cream men from all corners of the country to get an inside look at their profession. The documentary would chronicle the routes they take, the products they sell, the music they play, the problems they face, and the vehicle they use.

But the heart of the documentary wouldn’t hinge on any of those aspects above. Rather, it would focus on the joy of the children whenever the ice cream vehicle pulls up to the curb. My hypothesis is that no matter where at in the country, there would be a similar sentiment of happiness displayed by all the young people waiting to give their ice cream order. The imagery and uniqueness of this documentary could be award winning.

Anyone want to take a stab at this documentary? Let me know. I should be able to donate the cost of a fudgesicle to the project. Don’t Blink.

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    • Okay, you are hired! Let’s get some more of the talented people from the Visual Arts department and get a team working on this thing! I will observe and eat Popsicles. 🙂 🙂

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