My “Sweet” Documentary Idea

I love documentaries. On Netflix, the genre I will always search first is documentaries. Sidney and I watched a couple of them this past week. First we viewed “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake” and last night we watched “My Friend Rockefeller.” Both were great.

The documentary industry is booming. These days, these type of films are so specialized and perfected that it makes for great watching. It is definitely an art. Although documentaries are now being made about seemingly every aspect of life, there still must be a great story to tell.

With this understanding above, I would like to pitch a documentary. The subject at hand is pretty narrow but there is a legitimate and interesting story that is to be told. I would like a filmmaker to do a documentary on the ice cream truck business.

Over three years ago, I wrote this long blog post about my mild obsession with the ice cream man/woman. During my childhood I would almost waste my summer away waiting for the ice cream man to arrive in our neighborhood. I wanted to be an ice cream man when I grew up. I heard the jingle of the ice cream truck in my sleep.

During the time since I wrote it, my interest has not died. Rather, because of my relocation to South Carolina, it has possibly intensified. You see, since living in Myrtle Beach, I have seen even more twists on the “ice cream on wheels” concept. I have seen ice cream men on mopeds, in pick up trucks, and in regular cars! I guess it only makes sense that the types and volume of “mobile ice cream professionals” would increase in a climate that is dominated by hot and humid days.

It has been this awakening to the diversity of the ice cream truck profession that my idea for a documentary is based. I think it would make a great film to follow several different ice cream men from all corners of the country to get an inside look at their profession. The documentary would chronicle the routes they take, the products they sell, the music they play, the problems they face, and the vehicle they use.

But the heart of the documentary wouldn’t hinge on any of those aspects above. Rather, it would focus on the joy of the children whenever the ice cream vehicle pulls up to the curb. My hypothesis is that no matter where at in the country, there would be a similar sentiment of happiness displayed by all the young people waiting to give their ice cream order. The imagery and uniqueness of this documentary could be award winning.

Anyone want to take a stab at this documentary? Let me know. I should be able to donate the cost of a fudgesicle to the project. Don’t Blink.

Putt Putt to Social Media to Ice Cream

By this time it is tradition. Thursday has become my multi topic, totally random post day and that won’t change this evening. So without wasting anymore of your precious time let’s get right to tonight’s five topics.

Putt Putt Odyssey Continues: This week Sidney and I have tackled a couple more putt putt courses in Myrtle Beach. On Sunday early in the evening we battled the heat and played at Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf. The two of us played a very competitive round on the Peter Pan themed course but when we concluded the 18th hole I had secured a one stroke victory.

I barely hung on for a close victory over Sidney at the Captain Hook course.

I barely hung on for a close victory over Sidney at the Captain Hook course.

On Tuesday night we played under the lights at Shipwreck Adventure Golf. This was by far the toughest miniature golf course I had ever played on. Making the difficulty level seem a little harder was that play was backed up and it seemed like we had a crowd watching us each time we played our hole. However, I performed just a little bit better under the pressure and really infuriated Sid by defeating her for the third straight time on our putt putt tour.

Playing putt putt under the lights is a cool experience. Shipwreck is a tough course!

Playing putt putt under the lights is a cool experience. Shipwreck is a tough course!

#CCUSocialMedia T-Shirts: Last Thursday I picked up our brand new social media t-shirts. When I actually opened the boxes on Friday morning I took a look at the teal shirts with white print and was instantly pleased. Turns out the rest of Teal Nation felt the same way. I got Chauncey to model the shirt for us and when I posted the photos on our social media outlets our audience expressed their instant love for them. On the front the shirt has a three dimensional hashtag with “CCU” right in the middle of it and the words “Social Media” underneath. On the back it has our handle (@CCUChanticleers) up top and our classic athenaeum logo underneath. This week I have given the shirts away to people who participate in our social media contests and I have watched our engagement soar. Don’t you wish you had one?

Chauncey helps me out and models the t-shirts last Friday (left)........I add a classy twist to the t-shirt as I passed out chap stick/pens to incoming freshmen today.

Chauncey helps me out and models the t-shirts last Friday (left)……..I add a classy twist to the t-shirt as I passed out chap stick/pens to incoming freshmen today.

1,200+ Comments Later: Speaking of social media, yesterday I introduced a fun little promotion on our Facebook page that took off rather quickly. At 2:30 p.m. I took a photo of a stack of stickers on my desk. I then posted it on our CCU Facebook page and asked our audience to guess how many made up the stack. Immediately after posting it I went off to a meeting. When I returned about 45 minutes later I checked the page and saw that we had 537 responses! As I had set the end of the contest for 5 p.m. I had no idea how many responses we would receive in the next hour and forty-five minutes. When the deadline rolled around we had 1,262 guesses. Out of that large amount six people correctly guessed the number of stickers…210! All six were sent #CCUSocialMedia t-shirts this morning.

This post generated over 1,200 responses.

This post generated over 1,200 responses.

Premium Ice Cream for Cheap: I tweeted about this earlier during the week but I have a new favorite brand of ice cream that isn’t Ben & Jerry’s but just as good and super cheap! If you have never tried Breyer’s before you don’t know what you are missing. The ice cream itself tastes great and it is loaded with whatever it says on the carton (i.e. brownies, strawberries, Oreos, etc). Right now I have two flavors in my freezer, cookie dough and strawberry cheesecake. Both taste heavenly and do wonders to combat the southern heat. But the kicker is the price. You can purchase a carton at Wal-Mart for under $3! Most places you can’t even get a generic tub of vanilla for that amount. A pint of Ben and Jerry’s will run you over $5 at most places and of course it has half the amount of product that the Breyer’s carton has. I encourage you to try it!

