Spicy Cherry Thursday Rundown

Welcome back to Don’t Blink. You have returned just in time for the latest edition of the Thursday Rundown. Here we go…

Pibb Xtra – I tweeted about this last week but wanted to mention it on my blog. Although not a big soda fan, I do enjoy a glass of Dr. Pepper or Pibb Xtra every now and then. However, all my life I never really knew it had a flavor that could be defined. Last week when we purchased this two liter bottle of Pibb Xtra, it had a description on the label. It reads “artificially flavored spicy cherry soda.” Interesting! To be honest, I never knew I was drinking cherry soda. I just thought it tasted like Pibb Xtra or Dr. Pepper.

I just thought Pibb Xtra was "Pibb Xtra" and not spicy cherry.

I just thought Pibb Xtra was “Pibb Xtra” and not spicy cherry.

Convention Season – This week I have watched with interest the Republican National Convention. Next week I will do the same with the Democratic National Convention. How can you not? These major gatherings only happen every four years. They are full of pomp and circumstance but also contain fiery speeches and drama as well. My favorite part so far was watching the delegate vote on Tuesday night. To watch the different states cast their respective votes in their own colorful way was a lot of fun. Donald Trump’s speech tonight should be very interesting! You bet I will be watching.

RIP Garry Marshall – Yesterday, legendary director Garry Marshall died. His most popular project was “Happy Days.” If there was one show I watched on Nick At Nite more than any other growing up, it was “Happy Days.” As a kid I looked up to sports stars, Slyvester Stallone, and FONZIE. I enjoyed the whole cast but “The Fonz” was my favorite. Heck, one of the major reasons why I like “The Waterboy” so much is because Henry Winkler is in it. Thank you Garry Marshall for creating such a great show and a great character.

Latest Coastal Now Episode – We recently released our latest episode of our university television show, Coastal Now. I once again have my own segment on it. At a university there are many more social media accounts besides the official/main options. In this edition of the “Social Circle” I rundown some of the most popular social media accounts at Coastal Carolina University. Watch me by clicking here.

I talk about the other social media accounts at Coastal Carolina University in my latest Social Circle segment.

I talk about the other social media accounts at Coastal Carolina University in my latest Social Circle segment.

From the Archives – Two years ago on this date I wrote about a bar promotion that I thought was the best I had ever seen. Well, 24 months later, I can say that I still haven’t found a better one. The Sun-Up is an old, run down bar in a rough part of Myrtle Beach but they know how to get people in the door. Is that a good enough teaser? Read my blog post from July 2014 to find out what they exactly do.


Wherever you live, I hope you have another great summer weekend. Thanks for your support of this blog. Don’t Blink.

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