Currently I have cartons of both Strawberry Cheesecake and Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough Breyers ice cream in my refrigerator.

Currently I have cartons of both Strawberry Cheesecake and Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough Breyers ice cream in my refrigerator.

Not Very Good Ice Cream for An Arm and a Leg: One year ago I wrote about my fascination with the ice cream man. Although the products offered and the prices demanded are ridiculous I was obsessed with the ice cream truck when I was growing up. Although to a much lesser degree these days, I still have a special place in my heart for a vehicle that plays music and sells popsicles. So it might come as little surprise that I have taken quick notice of the ice cream man around Myrtle Beach. Let’s just say things are a bit different down here than where I am from. The ice cream men in these parts ride motorized bikes with trailer freezers attached. For someone who has never seen it done quite that way before I definitely got a laugh out of it. Although my ice cream man purchasing days ended about 15 years ago I might need to flag down one of these dudes on a bike and pay the exorbitant price for a fudgesicle…it will just make me feel that much more intertwined with the southern culture.


Summer officially begins this weekend with Saturday marking the longest day of the year. Sidney and I have a little getaway planned to mark the changing of the seasons so if I don’t write tomorrow or Saturday you can expect to hear the details of where we went on Sunday night. As always, thank you for your readership. Don’t Blink.

The Ice Cream Man

This past Sunday as I was enjoying a day at the pool at my apartment complex I noticed some cheerful kid’s music playing. I looked up from my chair and past the gate that surrounded the pool area and out onto the street that runs right through the middle of the apartment complex. What I saw slowly moving by brought a smile to my face.

I guess before the smile crept on my face I had a mild sense of shock. I mean I had no idea that an ice cream truck would ever take the time to visit my apartment complex! But when I realized that there are a lot of children that live around me and that kids who live in apartments deserve ice cream just as much as kids who live in houses it made sense, and a feeling of happiness went through my body. In fact, I almost left my spot at the pool and dashed through the gate to flag down the truck and buy some ice cream. Actually that is a complete lie. These days I would never buy a popsicle from the ice cream man but that didn’t mean I didn’t think about back in the day when I couldn’t live unless I got a treat from him.

Back when I was seven years old, I proudly professed to my parents and my teacher at school that I wanted to be an ice cream man when I grew up. This was after my President of the United States dream and before my professional athlete aspirations. I am not kidding though, I legitimately wanted to be an ice cream man. I thought he had it made. He got to ride a cool little truck around, had an endless supply of ice cream in the back, and hauled in all those quarters and dollar bills from everyone! I thought he had to have been one of the richest dudes in the world.

Along with professional wrestling, the U.S. Presidents, and vampires, the ice cream truck/man was another thing I was fascinated about when I was really young. I would wait all year long for summer to come and once it did I would sit out on the front porch and wait for the ice cream man to come. Of course he probably only came 5% of the days during the summer but it didn’t stop me from wasting precious childhood moments hoping he would come all those other days. I would psych myself out believing that I heard the ice cream truck’s music when I really didn’t, listen to my sister when she would lie about seeing it, and convince myself on several occasions that he for sure would be coming that night when he never did.

The 5% of the time that the ice cream man did come during the summer I was either in two locations. The first was at the dinner table. My parents would cringe when we would all be eating a nice meal and then all of a sudden you could hear “The Entertainer” music shooting through our open windows and sending the three of us kids into a frenzy. The other time he would come was when I was in bed. My parents put us to sleep at notoriously early times…I am talking bush league times. On many occasions the ice cream truck would roll through our neighborhood a little past 8 p.m. and we would be in our bedrooms. Besides when Santa Claus would come through on a fire truck in the winters, this was our only other “Get out of bed” card. We would hear that music and my parents would just concede to us jumping out of bed and begging for money.

And that brings me to my next point. My parents maybe paid for ice cream about half the times he would come by. The other half of the times I was either counting out pennies or going without. Although completely enraged during the times I did not get ice cream, now as an adult I can look back and realize it was just part of my parents’ plan to instill discipline and self-control in us.

Just a little bit on my childhood ice cream truck and the products offered: The ice cream truck that serviced me throughout my younger years really wasn’t a truck at all. It was more like a golf cart that had a large freezer built in the back. Sounds pretty tacky but it did look presentable and was always freshly painted and in working order. Throughout the years I have seen some sketchy looking ice cream trucks so I feel fortunate that I ate ice cream from a vehicle that didn’t look like it was smuggling drugs. Our ice cream truck served (for heavily inflated prices) popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars, malt cups, and my favorite, sherbert on a stick. Whenever the truck would come by there would always be a special sherbert popsicle dessert in the form of some character. Sometimes it would be Mario, sometimes it would be a Ninja Turtle, sometimes it would be Tweety Bird. Whatever it was, it would always have bubble gum added in some way! Like Mario would have a bubble gum nose or the Ninja Turtle would have bubble gum eyes. Even though the bubble gum was hard as a rock and had absolutely no flavor I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

I don’t mind when something reminds me at my old age of something from my childhood. Not only does it send good feelings throughout my soul, it also gives me something to write about. Although I now buy my ice cream from a grocery store instead of a vehicle I appreciate what ice cream trucks do to highlight the joys of being a kid. Don’t Blink.